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Born an angel, die as one : Chapter 1

Novel By: VampiricAngel69

Livia and her lover,Jadrien, comes down from Heaven to work with vampire hunters to destroy the vampire species.Who knew that when Livia entered the "vampix" high school clique, it would put her life at risk. Will Livia ever survive this deathly battle of both love and war?? This is my first attempt. Feel free to give any comments(: View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 25, 2012    Reads: 77    Comments: 15    Likes: 3   

I gazed up at Jadrien, dreamily adoring his strikingly sexy features. He spotted me staring at me and smirked, making me blush furiously. I stopped in my steps, amazed at the beautiful structures of my high school. Then i noticed students starting to be curious and gossiping about us. " what are they staring at??"i whispered to Jadrien, feeling my cheeks turning red. As angels, our beauty is what makes us noticable in the crowd. My long silky brown hair fell in a shimmery mass down my back. Dressed in a red hoodie dress with black pumps, I skipped my way down the entrance, with Jadrien trailing behind. Leaning against my locker was a girl in this really cute sequin tank top, who looked up as i approached her. Her mouth dropped open but immediately shutted it back up. She then talked to me in a polished German accent," U must be Livia Winters??" I nodded my head in reply and she continued,handing me my class schedule while she talked " I'm Janessa Becks by the way. You'll in the same class as me so follow me k." I looked behind me, and realised that Jadrien was no longer behind me. I entered my class, immediately greeted by a booming loud voice," And it seems like Janessa is yet again late. Go and take ur sit, Janessa. And look who we have here?!?!" Janessa whispered," Sorry, Mr John." Mr John stopped short and looked at me. I spoke," Hi, i'm Livia Winters. Nice to meet u all. I hope to be able to make some really good friends over here.Ummmmmmm...may i take my sit please??" He jerked his head towards the table at his right. There sitting beside my place was an amazingly beautiful blonde girl. Her eyes reflected a beautiful shade of blue. Those glassy doll-like eyes gazed up at me as i walked towards my sit. Out of the corner of my eye, i noticed Janessa waving frantically at me, smiling crazily. I smiled secretly. Sigh...how interesting humans are these days. I straightened my dress as i sat down in my sit. I caught the blonde looking at me. She flipped her hair and spoke," Hi, i am Victoria Anne. Just call me Tori. U are welcomed to come to sit at my cafeteria table with me and my clique, known as the " Vampix". We all would be so pleased to have u in our clique. By the way, u are invited to my party this sat. U free that day righttttt??" Seeing me nod my head, Tori took out a piece of paper and scribbled down her address and number. She handed it to me and smiled," Welcome to the most popular clique of this school, Livia." That's when i realised Mr John was starting the lesson. i turned my head to focus on the lesson, but even then, i felt my attention slipping away. Hmmmmm first day at school and already in the most popular clique in the school. Not bad, not bad, i thought to myself. In my subconsciousness, i heard the recess bell ring. I picked my books up and suddenly felt Tori tugging my hand. I had no choice but to follow her. Behind me, i saw Janessa open her mouth and making hand gestures in bewilderment. She shook her head and walked away.TO BE CONTINUED(:


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