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Bloody Betrothal

Novel By: VampireLove73

Peyton is a young werewolf who has lived with vampires all her life. She was saved from the werewolf annihilation by one in particular. In order to pay back her adoptive mother she has offered to marry one of her two sons who are both madly in love with her. And it doesn’t help the fact that they are both extremely gorgeous as well.But now she is faced with yet another boy who is incredibly hot and clearly interested in her. How will Peyton be able to restrain herself from Raven Brooks, the new boy in school, when he keeps howling at her window every night? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 31, 2009    Reads: 528    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

They say that vampires aren't real.
They say that werewolves are a myth.
But I know the truth.
I have lived with vampires my entire life. But I am not a vampire. I am indeed a werewolf. The last of my kind, so I am told. I have been sheltered by these undead beings, and have been hidden from the rest of the world. Although the world is not much left.
After the first great vampire war with the werewolves, the world was left to ruin. Until the last werewolf, the greatest of us all, gave his life to recreate the world anew. His powers that harnessed the earths magic run supreme throughout the world, regenerating vegetation, land and water. From the wolf was born man, and men were turned into vampires. Humans and wolves were scarce now. Only vampires are left. But a vampire named Adam, saved me from the blast that would wipe out the rest of my kind forever.
I was adopted into his family, by his mother Garnet.
And with their sacrifice of hiding me for all of these years, I have agreed to a favor that she had asked me.
To marry her strongest son.
Only, I have a problem.
She has two sons.
And every vampire I have ever met wants my blood like mad.
So if I am to marry the son of the woman who raised me, I have two options.
I either marry, Adam, the son who is entirely in love with me, and who saved me from extinction.
Or I marry Claude, the one person I completely trust in this entire world, who is also in love with me.
And both of them are gorgeous.
Not to mention the ten thousand other vampires who are after me every second of the day.

Just like every other morning, Claude awaits me at my door, with the emerald eyes that had fallen so madly in love with me. Wearing his blazer and slacks, just like every other high school student who goes to Aldair Academy. His feathered hair, almost a reddish brown, shaped his angular face and fine jaw.
Claude being the younger of the two, wasn't as muscular as Adam, but he was tall and slim, with just enough muscle to show off. I almost liked it better that way. He seemed like the one who couldn't give a crap about the families prosperities, and all he cared about was me.
I know Adam's intentions were noble, but Claude was a lot less pushy when it came to the whole marriage thing. And that was something I definitely didn't want to rush into.
But then again, Claude could be very insensitive. And that was where Adam was best at. He could be a lot more understanding than Claude. And he never tried to screw around with me.
Claude and his friends were ruthless when it came to not being attracted to me. His best friend Alex stole my first kiss in the seventh grade which enraged both of us.
And Alex hadn't left me alone since.
It wasn't that I hated him, it's just I wasn't attracted to him like that. And he was always pushing me for sex. Every vampire seemed interested in my virginity. I had love confessions everyday, or people forced themselves on me.
If you think I got mad, you should have seen the way that Claude acted. He practically held my hand on the way to school everyday, and decided to switch all his classes to mine so he could watch me. People would usually find that very possessive or overprotective, but I didn't mind. It had been that way ever since I was born, I guess. I always had someone keeping an eye on me.
Claude just did it in the open, and I got loads of attention for it. From the girls who liked Claude, or the girls who didn't. The majority were the ones who liked him.
Someone threatened my life the other day, because Claude walked to me to class with his hand around my waist. Claude always did that with me, so I didn't see the big problem. But unfortunately, the girl did, and unfortunately, I got slammed against the wall. Not saying I couldn't bite her pretty little head off. I just didn't want even more attention for things that happened to me.
But walking with Claude would draw anymore attention to me than talking to him. So I never minded when we would walk to class together. But like every day, Alex and Michael would tag along, creating more attention.
"You smell absolutely delicious this morning, Peyton. Some new perfume?" Alex said, constricting his arm around my hips. I could feel the tension growing around Claude and me.
"Nope, same old body spray." I say shaking him off. Michael comes up on Claude's side quietly. He was the most silent of the three. I think that was why I had so much respect for him. That and he was the only guy that didn't show he was interested in me. Yet, at least.
Wiggling out of Alex's arms I walk a little faster and call back to them.
"Sorry, I have to meet someone before school."
"Then I should come with you." Claude says, speeding up and almost knocking Alex off the sidewalk.
"No, it's alright. It's kind of confidential actually. A girl thing." I say, running down the street, but turning slightly to wave goodbye to them.
The truth was, I really wanted to walk alone today. There were so many things on my mind, that even being close to Claude made me nervous. So far, the plan that Garnet had made for me was this:
I had to marry one of them by the time I turned 18.
I know it sounds really traditional and all, but there was more to it than that. There would be a full moon on the night of my birthday. That would be the time I technically gained my full powers. I already had the extreme sensitivity, but on my birthday, I would gain my magic, not to mention the ability to transform into a wolf. And when I married either one of them, and they took my virginity, my magic would be transferred through them, giving them the same power, and the ability to shape shift.
It wasn't really a downside, because I knew how powerful magic got. One of the greatest werewolves was able to regenerate the entire world, with his magic. I knew I would never have enough stability to control that much energy. But there was also, another alternative. One that was impossible.
The chance that a male werewolf coming around was very low, but Garnet had always known what would happen if one did.
The animal inside me, was even stronger than my magic.
And if a male werewolf was prowling around, I would be drawn to him like moths to a lantern. And if I was to mate with him, the entire vampire race would be at stake.
If he was to mate with me when the moon waxes full, the animal inside of me would come forth and my spirit would grow defiant against my family. And when the moon would wane, my instinct would kick in, and tell me to kill every vampire I saw.
I know that I would be thrilled to find out that there was another person in the world exactly like me, and that I wasn't some freak that was found in a bloody wasteland. But if it was at the expense of those I loved, then I couldn't do it.
All the stress I was feeling swirled inside of me.
I was worried about this, and the fact that my birthday was only two months away.


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