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I'm Always There

Novel By: Violet Moon

Kaitlin Smith and Ty Walkins are still in high school but now they are seniors!!!! This is the most important year of high school! They have to make sure they are ready to graduate and it's time to start thinking about the future. There's tons to think about. Where are they going to college? Will they continue dating even if they don't go to the same college? What do they want in the future?

Kaitlin is so confused about everything but luckily she still has her amazing boyfriend, Ty, and her older brother, Matt, to get her through everything.

But what if this year didn't turn out how she planned??? Last year was hard enough for her and her family with here parent's divorce and then getting involved with a murder and bank robber named Cody White. She and Ty think that this year has to be better than the last. I mean, everyone can't always have bad luck right??? But maybe that's not true.

Maybe last year will be a breeze compared to their senior year. Or maybe this year will be a breeze. No one really knows. But either way, things aren't going to be perfect and Ty's and Kaitlin's relationship can be put on the line at any time. But doesn't love always have a way of working things out???

(Yay!!! It's the sequel to my novel An Unexpected Love! But if you didn't read the first one, don't worry cause this will make sense still but I hope you do read the first one!!! lol) View table of contents...


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Life is short. We don't always get to accomplish the things we want. So make the most of it while you can, Kaitlin. I have much faith in you and I expect great things from you. I know that you won't let me down. Remember that people care about you. I know that Ty will stand by your side and be there for you even when I can't. He really is a great guy. Make sure you tell him that for me every once in awhile. He deserves to hear it. He's been really great to you and I'm glad I've gotten to know him. But don't forget, that you are amazing too. You've been so strong about everything that has happened since you started high school. With the divorce, the whole incident with Cody White last year, and now this. I admire you for your strength. You definitely are a Smith. How stubborn you are may get annoying, but it keeps you strong and is part of who youare. I hope you will keep this first letter (yes, there are others for the future), and read it whenever you are feeling down. Remember that even though I might not be standing next to you, I'm always there for you. Stay strong, Kaitlin.

This was the first to many letters that I found. It is also one of my favorites. And it's the only one that I've read so far. But, I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe I should start from the beginning. Back to the end of Matt's senior year, and the beginning of another long year for me and my boyfriend, Ty. Hmm…where to start??? Oh yes. Graduation.

Chapter 1: Graduation

"I will now call the names of the graduating class," our school principal announces. I zone out and don't pay attention until I hear her call out my brother's name. "Matthew Smith." I jump up and start clapping loudly. My family and my boyfriend, Tyler Walkins, are all standing up and clapping and whistling too. I look around and see a few of Matt's friend's families cheering as well. Matt looks over at us, and he smiles widely before walking up onto the stage and grabbing his diploma while shaking the principal's hand. He walks back over to his classmates and takes his seat.

When every graduating senior has their diploma, the crowd stands up with them to clap and cheer. It starts pouring and we are standing in the rain of falling black caps. I try and see through the falling hats and spot my brother. Finally, I see him hugging his friends and congratulating them. There's a lot of yelling going on between all of the used to be seniors and high-fiving.

"I did it!" one guy yells loudly. Every head turns to look at him and the room fills with laughter. Everyone knows that kid. Nick Grover. Known for his straight F's and constant tardies and absences. He's a school legend. The guy everyone expected to not graduate. Not because he would drop out, but because, well there's no nice way to put this, but because he's an idiot. No offense to the guy, but it's true. He's super funny and nice but he can't get a good grade if his life depended on it. How he graduated? No one knows. But like he said, he did it.

Matt finishes with his friends. We hurry to meet him across the room and we flood him with hugs. He is grinning from ear to ear like the rest of us, besides me. Sure, I'm happy for my brother but I'm not over our fight from this morning. It's been about the same thing that we've been arguing about for over a year now. Matt is planning on going to a college out of Monterey and probably out of California. He is going to leave right before Ty and I start our senior year. Mom has planning for him to go to an in-state college like I had expected. But Mom doesn't know about this little surprise of his. Only Ty, Sadie (Matt's girlfriend), and I know about his plans. I found out last year when my mother decided to marry George Johnston (my step-dad and the chief policeman and the local station). Both had been huge surprises and were dropped on me like a bomb shortly after my mom and dad (John Smith) got divorced. Of course, I had to tell Ty what Matt was planning (I can't keep a secret from my boyfriend for anything) and Sadie knows cause she is planning on go to the same college as Matt. I'm still trying to convince Matt to go to a college nearby but he is determined to leave with Sadie.

"What's wrong, babe?" Ty asks in worried tone as he comes up from behind me and wraps his arms around the front of me. I put my hands on his strong, tan arms and look up into his deep, sky blue eyes. Of course, Ty sees through my mask of trying to act like everything okay.

"I'm fine, Ty." He glares at me and I smile at him. I can't tell him about what's on my mind right now because my mom and George are standing right next to us. Matt doesn't want them to know about his plan until he is positive that it is going to work and he is leaving. It's not exactly easy to keep it from them and after every argument between Matt and I, I almost tell Mom just to get back at him.

I turn around in Ty's arms so I'm facing him. He moves a piece of my brown, wavy hair out of my eyes before leaning down for a quick kiss. I hug him tightly and pull out of his arms to go to my brother. Matt sticks his tongue out at me and I step forward and hug him tightly. "Congratulations, Matt!" I exclaim. He squeezes me and whispers in my ear.

"Sorry about our fight." I pull back and he gives me a lop-sided smile. I fake a smile and stick out my tongue to let him know that he's part way forgiven. Matt nods slightly and I know that he understands that we need to talk later tonight.

"Hey, sweetie!" someone explains in a giddy voice. I turn behind me and see a beautiful blond coming up to us. Matt gives Sadie a huge grin and pulls her into his arms and she kisses him on the cheek. Mom is beaming next to me and I resist rolling my eyes. She finds it adorable whenever Matt and Sadie act like a couple but if she catches Ty and I doing much besides hugging she glares at me and I have to pull away immediately. It's so not fair.

"So! Matt! Where are we going out to dinner?" Mom asks in a cheery voice.

"Olive Garden of course!" he exclaims. Sadie giggles next to him and he pulls her closer to him. George shakes his head and rolls his eyes. There are a few things about my brother that he is known for. First, his great looks with his brown hair and brown hair. Second, his friendly personality and how much he loves to have fun and pick on people, especially me. Third, he is madly in love with Sadie. Forth, he loves his red, convertible mustang and keeps it in brand new condition. And finally, he absolutely loves Olive Garden and any Italian food.

While my brother may be totally siked to eat at Olive Garden, I'm not on the other hand. The last time we ate there was with my best friend Amy and her parents, who live down in Dallas, Texas, and Ty's dad. Ty and I had found a shoebox on a plane and it was filled with thousands of dollars. It turned out to belong to a criminal named Cody White who was wanted for murder, rape, burglary, and a few other minor things. He had taken Amy's family, Mom, Matt, Steve Walkins (Ty's dad), and Ty as his hostages to be sure that he would get his money and wouldn't get arrested. But since George is a police officer and knows all the other police officers in the city, we were able to come up with a plan to rescue everyone and get Cody arrested. I ended up saving my family and friends, and George got to arrest Cody White.

I wonder if anyone else thinks of those horrible weeks. I quickly scan the faces of the people I love and they all look completely at ease, besides Ty. He looks slightly stressed but Matt looks at him and he smiles immediately and returns to looking relaxed. We all head outside to our cars and plan to follow each other to the restaurant with Matt leading the way. Matt and Sadie climb into his car, Mom and George climb into George's Ford truck, Mr. Walkins and Amber (his girlfriend) climb into his station wagon, and Ty and I climb into Ty's truck. It's still in perfect condition and the black paint doesn't have a single scratch. Of course, Ty and I have only had our licenses for a little over a year so he hasn't had his truck for that long.

"So, what were you so deep in thought about earlier?" Ty asks me once we are driving.

"Nothing really. Just Matt going away to college." Ty rolls his eyes and gets a slightly annoyed look on his face.

"Kaitlin, stop worrying about that. What Matt does for college is his problem," Ty points out. I nod and admit that he is right. "Good. Now, how about worrying about what you want to do for your eighteenth birthday? I can take you out somewhere or go along with whatever you have planned. And I need to know what you want for your birthday." His blue eyes briefly flicker to the side to meet my hazel ones. I smile and look away. Honestly, I have no idea what I want to do for my birthday. I've been trying to save up enough money to fly Amy here from Texas because I promised her that she could come down for part of the summer and I'd pay for it since she took me to Hawaii last year. But, I don't have nearly enough money and I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.

An arm sneaks around my shoulder and I scoot closer to my amazing boyfriend. Ty's eyes flicker down to my face and then back to the road. "Did I tell you that you look beautiful?" I giggle under my breath and roll my eyes slowly. I'm nothing compared to Ty. I look up at him with his dark brown hair that is flipped up in the front and his blue eyes that dance whenever he laughs. My eyes move down to his tan arms and well-defined muscles in his arms and abs. I quickly picture the reflection that I see whenever I look in the mirror. A short girl with normal, brown hair and hazel eyes. There's nothing special about her and there's no way she deserves the guy sitting next to her.

"I'm not beautiful," I whisper under my breath. I feel Ty's eyes flicker down at me again and he glares at me for a second before looking straight ahead.

"I wish you would stop saying that, love. You are the prettiest girl I've ever known and definitely the most amazing. I hate that you think of yourself as anything less than that," Ty argues. I smile at how sweet he is.

"Whatever. But thank you, Ty." I turn slightly and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. I feel him get tense next to me. I know that if he wasn't driving he'd pull me against him and crush his lips to mine. I smile at the thought and snuggle closer to him. Can life get any better?

Well, guys! I hope you liked it!!! I'm excited to start this novel and I've already got it planned out in my head. I just need to write it. lol. I hope that this was an okay first chapter and that it made everyone excited to read the future ones!!! If you want updates on this novel, then please comment and let me know! And it might also help if you could become a fan so it's easier to find you but if you don't want to, then that's cool too. Let me know what you think!!! Thanks for all the support and the amazing comments!!!! :D


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