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I Promise, I'll Never Forget You.

Novel By: VampireFreak

Daisy Evans lost the love of her life after a petty argument and now there’s no chance she’ll ever see him again, hear his voice or feel his touch. Its been two years and Daisy still hasn’t had the courage to talk to anyone she doesn’t already know or try anything new, she just physically couldn’t.

But after seeing her (ex) love in a dream, things start looking up for Daisy, just because the love of your life isn’t with you anymore - doesn’t mean they won’t be in your heart forever. He tells her a secret that will keep her closer to him than she ever was.

Follow Daisy through a trail of life changing sequences and decisions that could either lead her to happiness… Or to eternal misery. View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 24, 2011    Reads: 384    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

(This will be in narrators view for the prologue)

Daisy Evans was never a quiet girl, she was loud, outgoing and unique. No one in the world was quite like her, she didn't care if someone didn't like her, their loss right?

But now… Now things were different, things aren't the same as they were. You see, Daisy doesn't go out anymore, doesn't talk to anyone apart from her family and refuses to leave her room when she has no reason too. Everyday for the last six months Daisy has been writing letters, just one page long letters. Three drawers were full of letters that had never been sent or read by anyone apart from herself.

Daisy ran her fingers over the perfectly crisp piece of paper that was sat on her computer desk, she tapped her pen repeatedly making the only noise in the room - apart from the clock ticking on the nightstand.

Daisy was trying to be strong, but she never managed to be. Silent tears made their way down her delicate cheeks, ran past her lips and dripped onto the paper.

Daisy placed her pen on the paper in front of her and began to let the words flow.

'Dear Josh,

How have you been? I would like to tell you I'm doing fine but I'd be lying. I'm a complete mess, things haven't been going right lately… Not after you've been gone. I finished my summer novel, the one you encouraged me to write, well its now a winter novel - but I still completed it.

It's been two years and three months since you told me you loved me. It's crazy to think your not here with me anymore, it seems like I cant do anything without you. You were half of me Josh and now your gone. I don't know what I've done wrong to deserve this feeling of guilt, of hate. Why did it have to-'

Daisy's pen stopped writing.

'Why did it have to be you, why couldn't it have been me?' Daisy thought as she crossed out the beginning of the sentence she wrote.


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