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Your Soulmate Awaits You

Novel By: Uzmie

I have to admit I'm suck-ish at these and at giving titles, but here goes nothing!
When beautiful, glamorous twins, Cassidy and Destiny Cruz, transfer to their new high school for there sophomore year, it seems that Brian Matthews will have his pockets full until the graduation.
This story revolves around Brian, Cassidy, and mostly on Therese Winter Cliffe, whose character I'm not going to describe now obviously! Written from different point of views, I hope you like it! Do give me your feedback!
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Submitted:Nov 10, 2012    Reads: 53    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   


That is one hot babe, I thought decisively as my narrowed eyes lingered on the gorgeous girl who was getting introduced at the front of the class.

Blonde, with the appealing, natural dark roots in her stormy curls and dark blue eyes like Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four.

I shook my head. JA was my celeb-crush, and why I was associating the new blonde's looks to HER's was out of my league to understand.

Load of shit.

'Take a seat, Cassidy, I'll be back with Destiny in a minute,' and Mrs. Alvirez buzzed out of the room while the new chick sat with a geeky girl in the front row, whose black hair was slicked back together in a homely-looking ponytail.

I whistled to myself as I watched, from the window, that our school's football team, The Panthers' striker net the ball in, during practise.

I should be there, what am I doing here anyway, I thought, gritting my teeth, the big game was only a few days away now, which would take us to the regionals.

Mrs. Alvirez was back with a clone of Cassidy, only this one looked total fire-stuff.

I have no idea why but I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Unlucky for me, she caught me mid-stare and winked.

Gaping at her like an idiot, I laughed to myself as she deftly made way towards me and sat down.

'Hey, pretty boy,' she purred.

'Hey,' I inclined my head coolly. Playing it safe. Not giving the girls the green signal right away.


At café, during the lunch break, I realized my mistake…

And I was pissed big time… at the dumb new girl-Destiny.

I mean I so couldn't digest the bitter fact that she got involved with us-the 'in' group of the school so damn easily.

OK , she'd got me getting all turned on, after the first class in the storage room earlier but now she all but turned me on.

Stupid blonde had the nerve to snuggle into me, displaying her fake affeactions, in a public display. I didn't like that sort of thing at all.

Actually to be honest, I despised going all bluntly obvious. Being discreet and quiet had its own appeal and well…I thought it was more exciting.

But the thing that was ticking me off was that I couldn't exactly push Tinny(yeah, can you believe she said that's her, um, pet name?)away....

I watched, with a smile plastered on my face as she chirped and everyone listened to her with, looking totally engaged.

Ah, seriously.

OK, I HAVE to admit now, blondes are not my type at all. But who cares as long as they're pretty, and they can always dye their hair, quoting my father, I shouldn't be prejudiced.

My eyes turned from her profile to her sister's: Cassidy was a quiet, and sharply observant girl, even now her intense dark, dark blue eyes analyzed me.

I somewhat sensed correctly that Cassidy was forced to sit here because I'd seen her get along pretty well with our class brainiac Therese Cliffe earlier...and with her conservative black button up coat and skinnys, in contrast with her sister's body-hugging leather tights and a puprle glamorously loose, silk top, Tiny could make a sexy cover for 17! Or COSMO!

Ugh, I'm not turning gay, am I?!


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