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The Blood I Spill

Novel By: vampirekisses101

Izzy moves in with her best friend triston who she is secretly in love with. Tristons best friend lives there also named logan. What izzy doesn't know is that Triston is a vampire and logan is a Werewolf, And what Triston and izzy don't know is that Izzy is Logans mate. what happens when Triston and logan find out that Izzy isn't a human she is a half blood, half vampire and half angel. who will she decide to be with? and what happens between her and her twin brother Damon that sends everyone in a Frenzy? View table of contents...


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Izzy pov

I packed the last of my boxes into my bestfriends Truck. Triston has been my best friend since the first grade. "Damn girl how much shit you got left?" I laughed and pushed my hair back out of my face. "It's the last box I swear" He stuck out his toungue at me and I laughed. I was moving in with Triston because I was finally eighteen and just decided it was time for me to go. My parents thought it was too soon but to me it seemed like it took forever just to get to this point.

Triston was 21 with hazle eyes and dark curly hair. He had the kind of personality that everyone seemed to love. I hopped in the truck and Tristn started the car. "It's about time lil missy I was getting gray hairs just waiting for you." I hit him in the arm

"whatever you liar it didn't take me but 20 minutes." He laughed while lighting up a cigerette. "right but it sure seemed like a long 20 minutes."

I blasted the radio on my favorite station, rolling down the window catching the cool breeze as it blew my blonde hair around. Triston lived a good 20 minutes away from my parents house which i was estatic about. Don't get me wrong, me and my parents got along just fine, but they were beginning to suffocate me too much if you know what i mean.

I've Known Triston since i was 8 and he was 11. He use to tease me all the time when i was little and the more we matured, the closer we got. over the last couple of years of highschool, i began to realize that it wasn't just friendship that i felt for my dear friend Triston, but love. There were so many nights that i had wished he would be sleeping beside me and i could wake up in his warm and tender arms.

"Why you so quiet, Izzy?" Triston asked me from the drivers seat, interupting my thoughts.

"s-sorry i was just thinking about things.." I stuttered nervously. He laughed at my nervousness. The only thing i hated about triston is that he saw me only as a little sister that he had to protect.

"okay.. oh so by the way Logan is going to be living with us too.." he said with a smile. Logan was one of Tristons bestfriends. I had never met him but the way triston talked about him, i could tell that i wasn't going to like him much to begin with. Not that Triston talked badly about Logan, let's just say logan was a trouble maker.. alot like me, and i kinda feel like he is a competition and I have to be worse than him.

"awesome" I said with an evil grin upon my face. This was going to be very interesting. I laid my head back against the seat.

"Izzy wake up, were here" Triston said as he shook me awake. I looked up into Tristons beautiful eyes then blushed embarassingly.

Triston took my hand and led me up the spiral sidewalk and into the house. I'd already been in this house from time to time before, but it was different this time, because now i could call it my home.

I was unpacking my stuff when a knock startled me, makeing me drop my angel. I looked up glaring at the person who had startled me like that. Shockingly it was a very tall and very handsome guy. "logan" he says announcing himself and holding out his hand. So this was my competition. i thought to myself.

"i'm sorry i caused you to break your angel" logan said apologetically.

"you should be, she was one of my most prized in my collection!" I yell. Laughing inside my mind. My goal you may ask? To make this guy hate me so he will have no other choice but to move out leaving triston all to myself. The little angel and little devil on both sides of my shoulders, smirk at each other and nodd their heads in agreement. like i said this was going to be fun.

Logan raises his hands up in defeat, and walks out of the room. This was going to be easier than i thought.

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