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Is Loving A Murderer Wrong???

Novel By: Vampirekiss17

"You need to help me." Ashleigh said to me, "See, I'm not normal."
Aaron Findlay has always been the typical loner seventeen year old. He hasn't been farther away than England and Scotland. His father left him at the age of fifteen and his mum is out every weekend looking for another one night stand.
His life Seem that little bit better when the Tinaras move in next door.
When the Tinaras move in, so does Ashleigh.
The beautiful blonde is stealing a part of Aaron’s heart every day, it's deadly for them both after seeing death on her first day.
Love is strong, wind is no acceptation.
Blood is thicker than water, and in Ashleigh’s case, It's all that bit tastier. View table of contents...



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I watched as the moving van came in to the drive of number 65. Tony had moved last week after giving the house a good clean with his parents and little sister. He's moving to New York and has to send my mother a little something. I told him he has to give me a postcard. You see, I've always wanted to see anywhere that isn't in England or Scotland. Yeah, in my seventeen years of boredom I've only been to England and Scotland. We nearly went to Ireland, but my dad said he needed to do some extra shifts at work.
He meant he was working every day we set for Ireland.
So as I sit here watching the men lift the black leather looking couch out of the van and the small one having trouble with it. A green fiesta pulled into the side of the road, giving the van to get out the drive when needed. A make with brown hair hurried out the car to help with the couch. I laughed as the small male took offense to
his help.
"Aaron, what are you doing???" My mom was coming through the door in a tight black cocktail dress and in the middle of curling her hair. The black shoes were not yet on.
"Watching to see what the new neighbours are like." I didn't shift from my perch though my leg was now sore with pins and needles.
"Well go get some food and then you can watch again." I stayed out," now Aaron." I sighed and went to get a bowl of cheese puffs. There is nothing better than cheese puffs in my books.
I sat back down on out cream leather sofa beside the widow and warned as a woman got out the car. She had long bleach blonde hair tied into a pony tail. Wearing a black skirt suite I guessed he was a lawyer. Then next person was a girl around my age with dirt blonde hair, sunglasses and pale skin to step out the car.
"Whoa," I whispered to no one in particular. I hoped she was going to my school.
She looked around and saw me looking through the window. Her hand came up to wave and took he glasses off to slipped them on the neck if her vest. I smiled and waved back as she turned and talked to her mum. I
sat back and grinned. My shit life just got a little bit better.
Knock knock knock.
I got up to the door and looked through the peephole. I ran my hand through my long, Black hair before opening the door.
"So, do you spy on people often???'" her voice was sexy and seducing to my ears. I grinned again and opened the door wider.
"Just when people move in next door." she grinned at me and slipped her sunglasses on her eyes again. Her eyes were a violet colour. "Do you were contact lenses???" she looked blankly at me for a moment.
"No, I mean yeah. Sorry, I forget sometimes." she gave a small smile and I stepped out before closing the door.
"Aaron Findlay." I shot my hand out and she took it.
"Ashleigh tinara." she looked at the garden. "Not a lot going on is there???" it was brown with an elf beside the empty drive. I shook my head and opened the door even wider.
"Want to come in???" she shook her head at my invitation.
"Got to help unpack. Later maybe." I grinned as she walked away, shaking her hips at the same time.
"God, she's beautiful." I whispered to myself.
"Thanks." she shouted as she turned to look at me. I felt my cheeks burn and quickly got inside.
"Who are they then???" I grinned at my mum.
"The Tinaras." she looked at me and I shrugged my shoulder.
"Stop doing that Aaron, and wipe that grin off your face. If the wind
changes then you won't have you face." I grinned even wider and ran for the cheese puffs and ran up to my room.
The window was direct to the one Ashleigh had picked. I felt so lucky to be here. She walked in with another box an opened it. She started to unpack her boxes and turned to face my house. Ashleigh saw me and ran to the boxes.
Heya stalker was on a Pisces of paper. I grinned and got paper and a pen.
Hey beautiful she smiled and wrote a second letter.
I'm almost done. Show me around???
Sounds great
. She unpacked while I are cheese puffs and I saw some metal. Her face was pale when she turned to me.
You OK??? she nodded and finished packing another box. I watched as she vanished out her room.
"Aaron!!! The little ladies at the door!!!" I grinned and ran down stairs.
"Heya." she wore what she had earlier, A White vest and shirt shorts.
"What about showing me around then???"
"Give me a second then." I ran upstairs, grabbed my wallet, shoved a hand through my hair, slipped some cheese puffs in my mouth and ran downstairs to shout at mum.
"Going out have a good time!!!" she was going out another date. We ran out to my black Corsa and unlocked the door. Opening the passenger I bowed to Ashleigh, "Want to go in???" she laughed and slid in the seat. God she was hot. I ran to the other side and got in the small car.
"Where do you wanna go???" I reversed put the drive and she smiled at me and closed her eyes.
"Anywhere we can go and have fun." I grinned and shifted gear, heading for town. Ashleigh opened her eyes and sat up in her seat. Her hand went on top of mine and shifted gear. I parked beside the cinema and got out, Ashleigh somehow already at the doors. "Anything you want to see???" she shook her head and opened
the door, waiting for me to hurry over. She ran over as soon as I slowed my pace and glanced at the cinema.
"Can we get to a fair or something??? I won't be able to watch a movie." I nodded and took her hand. She looked at it and at me.
"Rides are other way." she grinned and grasped my hand.
"Lead me there, Aaron." I grinned back and started to walk with the beautiful blonde. We talked about school, I told her it was a piece of cake and she told me about being expelled from her last school.
"You, expelled???" I stopped walking and she turned to face me, "Why don't I believe that???"
"It's true!!! I threw a chair at the teacher when she tried to get me away from the girl I was beating the shit out of." I laughed at her face. She punched me on the arm as smiled spread against he face as we opened the doors to Cadonas.
"I can tell someone is excited," she gripped my hand and ran inside to the nearest door. We went heaps of rides and spent a good few hours there she looked at me and kept going until we reached the rollercoaster. I felt my stomach flip twice and stopped.
"Aaron!!!" She came over and looked at me. "Please!!!" I sighed and walked on, scared about going on the rollercoaster. I have a serious phobia of those horrid things.
"Fine," I looked at her beautiful grinning face. "I'm coming." we got in line for the ride and she couldn't stop jumping around. I grabbed her waist and she turned round to face me, raising an eyebrow. "You can't jump anymore." she laughed and turned round again, leaning into me. I took my Ames off her and she sighed so I wrapped them around her. Again, I felt so lucky to be standing with Ashleigh as we waged for tickets. Ten minutes later.
We got our seats around the middle and I smiled, she wouldn't stop
smiling!!! "So, what is this ride like???" I shrugged at her question and she gripped my arm. "It's not scary is it???" I looked blankly at her as the ride started. She laughed at me and hugged my arm. How could I be mad at her??? She was like a puppy. Cute and lovely.
"You owe me big time." she grinned at me and I close my eyes, feeling my knuckles go White as I gripped the bar. She screamed and I opened my eyes, a small tunnel was coming closer with each millisecond. While we were in the tunnel a lot of screaming came into my ears and a male voice screamed as well.
I felt Ashleigh let go of me. '"Take my arm again"' I wanted to say, it felt cold without her hands on it. Her hand returned just before we left the tunnel and I slipped my hand on hers. She looked at me with wide eyes and I smiled and she screamed as we shot down a bump.
"Ashleigh," I said once we got off. I couldn't ask her out or say anything else because someone screamed.
"He's dead!!! His neck is almost completely detached from his head!!!"
a girl with dark hair and tanned skin shouted, pointing to a man of around thirty that was sitting, eyes wide open and neck almost snapped off his body. You couldn't see his chest or most of his neck because of all the blood.
"Come on Ashleigh, I don't want you to see that. I feel sick at the thought of blood." she looks at me and allows me to take her hand and lead her away from the scene.
"Can we get some food before we leave???" I nod my head and we go to pizza hut.
"So, what do you want to talk about???" she looked at me and I put my slice of Margareta pizza back on my plate.
"Well, why don't you tell me about yourself???" I raised my eyebrow and thought of things to tell her.
"Well, my father left my mother and me when I was fifteen and she has been on countless dates since. I'm seventeen and never been out if England and Scotland. I met a new girl today who had to witness death on her first day. She has blonde wavy hair and a ho-" he raised an eyebrow at me this time and I shut my mouth, embarrassed at what I almost said.
"What was that???" I shrugged my shoulders and slurped the last of my drink.
"Want to get a doggy bag???" she grinned and nodded. I waved over a waitress and asked for the bill and a takeaway box for the rest of our supper. "Anything else you want to do???" Ashleigh shook her head and I
"I'm kinda tired really. Can we just go home???" I nodded and stood up as the girl came over with a bill. I paid in cash and went over for the food. Ashleigh came over with me and took my hand. We collected the food and made our way to the car.
"So, do you wanna have a doze in the car???" she yawned and almost fell. I picked her up carried her bridal style to the Corsa, Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her head on my shoulder. She wouldn't last the last of the night, I thought. She'll probably move tomorrow so she doesn't have to live in a murder zone.
"I like it here, I'm not moving any time soon," she whispered. My eyes grew large and she tried shifting her head farther into my shoulder. I smiled at her and shifted her into one arm, opening the passenger door
to my car. I set her into her seat and fastened her seatbelt, going into the back
to find my emergency blanket. Once she was wrapped in my tartan blanket, I got into the driver's seat and began our journey home.
Half an hour later.
I parked into my drive and opened the door after checking on sleeping beauty. Running to the Tinaras door, I knocked and her mother answered.
"Hello, Mrs. Tinara. I have your daughter in the car and wondered if instead of waking her, I could just carry her to her bedroom." she smiled at me and nodded. I knew she wasn't happy about her daughter hanging around with an emo looking, skinny as hell boy. I ran back and undid her seat belt, lifting the blanket for a second or two. I lifted once again into my arms and walked to the door. "Could you show me where her bedroom is???" Mrs Tinara nodded and began walking, her blonde hair bouncing after her. She showed me to a whit bedroom and left me to set her down on a king-size, black bed with white sheets. Lifting her duvet and placed her under, I slipped her White plimsolls off her small feet. She wriggles slightly as I did so and I wanted to wake her and kiss her.
"Aaron. Stay for a while." she mumbled. I started to walk away, pretending I didn't hear. "Aaron." I sat on the bed beside her and stroked her cheek. An eye cracked open and I smiled at her.
"Heya georouse." she smiled at me and placed her hand on mine, it was warm and soft. She brought my face down a bit near her.
"Kiss me." I smiled and gently brushed my lips on hers. She gripped the back of my neck and kissed me properly. She held me face still I held her face heard footsteps.
pulling away, I managed to look normal for her mother to come and see to me. I placed my hand on her head and stroked her hair. Ashleigh own hands were tucked under her head, making her look like she was sleeping. I heard little sniffles and realised she really was sleeping. Ashleigh looked like a blonde, pale angel with her wings
tucked in.
Standing, I looked at Mrs Tinara and walked down the stairs, her trailing after me.
"Thank you for seeing her home....." she began, waiting for my name.
"Aaron. Aaron Findlay." she smiled and opened the door for me. "And it was my pleasure." I walked out into the cold, dark night and ran into my house, the pizza was still in my car.
"What am I doing???" I whispered. I had never been like this, jumping into things. Normally I would get to know the girl, take her out on a date or two and then kiss her. I hadn't even known this girl for twenty four hours.
I ran upstairs and got changed, ready for bed in my black pyjama trousers. I sat on my bed and chaned my mind. Running downstairs, I got my keys and went to the car, hungry for the last few slices of my
She was standing there at her door wrapped in a blanket. "Heya Aaron." I grinned and walked over, my door still wide open. I thought better of it and ran for the box of pizza and locked my car.
"I thought you were sleeping???" she smiled faintly and yawned.
"I was, I sleep for a while and then get up for some air." she took one arm out from under the blanket and reached out for the bag. I walked over and opened it for her.
"I guess you're hungry when you've just woken up." she grinned and
took a slice of pizza from the bag. I grinned back and stole it from her.
"Hey!!! Give that back!!!" I ran from her and tripped over the car.
"That's what you get when you steal pizza from a girl!!!" she came over and put her hand down for the taking. I grinned and took it, pulling her down beside me.
"Aaron!!!" she screamed. I laughed and got up, helping her get on her feet in case her parents came.
"So, georouse, what did you dream about???" she giggled when I called her that as we walked to her door.
"I dreamed about unicorns, swan lake and a black haired boy kissing me in my bed." I laughed at that and she tried to look offended. "How dare you laugh at me!!!" I laughed again and took her by the waist, dipping her low.
"Want to relive part of that dream???" I said puckering my lips.
"Well, as appetising as that sounds, you're mum will probably be home
soon," she laughed. I shook my head and unpuckered.
"Mum won't be home until tomorrow. She always sleeps at the guys house." she laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck, the blanket falling away from her thin body. She wore a black vest and grey leggings. He blonde waves fell behind her head as she lifted it so our noses were almost touching.
"Let's relive earlier shall we???" she whispered.
"What abou-" she kissed me as my lips puckered to say u. I watched her close her eyes and pull away.
"Sorry, I-" I shook my head and kissed her again. She opened her mouth to me and I slipped my tongue past her teeth to mangle with hers. She moaned against my mouth and I gripped her waist and stood up, pulling her closer to me.
"Aaron," he mumbled against my lips. I've kissed many girls but she is definitely the best. Her lips were soft and lush feeling against mine as her gripped the back of my neck with one hand and thrust her other hand threw my straight hair. Well, it wasn't straight after she was done with it.
"Aaron!!!" I heard my mum shout and pulled away from the soft red lips on the blonde in my arms. Ashleigh let go of me and blushed as she picked up the blanket and ran a hand threw her wavy hair.
"I should get going, it's about half twelve." she smiled at me and I kissed her cheek. She opened the door and I walked over to my frantic, make-up smudged mum. She threw her arms around me and cried on my
chest. Even in heels my mum is around three inches smaller.
Screw that, she's about ten inches smaller.
"Mum, what's wrong???" she stepped away from me and sipped her eyes.
"Sorry, Aaron. It's just," she walked over to the door, waiting for me to follow. "I knew you were going out but there was a news report awhile ago saying about a man on a rollercoaster that had his neck almost completely snapped off and blood everywhere."I recalled the man on the rollercoaster, I was almost sick. I was
almost sick now at the thought, he looked like me with his black hair
and skinny face.
"I thought it was you Aaron, I was so worried!!!" I got mad at her then, we had been on the rollercoaster at about ten and now she was asking about me???
"No mum, it wasn't me. It was a man about fifteen years older. I don't look that old." she smiled faintly and I could tell she was drunk. I sat her down and got her a cup of coffee. "Mum???"
"Yeah sweetie???" she rubbed her eyes and laughed hysterically at the makeup on her hand. "Would you look at that!!!" I gave up and made her coffee, ready for bed.
"Goodnight mum." I set the pink cup on the table and walked off upstairs into my room. I grabbed my beanbag and duvet and shifted them to beside the window. I grabbed the laptop, cheesy puffs, a pen and some paper before settling down in front of the window. She sat there looking and waiting for me. Why did you take so long???
Mum wanted to talk about that guy on the rollercoaster.
She bit her lip and wrote something.
You OK??? He looked like an older better looking you.
Gee, thanks. she laughed and got a new piece of paper.
Love YOU really. :D I grinned.
Love you too !D I asked for her number and she gave me it. Grabbing my phone, my fingers worked fast across the keys as I typed it into my shitty Iphone 4.
She hadn't given me a fake number, that was a start. I set onto facebook on my laptop and looked her up. My friend request was accepted immediately.
Your quick. I wrote.
Yeah, tired too. See you tomorrow. I nodded and switched off my laptop, set it down as well as my pen and paper, plugged in my earphones, began listening to labyrinth singing about earthquakes and sat looking at her until I fell asleep.
I was dressed and showered and definitely ready by the time my alarm rang for going to school. Ashleigh pointed to herself and at me which I nodded to. Walking over, the cold nipped my ear and stroked my arms. Ashleigh opened the door as I was about to knock and shouted goodbye to her parents.
"So," I said slipping my arm round her waist, "ready for the first day of school???" she nodded and took a deep breath.
"What are they like???" she looked at me with wide, glittering violet eyes. I thought about it as we made our way to school.
"Let's just say, don't get yourself noticed to badly," she closed her eyes and we stopped, " and if you get Mrs. Alsimighmer, I'll treat you to an ice cream." she laughed and slid away from my arm and bumped into the one and only Alisha Metrione.
"Ugh!!! Watch where you're going!!!" she screamed in Ashleigh face.
"Me!!! Don't think so," I laughed and took Ashleigh's hands, pulling her away from the gathering fights.
"Come on, we have to see what class you're in." we got to the main office and picked up her timetable. She was in Marschal.
"Well," I said, "great start to a relationship. You're in my classes." she grinned and hugged me, obviously chuffed.
"Come on!!! I have to go see the library!!!" she laughed at my raised eyebrow and got me to run with her.
"No running!!!" we slowed down to a fast walk and ran again as soon as we tends the corner. We grinned at each other when we reached the doors, huddling closer to the door. As always, a dusty, old smell came into my nostrils and made itself at home. There must have been about twenty to fifty shelves on each wall, filled with books from A-Z.
"Wow, this is the library," she whispered to me. I nodded and let go of her hand.
"Take a look, you get three books at one time for four weeks." she grinned and walked over to some shelves, eager to finger the imagined pages. I walked to the other side of the room and brought my favourite book from the shelves.
Horrible histories: Vicious Victorians.
Joking, it's Harry potter and the deathly hallows.
"I didn't know you liked wizards." Ashleigh commented, taking my arm.
"Nope, I like the detailed description and the death parts." she laughed quietly and it was still music to my ears.
"So, the wizards are of no interest to you, but details are???" I nodded and she laughed a second time. "Why are they not of interest???" I thought. About it and wondered about telling her. Then again, she was my girlfriend.
"Okay, you can't tell anyone. Guys got to keep his reputation," she smiled at me and came closer.
"I swear over my existence," at that time, I didn't continue on existence, I did later in my life, or should I say, existence.
"Okay, when I was little, a guy came up to me and said he was a wizard and needed young blood. I ran screaming for around half a hour." she smiled politely and kissed my cheek.
"No one can hurt you while I'm here. I promise."We walked to class after getting a few books for Ashleigh to try out and me getting into trouble for not taking something a little more challenging. We both had maths and English first after registration. The horror of maths is what makes my day. I smiled when the tea her assigned Ashleigh to the seat in front of me and we kept holding hands. She got nearly all the answers right and was always up at the board. English was the same and then break I showed her the courtyards.
"So, this is the famous courtyard he was talking about." I gave Ashleigh a puzzled look and she carried on. "Tony said that I would have to come here. I think you know him, Tony Marwick." I grinned and
nodded as she turned to me.
"So you came from new York." she nodded and I smiled, she knows Tony.
"Come on, I'm not just a loner, I actually have some friends." she grinned and ran with me to the little hole in the wall, it was made when a heap of kids were playing football and it ended with the bashing a hole into the wall.
Don't ask for details, I don't know them. Shannon and Andrew were sitting there chatting away and so w ere pixie
and Jason. Pixie always has this pixie look and got the nickname after everyone tried slagging her off. Jason sat with a notebook, busily sketching, like always while Pixie sat posing for him. They both looked up and saw me with a georouse girl with blond hair and pale skin.
Being pixie, she forgot about posing and ran over. "Who's this??? What's she like??? Is she cool???"
"Ashleigh, she great, she is in my opinion." pixie gasped, they would know now that I was hers to control. I know it's a bit stupid, yet whenever one of us has a girlfriend out the group (or boyfriend) if we say their cool then the rest of the group knows we're together
"So when did it happen???" Shannon flipped her bright purple hair over her small shoulder. Her face was of rage, she had liked me a bit too much for a bit too long.
"It happened in the weekend." she gave me a dirty look and sniffed at Ashleigh, I just laughed at her immaturity. Ashleigh shifted her hand so it wrapped around my arm.
"I don't get what the big deal is???" she looked at me with innocent eyes and I sighed, why did I have to be the one to say this. I bent down to her and whispered softly.
"Shannon's had a crush on me since first year." Ashleigh's eyes widened as I pulled away and shushed her before she screamed with laughter.
"Well, what's not to love???" she kissed my cheek and Pixie cooed, the boys whistled and Shannon 'ughed'.
"Shut up Shannon," pixie stood up for us, like always, "What about you??? Aren't you still single???" this got Shannon really raging and
storming off in to the school. Ashleigh was squeezing my hand so much her knuckles were going White.
"This isn't awkward at all," I say with about the amount of enthusiasm as a sloth trying to get syked about awakening. Pixie pried Ashleigh off my arm and chatting to her, where she was from, was she a vegetarian, the sorts.


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