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Bailey goes to Carlton

Novel By: Vasilisa Ozera

Bailey has a been a loved innocent rich kid all her life. But when she falls for Carlton, things change. People start to look at her differently and judge her more harshly. View table of contents...



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"Bailey," his voice was as sweet as honey. "Are you going to come for a swim? The water is really nice." Oh that voice. It was music to my ears. The rough and forceful way of speaking was also gentle and sweet. He had always cared for me.

"Jamie, I just got warm again," I loved to play hard to get with him. "The last time you told me the water was nice, I trusted you. And then you lost it as quickly as I got out. The water was freezing, as I said. I just got warm again." I sat back and admired the view I had. He was slowly getting out of the water, skin still dripping wet (of course he was). His wet skin reflecting the sun, his gorgeous blonde hair was dripping everywhere. As he came closer, I got a better look at him, his eyes more blue than the ocean itself (was that even possible).

"Bailey, Bailey hun, open your eyes. Its' nearly time to go to school, get ready." No, where had he gone? The man of my dreams. His rough but gentle voice disappeared, it had been replaced by another sweet voice, but not one I found attractive. Mother. Who else was going to wake me up so early on the weekend thinking it's a school day.

"Mum, it's Saturday. Go back to bed, let me sleep," my voice sleepy. "I know it's Saturday, but it was the only way to get you moving. Carter an Alexis are going to be here in 20 minutes. They said to wear gym clothes that look reasonable to wear in public but will also get the attention of boys. What on earth would you lot be doing??" her voice her usual unsure questioning tone, always so protective and worried.

"I don't know. They told me they would plan a surprise for me this weekend." I had to try and act as innocently as possible. I shrugged my shoulders to keep the role going. "But you better leave me so I can get ready for whatever they have planned. You know how they get when I'm late." I could tell she wasn't happy that I asked/told her to leave, but reluctantly she left me to get ready for the "surprise. I knew full well what we were doing today.

I had planned out my outfit yesterday, but knowing full well, that mum would come in and wake me up, I had to hide my stunning workout clothes. My lime green baggy running top, with my full length black gym tights complemented by my black raben's all look fabulous on me when I tried them yesterday after school. My hair was mess. It resembled a golden birds nest, twigs and hair everywhere. What had I done last night? Oh well, I had to tame by the time the others got here.

My carpet was soft beneath my feet, as always. I loved my carpet. I made my way across my room to my mirror. My hair brush on a shelf inside my wardrobe. Although I said my hair was a birds nest, it was a layer of golden silk within minutes. I loved my hair, the long golden locks, that were lighter than my skin in winter. But I hated my hair too. It falls straight every day. No matter what I do, I plait it, I curl it I even sleep with hair rollers in and it still hang straight. Well that's a bit of a lie, it would be curled for about an hour, then straight again.

Once my hair was bulled back into a tight pony tail. I made my way down stairs to the kitchen to get my breakfast. Mmmm. I could smell bacon cooking. Got to love Elsa, she always cooks us the best breakfasts. I enter the kitchen/ dining room, and sure enough, there's mum and dad sitting at the table eating bacon and eggs. I sit down and wait. Rupert comes by soon after and pours me a glass of apple juice. "Thanks Rupert."

"Don't thank the help. I pay them to work; they wouldn't be doing this if they didn't need the money." I hated it when he did that. Yes, my father would be considered a stuck up dick, in the normal world. I mean, he's a millionaire. He runs his own worldwide business. And being the stuck-up dick he is, he thinks we shouldn't be nice and appreciate the help we get from others. "Father, just because you pay them, doesn't mean we shouldn't show our appreciation for what they do. I mean, if I had to cater to, me I would go insane, and if I had to cater to Jesse, then I would commit suicide but if I had to cater for you. I don't even want to think about what I would do." There that shut him up. He just stared at be blankly. Amazement clearly marking his face.

Elsa was started to wander over to the table. "Elsa stop." "Master Peter, have I done something wrong?" she looked really worried and scared. The last cook we had that did something wrong now lives in Africa as a maid. "No Elsa, your fine. I just thought since Bailey wanted to show her appreciation, she would get her own food from now on, to make your life easier." No he was not going to do that to me. He was not taking my cook away. "Okay master Peter." She placed the plate down and went back to preparing for the big family lunch. "There you go Bailey, go get your breakfast." Refusing to show that he had hit a nerve, I got up and walked over to my plate to fin no bacon. I was disappointed until I saw what replaced it. Choc-chip pancaked with a side of mint ice-cream. "Thanks Elsa." I walked back to the table and started to eat.

Guys, don't worry, it will be getting better, i just take a while to get to plot/point/interesting parts

Thud. Thud. Thud.

"Something smells good." Jesse, great just what I need. Now I'm not going anywhere today. Carter and Alexis would want to hang around all day just to hang with Jesse. My twin brother, had the same golden hair, but his had a bit of an orange look to it in the sun. He was drop-dead gorgeous, I was so often reminded by my friends. But to me, he was just the same old, bed-wetting booger-eating brother that had been with me for 16 years now. But I must admit, if another guy say, Carlton had muscles like Jesse, then I would want to become BFF's with Lexi, just to hang with her brother.

Knock Knock.

That's them. "Got to go, see you all later." I jumped up and ran upstairs to grab my bag and go before either girls spotted Jesse, without his shirt on and in his pyjamas. "Bye," I yelled as I opened the door and walked out.


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