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hello Dear,Doesnt Love BITE?


this came to me as a dream... it was amazing :D View table of contents...


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I sighed as I gently shook my glass. The ice chinks made a tinkling sound. The fire in the hearth was burning brightly. I started imagining faces in it. I growled involuntarily as I imagined a golden haired lady in the fire."Dammit.", I swore softly and rose to leave but not before I threw a glass of water into her fiery, beautiful face. The village of Willow Creek was small. I was staying at my family mansion. I was 'new' to the village so I decided to visit the Bar and try act normal.Last time, i had visited the market place.. almost evry shop was on fire....

The scent of people involuntarily filled my teeth with venom.Grrr. I controlled myself because I was fairly full. I ordered a Bloody Mary and sighed as the bartender made it. These humans love to complicate things ….In my world if I would have asked for a Bloody Mary they would have got a virgin named Mary .They'd chill her, drain and serve. I flashed a smile at the waitress and chuckled as she stumbled. I knew the effect I have on humans….especially the women. The door swished open a group of young bloods entered. I bet they must not be over twenty.Gawd….Don't they just babble on and on. The door opened again. I didn't even bother to look back. A draft of cold wind entered with the person. I suddenly tensed. I knew the full bodied woody fragrance of A+ blood topped with hints of cinnamon. I groaned even though it was'nt my favourite blood type and clutched the table. The waitress suddenly became very caring. Sigh. I turned around to look at the girl. She was thin but healthy, her shoulder length black hair sort of screened her face. .I was suddenly curius to see her face. So I turned fully at her. Her head snapped up at me as if she had heard what I had thought. She had doe like eyes lined with black eyeliner. Her face was cat like with a small pointed nose. Her hair was fringed at the borders of her face. Almost perfect. Our eyes met. She shivered and gasped. Those thin pale raspberry kissed lips made a small 'O'. I sharply turned away. Those EYES were so painfully familiar. So did she and gave a half hearted hug to a boy in that group in teenagers…and sat down next to him and clutched the stone around her neck. Her eyes kept flickering constantly at me and so did mine.


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