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Sex, drugs and British accents.

Novel By: VampireFreak

Katelyn hasn't been in a relationship since high school, she's had various one night stands but nothing excites her anymore. But what happens when the guy she lost her virginity to and she completely despises asks her for no strings attatched sex?

She pours her drink over him, tells him he'll only last ten minutes in the sack and that if any of them start to develop feelings for each other - they have to both move away and not speak to each other until one of them is in a serious relationship.

But feelings return and the moment gets heated, but who will be the first to do the unbearable... The saying of "I love you." View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 5, 2011    Reads: 120    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

Sex, drugs and British accents.

Chapter one: Club Rival.

"I promise you it'll be great, Ryan's even going to pay for all your drinks so you don't have to worry about that," Eliza smiled.

She was honestly beautiful; I'd never seen such a normal girl with a Goddess appearance. She had brunette hair which was completely straight; she had pale skin and gorgeous green eyes. All the guys tried it on with her, but she always kindly turned them down. She'd been engaged to Ryan for three years now and this year they are finally getting married. I couldn't be any happier for them both.

"I just don't feel like going and I look like shit. I'm not happy with what I'm wearing," I moaned.

I thought it would be a good idea to put my dirty blonde hair up in a bun and wear a purple maxi dress which showed off my cleavage, but I looked plain. Eliza always managed to wear whatever she liked and still made it look like it was meant to be in a catalogue.

"I can fix that, let me see what I can fix up," Eliza grinned her usual wicked grin and started riffling through my wardrobe.

I slumped down on my bed and removed my sandals and let my hair fall into its usual loose curls. Eliza held her hand up and picked out my off the shoulder short black dress. She grinned and threw it at me to put on.

"And these," Eliza said holding up my black platform heels, "Keep your hair like that and add some red lipstick."

I did as I was told and looked immediately better. We were going to a new club that opened down the road. It was walking distance which meant we called all get drunk and crash back at my house - Which is what usually happens.

"Ready?" Eliza asked.

I smiled and we both walked down the stairs and into the living area, all our close friends were here. They all liked going out and having a good time, it's why they're such good friends because we see them on a regular basis.

"Wow Katelyn, you look beautiful," Ryan smiled, "Hey baby."

Eliza and Ryan kissed each other and you could tell that they were madly in love, just by the way they look at each other.

"Kate, are you meant to look like a prostitute or what?" Ryan's twin brother Leo laughed.

Leo and I are mutual enemies. I knew Ryan and Leo when I grew up, we lost contact after high school ended and met up two years later, I introduced Eliza to Ryan and within three months they were married. We're all roughly twenty-three/twenty-four now but Leo and I had never got along properly. Worst part about it is we lost our virginities to each other, it was a drunken night when we were seventeen and we both try to forget it. We haven't told anyone about it.

"It's better than looking like a tramp," I snapped.

Sasha, Iris and Wesley all shoved Leo for his rude remark and then we were on our way.

We all got let in straight away without being asked for proof of age. Sasha, Iris, Eliza and I made our way to the dance floor as the boys and their friends got the drinks. We all started grinding; it's the kind of dancing we do, grinding on each other.

We get asked a lot if we're all lesbians and up for a fuck-knows-how-many-some but we kindly tell them to fuck off to where they came from. I've been single since high school, I've had one night stands but they just don't mean anything and aren't that great.

"You can grind on me any day, wait - you already have," A voice whispered in my ear.

Leo had an evil smile on his face as he handed me my drink. I gave him the 'middle finger' gesture but he still stood there.

"What do you want Leo?" I asked pulling him to one side.
"A dance and casual sex," He replied deadly serious.
"Erm, fuck off and what?" I said confused.
"Dance with me and," Leo got down on one knee, "Katelyn Reese Cole will you have regular no strings attached sex with me?"

I pulled Leo up by his shirt and growled.

"I hate you, you hate me. We've already been there and I'm having a hard time trying to forget it," I frowned.
"Because I was so great?" Leo smirked.
"We both had no clue what we were doing that night, we were both complete shit. Why would you ask me to be your 'regular sex partner'," I said using air quotes.
"Because despite your insecurities you aren't ugly, you are actually quite beautiful and if you tell anyone I said that I'll kill you. But you've got a wonderful body and I'd like it to bounce around on top of me from time to time," Leo grinned.

I gave him my most sincere smile and tipped my drink over his head.

"Oopsy. Maybe we should go back to mine and get you cleaned up. I know you; you'll be finished within ten minutes but game on bitch. But promise me one thing," I said.
"Anything," Leo purred.
"If we start developing feelings for each other, we both have to move away and not talk until one of us is in a serious relationship," I spoke.
"I promise," Leo said before kissing my neck.


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