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Feelings i never thought i would have

Novel By: vampirekissesxox

A short story about a brother & sister and the brothers best friend.

Izzie has an older brother Jeremy who has a best friend Zach. Izzie has never liked her brothers friends and they have never liked her. Always teasing and pushing her around. Until they couldn't fight there feelings. View table of contents...


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I walked down stairs in just my short shorts and a tank top to find my brother Jeremy and his so called best friend Zach playing call of duty black ops.
"Hey sleeping beauty how did you sleep" Jeremy asked always being the gentlemen he always is "I slept quit fine actually thank you for asking" walking to the kitchen
"HELL YEAH! PAY UP" Zach yelled "HEY NO FAIR I WAS TALKING I CALL FOR A REMATCH" just as I walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, just as I closed the fridge door I turned around just in time to find Zach checking me out WAIT what Zach was actually checking me out, I didn't hear him walk in
"What" I said blushing under his gaze "ummm….nothing" I saw Zach blushing deep red turning around and walking out of the kitchen.
What the heck just happened did Zach really just blush and was he checking me out nooo!!.
Just then my phone started to ring whip my hair by willow smith.
Me: Hey Lisa what up
Lisa: hey izzie what are you doing today
Me: nothing much why?
Lisa: I was just wondering if you wanted to come shopping with me
Me: sure why not just let me go tell Jer to drop me off at your place k
Lisa: sure k see you at my place then bye
Me: bye
"hey Jer do you mind taking me to Lisa's place' as I stood in front of him making him pause his game "C'MON izzie can't you get someone else to drive you im kinda of busy"
"You don't seem that busy please take me and Zach doesn't mind do you Zach"
"actually I do mind Cant you like walk to your friends house its not that far and you could lose some weight you know" speak for your self have you weighed your self lately"I asked getting irritated
Jeremy quickly cut him off by saying" Hurry up and get dress or im not taking you"
I stormed off to my bedroom slaming my door.
Damn why does he have to be such a dick for ugh…after getting changed into some black skinny jeans and a dark purple tank top and some flats walked down stairs omg when I saw Zach for the actually the first time this morning he looked mouth watering with his tight tshirt on and his jeans sigh… wait what I'm I saying this is the guy who called you names and pushed you around.
But when I was about to tell Jeremy to go Zach cut me off by saying "Im going to take you iz your brothers car has a flat battery cause some idiot left the lights on"
"HEY I HEARD THAT AND IT WASN'T MY FAULT" shouted Jeremy from his bedroom.
"WHAT EVER! So do you still want to go" man he looked so gorgeous when his actually nice
"ummmm. okay just let me get my purse" "Sure ill wait for you in the car"
omg I'm I actually going in the car with Zach just me and him wow this is going to be a long drive
"so ummm….. do you want me to pick you up after you've gone shopping" he looked so cute when his nervous
"nah its alright I'll catch a ride with Lisa bye Zach" I said while getting out of his car
after I saw his car drive off I walked into the shops to be greeted by my best friend
"OHH MY FREAKIN GOD was that Zach in the car dropping you off" my friend saying practically jumping up down with enjoyment.
"Hi to you too and yes it was Jeremy car had a flat battery so Zach dropped me off end of story" trying to stop her from having a heart attack
"how could you be so calm he is the Zachary the one all the girls are in love with, you were just in the same car with him alone" "I know but im not one of those girls his a dick and always be one k now can we go shopping" I said starting to get irritated with the fact that my best friend was one of those girls.
"okay impatient much okay we are going to change your closet into a HOT closet"
"what do u mean I think what I got on is pretty cute don't you think I do and think Zach did to" SHIT why did I just say that and why do I care what Zach thinks.
"wait what did u mean Zach think did too what happened c'mon tell please and ill agree to let you keep some of your clothes" ugh why did I say that
"okay this morning I thought I saw Zach checking me out while I got a bottle of water this morning in only in short shorts and a tank top that showed my belly" I said replaying the moment in my head.
"OMG were you like bending down what give me all the details you can't just give me half of a story" she said pleading her voice going a little louder.
"ill tell you after the shopping okay and can you give me a ride home I told Zach not to worry about picking me up please and ill tell on the way home okay" practically begging
"okay but you better tell me everything okay" man she looked scary when she was demanding "didn't I just say that okay what I are we shopping for" trying
After a whole day of shopping I finally got home with about 30 bags of clothes filled to the top.
I walked through the door to find only Zach with his feet on the coffee table.
"where is jer at?" I asked while making my way to the stairs
"his finding a movie to watch do you need help with the bags?" why is he being so nice all of a sudden gosh that boy is so confusing "nah its alright I think I can handle it"
I dropped all my bags on the floor in my room and fell on the bed and kicking off my shoes and falling into a restless sleep.


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