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More than a Highschool crush

Novel By: vampirekisses101

The new teacher seems to be the talk of the school. All the girls are fantasizing about being with him while the one he wants to be with is...well..maybe not interested..As secrets begin to unfold who will she end up with? View table of contents...


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altBack at school for another boring day yet again. Today it seems the talk of the school is about the new teacher. apparently he's young and really hott. but what ever don't they know that they shouldn't have a crush on teachers because even though you might fall for them, they will never fall for you. I was sitting at the lunch table when my friend Marie starts talking to me. "So did you see the new teacher yet?" she asked me. Oh no not her too. "No I probably don't have his class." she just gives me this look and I know she's practically drooling over him.

"I don't have his class" she confesses. "It's awful, the love of my life and I don't have his class." wow. that's all I can think right now. wow. has she like totally lost her mind she cant have a crush on the teacher, that's one relationship that will never happen and there's no use hoping for it. besides that, all these teachers may look young but really their pretty old. "sorry bout your luck, what class does he teach?" She gets this really big smile.

"he teaches english. hey you have gym this symester don't you?" she asks already knowing the answer. I just nodd. "Then you can see him and see for yourself how hott he is. you'll fall instantly" she said in one long breath. Her face was getting really red. wow. she's got it bad. "I doubt it." I tell her. "why do you say that?" I havn't exactly had the best of relationships. I've never been in love with anyone even though i've had boyfriends i've always broken up with them because it didn't feel right. They were usually head over heels in love with me but I never could feel the same.

I don't know maybe I'm not capaple of love. "He's a teacher, I'm a student I'm not even going to try that on." I tell her. She looks sad about that but then she puts back on her smile. I knew she'd be upset even if I thought he was cute. For some reason she thinks I'm prettier than her. When Ireally don't think so. she says that she wishes she were as pretty as me and had my personality.

Yeah right. My personality isn't even that good. "So what do you have next?" she asks me. I pull out my schedule and take a look at it. lets see right now were at lunch and then after lunch is sixth period. "I have english for two hours then I have gym."

"who do you have for english??" She just won't stop will she? I take a deep breath and pull the thin peice of papper back out. "I have mr. Mars" her face gets so red, I'd swear she was about to pass out. "are you okay marie?" I ask her starting to worry. "That's his class" she says. Oh great she just had to tell me the bad news. I hate being put in those positions and it seems like I am always being put in these positions. Now marie is going to make me give her the 411 everyday and their will be nothing to tell. "please" she asks and Ialready know what.

"No." not again or ever will I do this again. Last year she had a crush on the football player and she made me hang out with him 24/7 and then give her the scoop until he ended up asking me out. She thought it was because I was prettier than her but really it was becasue he thought I could scare away all the other girls that had crushes on him. I turned him down of course but still to this day I can't figure out why he would think that about me. am i really that scary??

"Please with a cherry on top" Marie said bringing me back to earth. "fine" I gave in. But in the end at least she ends up happy that I do it right. Then the bell rung right after I said that one word. It sure has good timing doesn't it. Next stop english. Oh no Mrs. gallan. Istarted to walk away but she's waving her arms at me. "hey mrs. Gallan" I tell her. "I've told you Raven, Just call me aunt Gal" Oh boy..

funny story with this one, Most of my relatives are on the school board except my parents that is. My mom just married mrs. gallans brother. and this just happened recently. It happened last week. I'm still trying to get used to my new brother who is my age and let me just say is getting on my nerves. well he's not exactly my age he's 17 and I'm 18 but big deal right. "was their something wrong aunt gal?"

"Umm your uncle needed you in the office for a few minutes." She announced. that's great just great. I was hoping no one in school would find out that I had so many relatives who were teachers at this school. Not even Marie knows. She thinks my mom is still divorced from her recent husband and hasn't been in a relationship since. it's what I still to this day like to believe. "I also wondered if after school you and your brother could come over and help me with my garden" garden. oh boy she has a garden and she needs me to help with it. since my mom just got married we havn't even moved any where yet but our stuff is all packed and everything. "Okay yeah sure." She walked with me to the office.

Uncle Tom was sure enough sitting behind his desk. he's the secretary principal so I guess he has some power. "Hey raven.' uncle tom is on mom's side of the family so Iactually know him. "We were wondering if you could stay with us for a week or two while your mom and dad go on there honey moon would that be okay with you?" I wanted to shout that he wasn't my dad but yeah I understood what they ment. the weird thing is that no one knows who my real dad is. I mean my mom knows but she won't tell me.

Their still staring at me because I havn't answered their question. I always do that. start thinking about other things and get off track. "Yeah that'd be fine." I say. "That's great dear. I'll have your mom send you over some clothes and you can just come over later after school." Aunt Gal ripped out a slip of paper which was my pass. Now that my mom married rick I have a feeling a lot of things are about to change. "Okay dear." Aunt Gal continues. "You hurry onto class now, wouldn't want you to miss out on Shane Mars. class. He's a good guy and handsome too did you know that he's only 20 and he just turned that too. he graduated from highschool early, he was soo smart." oh wow she was giving me the scoop on the new guy this was odd. "And I invited him for dinner so you'll have a chance to get to know him. bye bye dear." I walk out of the door. why do I have the feeling i'm being set up with that teacher.

I mean I know every one wants me to become a teacher like them but who knew they would stoop that low. I opened the door to shane's class and everyone turned their head back to look at me. I hate it when that happens. "here we thought you were skipping." said randy a guy Iused to hang out with until he turned to the bad side now we don't even speak. I walked to the front of the class and their Shane mars stood. He looked too good for a teacher. Marie was right he was hot. I gave him the pass.

"Thanks Raven, have a seat over there" he said pointing to an empty chair. He gave me a weird look and that's when I wished I could read his mind to know what he was thinking. I sat down next to my worse enemy. Larr dillon. he's the schools bully. But Idon't let him bully people and so he hates me for that but he's also scared of me and trust me I have a mirror and i'm not that scary. "can anyone tell me how romeo and juliet fell in love?" he asks. Some guy in the back raises his hand.

"They met at a bar" A bar? is he nuts? who has not read Romeo and Juliet. Iread it my freshmen year. " No anyone else" Idecided to raise my hand before people truely made me mad Imean seriously who doesn't know the answer. "Yes Raven" the sound of my name on his lips makes my heart skip a beat. "It was love at first sight" He smiles at me. "Yes it was" he says and it almost feels like he's saying that directly to me. and now I know i've gone crazy. he's a teacher, I'm a student. Ican't have a crush on him. Finally the bell rung. "Hey Raven could you come here a minute?" Shane asked me so Idid.

"Yeah what's up?" I ask, he just smiles at me. "You missed the first assignment since you wern't here so I was going to give it to you." he hands a paper to me and his fingers touch mind and my eyes go shut as vision comes to me. It was so hot I was in a bed and it felt as though Iwere actually in bed but I couldn't be in bed because I was at school. Then I saw someone on top of me it was a guy and he had his shirt off and he was kissing my neck. Then he pulled away so Icould see his face and it was Shane. Suddenly the vision stopped and I opened my eyes. Whoa. that was strange and weird. I looked up at shane and he had swet dripping down his face. Icould still feel his lips on my neck.


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