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Love - The elusive thing

Novel By: Vibha

Tags: Love, Life

A love story View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 23, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

" What did you say!! Say again!!!, I came out of my reverie. Sound came from the other side of the balcony where I was standing. I could not see clearly at first since it was not so well lit but a faint ray of light from the main hall was falling on the owner of that voice.. She was a very beautiful girl wearing a very modern outfit, her bare back was held by a masculine hand. " Roma, please don't raise your voice here of all the places. I told you that you are misunderstanding me.. I have never behaved any thing like that" The female voice answered, " I know, now every thing is clear to me.. Now Simone has come in your life, so you lost interest in me.. she said in a inebriated voice. She rested her head on his shoulder and started mumbling something. " Oh Aditya, please don't do this to me" He replied in a exasperated voice, " Roma, you are not able to think clearly now.. Hereā€¦ let me drop you to your car.. You go home now and take rest. Let's talk tomorrow. He held her by hand and moved towards the main hall, Light was little brighter and I could see his face.. It took my breath away. He had a finely chiseled face, a prominent jaw line, shapely nose. He had a pair of deep set eyes. He had a tall, athletic body. His hair was little longer than normally men keep . It was touching his neckline. He was wearing a blazer, a shade of blue. He took the female inside the ball room with much ease.

It was the annual party of our company held at a plush five star Hotel. Employees were so relaxed as if they were on a vacation. This Annual party was the idea of our Chairman. He wanted his employees to shed their inhibitions and chill out with their peers as well as seniors. We had always looked forward to this event. As this was the only opportunity to chill out with people from other departments. I could see my friends Ameesha and Reena talking to two guys from sales. Our chairman was busy cracking jokes with his friends. Our company's hottest girl Rihana was getting all male attention. Most of the guys were drooling over her. She was not exactly a classic beauty but had all her curves in proper places.

I was sitting next to Radhika , another colleague, who was constantly blabbering about Rihana. " what a shameless girl.. Her whole appearance shouts cheapness. Those boys too, don't have any taste, there are more beautiful and intelligent girls in this party but look at them. They are following her every where like puppies". I could not bear her any more. Radhika was an average girl with average looks and intelligence. No one in the company would spend time with her as she had an opinion on every person in the company. As my friends were busy, I had become a scapegoat. I got up excusing myself to have fresh air. I made my way out to the balcony. It was then I saw Aditya and Roma.

It was pitch dark outside. I could see lights far down. I liked the break from Radhika's constant chattering. Light breeze was making me feel more relaxed. I got lost so much in my thoughts that , I did not hear them untill the girl talked. Since, I was standing in the dark they couldn't have noticed me. I waited for few minutes after they left and then went inside the ballroom. No one was particularly missing me, except my boss.. He came to me smiling broadly ," what are you doing here Suhana? Are you not enjoying the party. It's your time to enjoy now. Music has started. Why don't dance and have fun? I smiled at him, No sir, I am better off like this. I will watch others dancing." He patted my back affectionately " Ok , whatever.., enjoy yourself" and went away, probably in search of his wife. A grin made its way into my face. Everyone in our department knew that, he loved his wife a lot. He was a 60 years old man. He was in army prior to joining our company. I had a very fatherly feelings towards him. He had always tried to protect me from Company politics and helped me in my career.


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