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Testament of Love

By: VenusDeMilo

Chapter 1,

They say, sometimes we have to meet the people that we aren’t supposed to meet It was 8:30 am when Pamela just got done eating her breakfast, peanut jam toasts and a glass of milk, when suddenly Megan, her sister shouted, “Pamela, Claudia has arrived!”. It’s Claudia, her friend at work. Since they lived in the same neighborhood, and went to the same work place, they always went to their office together. “Ok, Meg, tell her I’ll be ready in 5 minutes,” Pamela replied, while putting on her lipstick and checking her teeth. And Megan did exactly as she’s told to do. “You go back home this afternoon?” Pamela asked Megan. “Yeah, ugh. I want to stay with you longer though,” Megan mumbled. “You can come over again next week, Meg. Because Declan can come anytime here and he doesn’t like other people around when we are together,” Pamela said. “Your boyfriend sucks,” Megan said. “No, he doesn’t” Pamela replied with a serious face, “Don’t be spoiled,” Pamela added. “Seriously, he does!” Megan insisted. “Whatever, I gotta go now. See you again next week,” Pamela said. Pamela rushed to the front door where Claudia was and both of them got into the car, they went straight to their office. Suddenly Pamela’s phone rang. “Hello?” Pamela answered the call. “Oh, hi baby. Yea, I’m on my way to work now. Yes honey, I know. I won’t baby, trust me. In this world, I only love you. Ok, I hang up the phone now babe, we’re almost there. I love you forever,” Pamela said, and she hung up the phone. “Declan?” Claudia asked. “Who else? I wouldn’t say I love you to any other guy but him, would I?” Pamela said. “Yeah, right. He’s very jealous, don’t you think?” Claudia asked again, and added, “And also controlling.” “What can I do,” Pamela replied. She did agree, that Declan was too jealous, too controlling, she couldn’t even get close to her own family because Declan wouldn’t like it. But she loved him too much and she knew she couldn’t complain. But then she quickly added, “But I know, he’s like that because he loves me. He said he wanted a total dominion over me, and I don’t mind that at all.” “No, Pam. If you love someone, you gotta trust them. He doesn’t trust you at all. Does that honestly make you happy? A lover is supposed to make you happy instead of feeling stressed and oppressed,” Claudia said. Pamela was very aware, no, that kind of relationship did not make her happy. But she loved Declan too much that even though she’s not happy with him, she knew, without him it would make her more unhappy. Thinking about being without him got her stressed. She’s so attached to him that she didn’t know how to go on living without him, although he was as well abusive. “I’m not stressed or feeling oppressed, Claud. He makes me happy, I’m happy with him,” Pamela replied. Claudia didn’t say anything for a few seconds, she seemed like thinking, but then she finally said, “Well, okay if you say so.” Pamela smiled. A forced smile. Claudia noticed that, but she didn’t say anything. 15 minutes later, they arrived at their work place. As Pamela walked to her office, her phone rang again. “Hi, babe? Umm, I don’t know yet, sweetheart. As you know, my job isn’t a job where I can take lunch on time, because maybe I will have a task to do during that time that requires me to be away….” Pamela said. “Umm, okay. I’ll see if I can honey. I love you too,” Pamela said, and she hung up the phone. She shook her head, “If you keep calling like this, how will I get my work done…,” she sighed talking to her phone. She then rushed to her office and checked all of her papers. “Pamela, Ms. Banks wants you to meet her in her office,” suddenly her colleague said. “Ok,” Pamela replied. She got up from her seat and rushed to her boss’ office. “Yes, Val?” Pamela said soon as she entered Ms. Banks’ office. “Can’t you call me Ms. Banks? We’re in the office,” Valerie said. “Oh, come on. There’s only the two of us,” Pamela grinned. “Geez… Could you do a report on the coming of Japan’s Prime Minister to USA, at 4 this evening?” Val asked. Pamela looked so surprised, “What? Why me? Why so sudden?” Pamela asked. “Because Carla said she couldn’t,” Val replied. “But I thought she had already prepared everything? I am not prepared yet. As you know it, I gotta prepare my report on Coldplay’s interview last night and air it today,” Pamela replied. Val reached the phone and called, “Sandra, please take Coldplay’s report from Pamela and take care of it, must be aired at 7 this evening, can you do it? Okay, it’s in your hand,” Valerie said and hung up the phone. She winked at Pamela, while Pamela stood there clueless. “You can’t do this to me!” Pamela protested, and she added, “It’s a Prime Minister, Val, you’re killing me!” “Am I the boss, or are you the boss? Do what I ask you to do, you have no option,” Val said with a naughty smile, “If you want to excel in journalism, you have to make your name known to great people. I’m helping you to excel in this job, Pam, you know it,” Valerie added. “Ugh, ok, whatever,” Pamela said and got out of Val’s office. “Do your best, Pam,” Valerie said from her office. Pamela didn’t respond, she kept walking. “Sheesh!” Pamela mumbled to herself while walking to her desk. Such interview really did make her nervous. She then went to Carla’s desk and asked the materials so she could study them. After that, she went back to her desk. She texted Declan and told him, she got a work to be done so she couldn’t meet him for lunch. “You must be having a date with a guy there, just be honest with me,” said Declan’s reply. Pamela got so shocked reading it. “Of course not, babe. I’m a journalist you know it. I’m just doing my job. I’m not going to have a date with anyone, but I’m going to interview the Japan’s Prime Minister,” Pamela replied to Declan’s text. “LIAR!!!” Declan replied again, so short yet sounded mean. Pamela sighed. She looked panic. She’s afraid Declan was angry. But she couldn’t do anything since it’s her job. She couldn’t forsake her job just because of Declan’s childish jealousy. “I’m not lying,” Pamela replied. Pamela waited a few minutes but there was no reply back, so she texted him again, “Babe, I really am not lying. My boss asked me to do an interview with the Japanese Prime Minister.” Still no reply. Declan did tell her sometime ago that he suffered from a mental sickness, that’s what the doctors told him. That’s why Pamela wanted to be by his side all the more. Because none in Declan’s family cared about him. Not even his mother. His parents said, their son had an attitude problem. Declan did not have a friend, not even one. He’s too introvert that he couldn’t make any friends. So he could only count on Pamela on everything. Seeing this fact did not make Pamela stop loving him, because she thought Declan needed someone to be there for him, and that someone could be her. But whenever Pamela tried to show him how much she loved him, he would hurt her more and more. One thing that Pamela could never understand. Pamela checked all the materials she could use to interview the Japan’s Prime Minister. She then went to the cameraman to organize everything, and there she had a little meeting with the cameraman. “Trey, make sure that you shoot from good angles, since this is about international affair that involves our country,” Pamela said to the cameraman, Trey. “That’s for sure, beautiful,” Trey replied. “Stop calling me beautiful, can’t you?” Pamela asked. “Because you are,” Trey winked. “Sheesh!” Pamela mumbled, Trey chuckled, “Just be grateful when someone calls you beautiful, doll. You wouldn’t like it either when you’re called ugly, would you?” Trey said. “Yeah, okay. But I think you’re just playing,” Pamela said. “I’m not. You really are beautiful,” Trey said again, with a smile. “Thanks I guess,” Pamela replied, blushing. And they continued talking, after that Pamela went back to her desk and gathered all the materials about Coldplay’s interview and handed them over to Sandra who was already waiting at her desk. Trey, he’s about 3 years older than Pamela, he really knew how to cheer her up. And he had been a good friend at work, because Trey was Pamela’s cameraman, they had been working together for about two years now. At 3:30 pm, Pamela, Trey, and some other crew with her went to the hotel where the Prime Minister stayed. The interview took about 2 hours, and since it’s not a live program, they did it without rushing. They asked the Prime Minister about 20 questions, about the purpose of his coming, his schedule in the USA, to simple questions such as his favorite food and restaurant. The Prime Minister was very friendly, it made Pamela feel comfortable. And it seemed he liked Pamela, he gave her a ribbon, it’s Japan made. He said he brought a lot of ribbons for the female orphans that he was going to visit in the USA, and thought he could give one for Pamela, because her long blonde hair looked unkept. Pamela liked it, it’s a red ribbon, her favorite color. “We did it,” Trey grinned. And Pamela and all the crew high fived with each other. They felt glad, it’s done. “The Prime Minister said your beauty was exceptional,” Trey told Pamela when they were on the car. “Really? When?” Pamela asked. “When we had done the interview, he told me that,” Trey said. “Ah, bullshit,” Pamela laughed. “I swear!” Trey insisted. They all laughed, one of the crew said to Trey, “You ain’t trying to flirt with her, are you? Trey dude, she’s taken!” “Bruce, please don’t tell that secret! She ain’t married yet,” and Trey laughed hard. “Heart and soul I belong to one man, nothing’s gonna change that,” Pamela said. They went back to their office and processed the interview that they just did into a program. After it’s all done, Pamela told her friends she’s going back home. Val asked, “Don’t you want to come to have a drink with us to celebrate the success of your interview with the Prime Minister?” “Nah, it’s late. I gotta rush,” Pamela replied. “Wow, you’re so afraid of Declan! It’s so obvious!” Val shouted. “Yeah, whatever, I’m tired. See ya tomorrow,” Pamela said, waving her hands. Val shook her head in disbelief. Everyone in Pamela’s office knew about Declan. Because, for one, Pamela would talk a lot about him, for two, when Declan bruised her, people would notice, and for three, because Declan wouldn’t stop ringing Pamela’s phone. Pamela checked her phone as she walked down the corridor. Some missed calls, some texts, but none of them were from Declan! “Wow!” Pamela mumbled, “What’s wrong with him? Is he really mad at me?” Pamela wondered. She then made a call to Declan. No answer. She dialed his number again. Still no answer. Pamela’s heart began to thump real hard. She panicked. She felt that something bad was going to happen. Usually, something bad would happen if Declan refused to answer the phone. She looked at her wristwatch, it’s 1 am in the morning. She headed to the bus stop and went back home. On the way back home, she became so anxious. She got a bad feeling. She’s afraid Declan would leave her again. It had happened many times, he would disappear without prior notice, too often he did that, that Pamela could easily predict the end result of Declan’s madness. Declan wouldn’t think twice about leaving her over unreasonable petty things, over his unreasonable jealousy, he wouldn’t listen to any explanations. And he would beat her to death. Pamela didn’t mind the beatings, she loved him too much, she knew she wouldn’t be able to live without him. All was good, as long as Declan stayed by her side. 25 minutes gone, Pamela arrived at the destination bus stop. She knew she had to buy a car, but she wasn’t that rich to afford such, though she was paid very nice by Valerie. She had to help her parents financially. She rushed to her apartment with a heart that wouldn’t stop thumping hard, she wanted to call Declan once she’s in the house. At the apartment, she slowly opened the door, and got in. It was dark. “Megan must have forgotten to turn on the lights,” she said to herself, and she turned on the lights. How surprised she was, seeing Declan sitting on the sofa!

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