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Fake Fiancee

By: vanessaxoxo

Chapter 10,

Destination? Newport.

I scurried about my room to see if there was something I had missed. You never know if something important like your cell is hiding under your bed! There wasn’t anything I could see so, satisfied, I zipped up my two suitcases. I linked my new Marc Jacobs tote bag with my suitcases by the handle and dragged them downstairs. It took me a while with me being small and everything but I managed.

This afternoon we were leaving with Steve to stay with Henry’s parents for about a week. April was coming too, but she was taking her own car there and was arriving a little late. Apparently, it was the senior Mr Parker’s birthday in a few days and there was going to be a fancy dinner. Truthfully, it was terrifying for me to meet Henry’s dad. April had said he didn’t care about Henry or April so that meant he wouldn’t care about me. I was pretty sure my theory would prove right.

I sighed inwardly and looked down at my luggage. Henry’s bags weren’t there yet. I frowned and checked the time on my thin watch. Steve would be here in an hour. Taking the stairs two at a time, I barged into Henry’s room.

He was laying back on his silk silver pillows on his very large bed. “Hey pancake, care to join?” Henry asked, patting a spot next to him. I rolled my eyes and then realised something.

“You haven’t even packed yet!” His luggage bag was open and no clothes were in there at all. The clothes were strewn everywhere on the soft carpet instead. What had he been doing for four days?!

“So?” Henry questioned, scowling a little.

So, Steve will be here in less than an hour!”

Henry rolled his eyes and casually waved a hand at the mess on the floor. “You can pack it then Miss Nagging.”

“I do not nag!” I cried, crossing my arms at the same time.

“Sure you don’t. Now hurry up and pack for me, pancake!”

I snorted. “I’m not your slave; I’m your fiancée in case you’re forgetting.”

“I’m pretty sure my fiancée would be willing to pack for me.” Henry crookedly smiled at me. Seeing my glare, he sighed. “Fine, I’ll help you if you help me.”

I stared at him with wide eyes. He was going to help?! I swear, this guy had mood swings. One minute he would be calling me a pancake, the next he’d actually help me out. I nodded cautiously at him. “Ok, where do I start?”

“Well you can go through my underwear drawer and pick out anything you want,” Henry joked. "I'm sure you'll be delighted to see my collection of superhero boxers."

I stuck my tongue out at him and ignored the part about his superhero boxers collection. “I’ll pack your shirts for you and that’s it.”

Henry snickered and led me through his very spacious walk in closet. It was twice as big as mine and looked like a mini mall or a super large luxurious dressing room. Henry pointed to a wall which was also a large mirror. “My shirts are in there. Grab sexy ones, will you?” He even had the nerve to wink at me.

“Ok Mr Bossy Pants!”

I spent the next fifteen minutes picking out random shirts from the large mirror closet (I know, I’m so fast right?) and cracked up into fits of giggles when I found the type of shirt Elvis Presley would wear. It was a very low V neck, (which would display probably half of Henry’s chest if he wore it I might add), white, collared, long sleeved and glittery. I decided to bring that one too. Henry did say he wanted ‘sexy’.

When I finished, I gathered all the shirts and carefully packed them all into Henry’s luggage bag. When Henry walked into the room, I have him a sweet smile and held up the Elvis shirt for him to see. “Sexy isn’t it? I’m sure your parents would love to see you in this. Do you have matching pants?” I teased.

Henry didn't flinch or anything. Instead, he smirked. “It’s very sexy indeed, I’m sure my parents would love it. And unfortunately I do have matching pants. I was forced to wear it to a costume party once I believe.”

“Alright, I’ll pack the matching pants for you as well,” I said stifling a giggle. I was so going to make him wear that sometime.

“Go ahead, my dear.”

Once I had found the pants to go with it, I sat crossed-legged on the floor and started on placing Henry’s clothes into his luggage bag. Suddenly, I felt Henry behind me, his breath tickling my ears. “Need help?” he whispered.

Shivers ran down my spine and I gulped at the huskiness of his voice. “S-sure,” I stammered. I watched, frozen, as Henry chuckled and plopped himself on the ground gracefully in front of me. I blinked and shook my head from the after effect of Henry whispering in my ear. What had gotten into me?

* * *

“You’re nervous aren’t you?”


“Sure,” he snorted. “No wonder you’re anxiously glancing around and tapping your foot.”

“Can it, peanut,” I snapped, folding my arms and looking out the tinted window of Steve’s black SUV. Even if he could give me delicate shivers by whispering in my ear, he was so not worth it.

“Peanut?” Henry repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Where in the world did you get that from?”

I rolled my eyes. “You seem to have memory problems. You’re allergic to peanuts. Oh wait, I shouldn’t have said that. Then you wouldn’t remember and you go and eat some nuts and swell and die. Then we’ll all live happily ever after.”

Henry and Steve then burst out laughing which made me irritated. What was up with them?!

“Since when are you allergic to peanuts?” Steve asked, turning his head to Henry. Ok, what? I’m pretty sure a celebrity’s manager would know all about his celebrity’s allergies.

“Since Lainie froze water in my cereal bowl,” Henry replied, smirking at me through the rear view mirror.

Oh that jerk! How could he?! How could he?! So he had known what I had had in store for him! How embarrassing! “You liar!” I hissed, leaning forward to glare at Henry. You see, Henry was driving as Steve had needed to talk to on his Blackberry to confirm some things about Henry’s big movie deal.

“It’s not like you’ve lied – ‘I hate you’!” Henry did a poor impersonation of me and then snorted. “C’mon, nobody hates me. They either envy me or admire me.”

I stared. “One day, that big ego of yours will eventually swallow you up.”

“Never heard that one before,” Steve mused, leaning forward to turn on the air con up. There was silence for a few minutes during which I studied my nails. Then Steve turned around to grin at me. “Lainie,” he sang. “We’re here!”

My head shot up. I turned to my right and pushed down the button to open the window. The hazy, fresh, salty aroma of the beach filled my nose, making me smile. I really liked beaches, even if that was the place where someone had stolen my first kiss. We were passing a street of cute shops until Henry turned around a corner leading into a neighbourhood of houses. Very nice houses I might add. As we passed by all of them, I studied them, deciding which ones looked good and which ones didn’t. It was a game I used to play ever since third grade.

The car suddenly slowed and turned left onto a small driveway. The Parkers lived in a spacious double-storey, tan beach house with arch shaped windows. Although it was handsome, I secretly preferred Henry’s white mansion. Other than Steve’s SUV, a navy BMW sat in the driveway. Why was everyone was so rich!

We all got out of the car and Henry showed off by lifting his and my suitcase in one hand. Jerk.

“Henry quit trying to impress Lainie,” Steve barked, taking his laptop bag in his hand. I giggled as Henry’s sharp, tan cheekbones blushed a delicate pink. That’s twice I’ve seen him blush. It was nice to know he was human at least. We dragged our luggage (well, only I did, Henry and Steve lifted them) to the front door. Steve rang the doorbell, which was the tune of ‘The Saints Go Marching.’


I could hear light footsteps coming from the other side of the door making me hold my breath. Would they like me? Honestly, I haven't been this nervous in a long time. Then, the door opened …

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