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Testament of Love

Novel By: VenusDeMilo

A love triangle between the characters, coldness, hatred, passion, and heartaches. Love is sacrifice. One would do anything and everything for the one they love. Love is sweet, yet it’s also painful. This, all the characters are aware of. The thrill, the tingles, the tears, it’s a dead red crimson love. Despair, heartbreaks, all kinds of feelings mixed into one.
When Declan left Pamela for someone new, she never thought she would love again. Her world felt so cold and all she could see was darkness. The romance between Declan and his new woman happened before her very eyes, as if Declan did it on purpose, as if he did it only to hurt her, to confirm that it’s really over between them. And it did hurt. It hurt a lot. 3 years of love, might not be too long, but there were so many memories and stories inside Pamela’s heart, things that made it hard for her to move on. She was devastated. Crushed to pieces. All she felt was anger and resentment toward Declan. She couldn’t believe, the love that she thought was real, was just a lie that she found out in the end. All his promises, the true love that he promised, it was just a lips service from a player. She always believed, he was a faithful kind of guy, different from the others, as he always said. Their relationship was rocky, Declan was a very jealous guy, and a total control freak. 3 years full of struggle for Pamela. And if she never left, it’s because her love for him was too great to tame. She couldn’t work well without Declan’s suspicions that she might have betrayed him behind his back with her colleagues. He would call every hour just to make sure she’s really working. Declan would get mad over simple things, and even start a fight when things were okay. He would beat her and treat her bad, constantly curse her even for a small mistake. Pamela could never understand that. But through everything, she endured it all till the end. Yet, it wasn’t enough. Declan still wanted to leave.
Not long after their break up, she met this man, an arrogant one. And she, being so hurtful after her break up, also the attitude of this man displeased her, so she acted cold. But, that sort of attitude got him curious about her. They would argue everytime they met, but every meeting was so interesting to him. Pamela, that beautiful girl, was the only girl who wouldn’t think twice to snap him. He’s such a glamour guy. Very rich. And a hot good looking guy. But all that he had did not attract Pamela, even a little. That made him upset. At the same time, her high school best friend, knowing that Pamela had broken up with Declan, kept being there for her, and he made his feelings known to Pamela after keeping them secretly for so long, but Pamela wasn’t ready for a new love yet. She just contacted him again after she and Declan broke up. Because when she was with Declan, he never let her befriend any males.
Seeing those guys around Pamela, made Declan jealous to death. So he tried to get back with her again, but…. Did it move Pamela? Did Pamela agree to get back together with Declan? The pain of his betrayal was so painful still, but yet, she still loved him too. Meanwhile, that rich guy wouldn’t stop coming to her, even just to argue, if it’s needed, then he would argue with her, just to see her. The more he knew about Pamela, the more he fell for her. But he had no idea how to win her heart. She seemed so cold and detached. She didn’t seem like she’s interested in love. This made him upset. How would the love story end? Would Pamela finally find love in her heart again and finally get over Declan? Her best friends told her to try to love again. But she’s too afraid of getting hurt again. View table of contents...


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"Hi babe," Pamela said with a smile, but her face said, she's afraid. "Did you have fun today?" Declan asked, playing his cigarette. "What do you mean?" Pamela asked, she's very afraid. Declan's tone wasn't too nice. "How was your date with the Japanese Prime Minister going?" Declan asked again, looking at Pamela's eyes so sharply. "What are you talking about? What date? I told you I was going to interview the Japanese Prime Minister. Please don't overcomplicate matters!" Pamela replied with a high tone. "Bullshit! Overcomplicate matters you say? Are you saying I'm making things a big deal?" Declan asked with a loud voice, "You know what, if you keep lying, I may as well break your teeth, and you know I am deadly serious!" Declan snapped. "I was working, for God's sake, babe, stop it!" Pamela said. "Working? Pleasing the Japanese Prime Minister as his prostitute you call it working, you slut?" Declan replied, still with a high tone. "I'm tired, I need to shower and then rest," Pamela said. "So now you're tired. You weren't tired pleasing that old man, but now you're tired talking to me?" Declan asked. "We ain't talking, we are arguing and I'm tired. Please understand," Pamela said, heading to the bathroom. But Declan rose from the sofa, grabbed Pamela's hair, and dragged her to the sofa and push her body onto it. Pamela got so shocked. "What are you doing?" Pamela asked in fear. "Bitch, shut up and listen when I'm talking to you!" Declan roared, and continued, "Where did you spend your day with that man? I heard you both were in a hotel." "The interview did take place in a hotel where the Prime Minister stayed," Pamela replied. "So you call your passionate sex with him an 'interview'? Were you both role playing?" Declan asked. "Wwwwhhhhhhaaaatttttt?!!!" Pamela asked out of surprise. She couldn't believe Declan really thought she was whoring around with the Prime Minister! "Please, just stop, you're being deluded. I was just doing my job as a journalist!" Pamela said, but Declan slapped her mouth. "Why'd you slap me?" Pamela asked out of surprise. "I had to give your lying mouth a lesson, that's why," Declan replied, so calmly. Pamela's cheek felt really hot, it was a hard slap, she kept rubbing it. "Why you keep doing this to me? I really was just doing my job, I didn't do what you accuse me of, I swear," Pamela said, her voice sounded weak. "You think I believe you?" Declan asked in cynical voice. "Why won't you trust me? You know how much I love you," Pamela said, she reached to Declan's waist trying to hold him, but he warded her off, "Don't fucking touch me with your dirty hands, bitch!" Declan said. "Baby please, I love you only and you know that," Pamela begged. Declan then sat on a sofa opposite to Pamela, "Then give me your body," Declan said. Pamela got so surprised. "I thought we agreed there's no premarital sex?" Pamela said. "We've been together for 3 years, and until now you won't let me have sex with you, what is it? You said you're a virgin still, if so, prove it! What do you got to hide from me? If you're really a virgin and you truly love me, you gotta let me know, 'cause I feel like raping you tonight," Declan replied. "Baby, please, let me preserve my body 'til the night we're married, I preserve it just for you, because I can see my future with you, you said you will marry me, I want to honor you with my body babe," Pamela said. "What's the difference now or later it's going to be mine still, so do it now 'cause I feel like doing it now. If you love me, you will do it for me without thinking twice, without letting me repeat myself like this. That's your punishment for being a whore the whole damn day with that old man," Declan said. "Baby please, I was just doing my job. Let me just preserve my body 'til the day we are married please?" Pamela kept begging. "Are you so afraid that I'll find out you're not virgin or something? What you gotta hide?" Declan sounded upset, and he continued, "It's been 3 years!" "Babe, if you love me, you will wait for me," Pamela said. "I've been waiting for 3 damn years. How long more do you want me wait? If you love me, you will do it for me, you are mine, your body is mine, I own you, you're my property!" Declan snapped. "But babe…" Pamela sounded so helpless, she was afraid. "But what? So I conclude it's either you don't love me or you're not a virgin, simple as that. Ok, I'll go home now, goodnight and goodbye," Declan said and rose up from the sofa. "Wait," Pamela said, and continued, "Is sex really important to you?" "Of course, it will let me know that you really love me," Declan replied. "But isn't everything that I've done for you enough to prove that I really love you? I am not so close to my family now for you, I don't go out with friends, I don't befriend guys, all for you," Pamela said. "No, of course not. Because who knows, you fake it all," Declan said. "How could you say that? I never faked anything with you," Pamela said. "Well, as you know it, I don't believe you," Declan winked and smiled. "How can you say you love me yet not trust me?" Pamela asked. "And why can't I say I love you and not trust you?" Declan asked back. "Because I've been with you for 3 years already, you should have to trust me by now. And if you love me, you will trust me. That's how our relationship will work. If not, we will only fight, fight, and fight, and I'm tired of fighting with you, I wanna be loved," Pamela replied. "Well, I have trust issue with you, who knows what you do behind my back when I'm not around," Declan said, and continued, "Hey, don't waste my time. If you ain't giving me your body, I better go home." "Now you're talking to me like I'm a whore," Pamela said. "Because you are a whore and you are my whore. I'm just treating you the way you should be treated," Declan said, with no expression. Pamela's heart felt like it's torn apart, "Ok," she said. "Ok what?" Declan asked. "You can have my body tonight," Pamela said. "Are you sure?" Declan asked. "Yes," Pamela replied. "Don't worry, I will not do anal with you as I'm afraid your anus might be dirty and I don't want to catch a sexual disease," Declan said. A tear rolled down Pamela's face as Declan was undoing her clothes, "Can you say you love me babe?" Pamela asked. Declan stopped undoing Pamela's clothes and looked at her with a sharp look, "Why so lovey-dovey, huh?" Pamela didn't respond. Tears kept rolling down her face. And Declan, out of sudden, tore Pamela's clothes. Pamela got so surprised, "Babe?!" she said. "Shut up! I told you I wanted to rape you!" Declan shouted. He then dragged Pamela by her hair to her room and threw her body to the bed. He took off all her clothes and took off his as well and started to look at Pamela's body. Meanwhile, Pamela closed her eyes, she's so afraid, her heart thumped real hard. "Wow! Look at your body! So soft, I like it," Declan smiled and started to do a soft massage to Pamela's breasts, while Pamela still closed her eyes, her heart thumped really hard. "Why you close your eyes? Don't you enjoy this? Don't you want to see me naked?" Declan asked. "Yea," Pamela said, she was so afraid that she couldn't think of what to do. "Open your damn eyes!" Declan snapped, so Pamela opened her eyes. "You wet yet?" Declan asked. "What do you mean?" Pamela asked back, she's not experienced in sex. "Are you acting dumb? Come on, you know what I mean! You've been doing this with so many guys and yet now with me you pretend like you don't know what I mean?" Declan asked in disbelief. "Babe, please, I've just been doing this with you," Pamela said. "Bullshit," Declan replied, and continued, "However, make this fun for me. Open your legs wide." Pamela shocked, "Why?" she asked. "I want to see that candy," Declan replied, forcing Pamela's legs to open. "Babe, can we just do oral?" Pamela asked. "What?! Why oral? I thought you're a virgin? And I thought I could have your virginity as you kept saying?" Declan asked out of surprise. "That's right, but I'm afraid," Pamela said. "What are you afraid of? That I might find out you're not a virgin?" Declan asked. "Why you keep saying that? It's not that. I'm just afraid, please understand," Pamela said, with tears that kept rolling. "No, I can't understand. Try to enjoy this and don't dare to ruin my mood," Declan said. "Babe, please, oral is so far I can give you for now. I love you, yes I do, but please, you can take my virginity on the day we're married, I promise you, I cannot do things against the voice in my heart, please sweetheart understand me," Pamela said, begging. Declan stood there, he stopped forcing Pamela's legs to open and he looked at her eyes. He didn't say anything for a few seconds but then he said, "Then let's not do it." It surprised Pamela, "What? Why not?" she asked. "Why do something when you're not willing. Why must I take something that you're not willing to give," Declan replied. "It's not that I'm unwilling to give, I just feel that it's not right," Pamela said. "What's not right? We love each other. Each couple that love each other would share intimate moments together," Declan said. "Yes we do love each other, but it's against my conscience," Pamela said. "Are you saying that I don't have conscience?" Declan asked. "No, I'm not saying that babe, please understand," Pamela said. "Yeah, okay. Wear your clothes back," Declan said. "We can do oral if you want," Pamela said. "No, it's okay, I've lost my mood. Just wear your clothes back," Declan said. "I'm sorry. Are you sure?" Pamela asked. "Yes, I'm sure," Declan replied. "Are you really okay?" Pamela asked again just to make sure. "Yes, I am okay, quit asking if I'm okay over and over," Declan said. "Okay, I'm sorry," Pamela said. The two of them did not say anything, they wore their clothes back. Pamela felt uneasy. She knew she had disappointed Declan. And although Declan said it's ok, she could feel that Declan was disappointed. "Can I stay here for the night since it's too late for me to come back?" suddenly Declan asked, and he added, "Don't worry, I will not rape you, or ask to have sex with you. It's all clear to me now." "Yes, of course you can stay here tonight. What's clear to you now?" Pamela asked. And continued asking, "Have you misunderstood me?" "No, it's all good. So, where can I sleep?" Declan asked. "You can sleep in my bed," Pamela replied. "Are you sure? You're not afraid that I'd do what you don't want me to do?" Declan asked, wondering. "No, babe. I know I can trust you," Pamela smiled. They both went to Pamela's bed, and Declan wrapped her in his arms, while he kissed her forehead. "I love you," Declan said. "I know," Pamela said, and continued, "I hope you don't lose your interest in me for what happened just now." "No, you're my baby that I love and loves me. Our love is beyond anything. I truly love you. And if I act up sometimes it's 'cause I freak out you might do something behind my back when I'm not around. I own you, you're mine, you're my beautiful baby," Declan replied. He certainly was disappointed. But he hid it. "Aww baby, I know you love me," Pamela grinned in joy. Declan wrapped her in his arms more tight, "Yes I do, and I love you so much," he said, giving another kiss on Pamela's forehead. Pamela rubbed his chest gently, they're wearing their clothes. "I'm so sorry about earlier, I just want to preserve my body until the day we are married," Pamela said. "It's okay babe, I understand," Declan said, and kissed her again. "I love you sweetheart," Pamela said, giving a kiss on Declan's lips. "I love you too. Let's go to sleep because tomorrow you have to go to work," Declan said. "Okay, darling," Pamela said. They both kissed and closed their eyes to sleep. It's their first time to sleep together. They had been together for 3 years, but Pamela, being a conservative girl, never gave Declan a permission to sleep together in one bed. Today, it was because of her fear of losing him, that's why she allowed him to sleep with her, but just that far, no sex. The only thing they ever did as a couple was tongue kissing, touching, but never till they took off their clothes.


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