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The dog and I

Novel By: VocalDragon

*This is fan fiction of an Manga/Anime of the same name*
In present day England, Somya Douglas is a teenage Hanyou, or half-demon, separating from her cold controlling family in order to gain some independence and to be alone. She moves into The Azura Hotel, a secret Hanyou stronghold, where many teenage Hanyou live under their elders protection, hoping to fulfill this wish. However, she doesn't realize her new freedom includes a personal guard, Kyro the fox demon. So devoted to her and left without another option, save returning to her family, Somya enters into a contract binding their lives forever. Though under the protection of the hotel, and the ever vigilant Kyro, Somya begins being hunted by The Akuma, evil demon's seeking their forms. Which only can be permanently gained from devouring a Hanyou's heart. But as Somya's grows stronger binds not only with her peers but with Kyro, she may defeat the darkness blocking her path to the woman she’s always wanted to become. View table of contents...



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Chapter one//The sour taste of freedom.

Time is a burden, this is what I truly believe....
I have a bad habit. Something I've been doing it since I was a young girl, and I can't seem to control it.
"Everyone's excited to see a new face around here, you've got all the young girls talking." The odd looking mover says, commenting on the teens watching from across the street as he unloads another box from the truck.
"Hmph! You should tell these girls you seem to know so well, that I don't wish to be fodder for their empty lives. Now, is it possible can you do your job without all the extra chatter?" I hiss, staring daggers through him.
His plump cheeks drop and begin to redden but, I turn away before he can think of a reply and begin making my way through the gate's of my new home. The Azura Hotel, an apartment complex for the super elite. A place where only the chosen best can live, or at least that's what the public is meant to believe.
I've come here for one specific reason, to be alone. Not that I couldn't get that at home. Many people have lived with me over the years but they've always remained strangers to me, even my own family. The only real attention I'd get was pity, and I don't want anymore of that. But here, perhaps I can truly be alone. It's better for everyone this way.
"Mya! You've arrived. Welcome."
My old neighbor Edward Wriston surprises me from behind, candy bar in hand and still dressed in his sleep wear. Typical.
"Yes I've arrived and thank you. But haven't I told you many, many times before that my name is Somya, not Mya. And even though we have been neighbors in the past, perhaps acquaintances, that doesn't mean you can be so informal with me."
I continue towards the hotel, again not waiting for a response. This is my bad habit. I've never been open with other's, no one has ever shown me how, and at this point I'm too afraid to get hurt if I do. This ignorant insecurity is a habit I've picked up from my father, for when the other children wouldn't play with me because of my family or just plain hating my face. And it's stuck with me ever since. Like a tumor, or herpes.
"This is all you've brought?"
Edward asks, ignoring my words from before he walks past me and holds the door open so I can pull the heavy suitcases through the door. I see he still keeps his hair quite shaggy, it's almost to his neck. He's always been a lazy soul,but I like it, he's not afraid to be himself.
"The movers will do the rest. But don't waste time worrying about me Edward, I can take care of myself, and we're practically strangers."
"Ha! No we're not, actually I remember us spending lots of time together back when we were children. And you don't seem to have changed much, still have that sour patch look about you. Are you still a catty little witch? Do you remember that cute little apology letter you wrote after we had a fight? I still have it somewhere."
I freeze painfully embarrassed and stiffly turn to face him.
"Throw it away, now! I was simply practicing my handwriting, nothing more."
He scoffs and keeps walking alongside me. I had forgotten how resilient Edward was, nothing can really gets to him. Save his mother. She had died back when he was eight and a year later a boy made an ignorant comment about her which caused Edward to break his nose and right cheekbone. I would've never imagined he had such a dark side.
But back to the point, that must be the reason he alone out of all the children we attendant school with still speaks to me. I hope he will remain himself in the future, and maybe once I fix what's broken inside me we can be real friends.
"You still have your tiny chest as well. Not much has changed."
Or not.
Together we get onto the elevator after a long and painfully silent thirty seconds, where I contemplate taking a certain jerk off this planet but ultimately decide against it, and ride up to the fourth floor.
"I'm just below on third so feel free to call on me if you need help with anything, or just need some company, okay?" He says remaining on the elevator, while I get off.
Turning back slightly, I give him a half-assed thank you and remind him not to worry only to receive another scoff and a smirk before the doors close. Maybe I can practice my communication skills on him,or kill him, and then by the time school starts I won't be completely alienated within the first week. Though I highly doubt it.
Stopping at a big white door, with the Roman numeral four above it, I notice a second door at the end of the hallway. I'd expected to have an entire floor to myself, so what is this smaller apartment for? Or better yet, who is it for? Without a second thought I walk over and bang on the door, but I get no answer. I continue a few more times, but nothing. It must be empty, I suppose it doesn't matter then as long as no one moves in.
Once inside my new apartment I smile at the sight of all the space. It's basically a house squished onto one floor, and its all mine. I follow the hallway to the master bedroom that has been already decorated in lime green and redwood like I'd requested. I immediately start unpacking my effects. Posters, books, and such. I'm going to be so happy here, no one to dictate my day's or my choice's. No one to offer their pity to the girl in the corner, I don't need that anymore. I'm going to change, I just need some time.
Then just as I'm setting up my desk a knock sounds at the door. It must be the movers, so I hurry back to the living room and swing it open. But it isn't one of the workers waiting for me on the other side. Instead I find a tall blonde, and mind-blowingly gorgeous, man waiting. He's dressed in black Armani, with a katana at his hip and burning golden eye's that suggest he isn't exactly human. No.....
Before he open his mouth to speak I know who he is, why he's here and who that's smaller apt belongs to. My family has gotten me a damned personal guard.
Suddenly he skillfully drops into one knee and bows his head.
"Miss Douglas, I am Kyro your new gua-" Before he can finish I shut the door in his face.
This can't be! There must be some mistake. I was meant to be alone, and I can't do that with some man constantly shadowing me! Now can I!? Finding the landline, I dial my fathers number in with vigorous resolve.
"You promised father."
"No, you demanded it and then walked away without the answer. You already know our custom, if you want to live out there alone you must have a guardian. Now, unless you intend to come home, that is all that needs to be said on the matter. Sign the contract Somya, and take care. CLICK."
After he hangs up on me, I stand with the phone in my hand for a long time, my brain on pause. Taken back momentarily to the cold rage I've become accustomed to. But then I take a deep breath and slam the phone back on its hook. He's the cold one, I hate him so much, I can't let his venom affect me anymore! I don't need his guardian and if I don't want one, I will not have one. I moved away because I wanted independence and that is exactly what I will have. No contract will be signed today, or EVER!!!
I figure this Kyro person has gone by now, since I so rudely shut the door in his face but I don't care enough to look. Instead I retract my footsteps back to my new bedroom and continue unpacking. I really don't need a babysitter, I never have before. I can't see the point in one now. I can protect myself just fine should the need arise, and besides, no one especially my father has ever cared much for me.
The servants were the only one's asking me about my day, or even tried to get to know me. But that was before I reminded them they were never given the privilege of speaking to me and that there only insects in my eyes. Which I didn't mean, but still said.
I sigh, this communicating thing is going to be much harder than I had originally expected. And now I have to add this B.S. into the mix. Why can't anything be simple? But I suppose after all the hurtful things I've said and done to others, it would be ignorant to think I can just pick up and start being Oprah. My pale skin and grey eyes wouldn't allow it anyway. I giggle to myself, brushing a strand of hair from my face, before realizing that once again I'm laughing alone in my bedroom. So I start to cry. Silently, of course. And I keep crying for what seems like hours, until my chest is heavy and my eyes swollen before I finally just lay down against the plush cream colored carpet and fall asleep.
I wake up sweating, my head cloudy and my mouth dry.The sun has gone and the moon now sets in its place. Another bad dream, the one where I'm stuck in a dark hole and no one cares enough to save me. I've already drove them away with my sour attitude and sharp tongue.
But I it isn't anything new, the nightmare's always come when I'm stressed out, which is quite often, so they've become a normal part of my life at this point. Not that I would love to have a normal nights sleep, but the closest I've ever come to that is when I over took my medicine and lapsed into a small coma.
Slowly I climb off the floor and stretch out my aching back, I don't mind sleeping on the floor at time's but man do I hate the consequences. Huh, I need to stop getting stressed out so easily. Actually, I perhaps should be happy father cared enough to even go through the trouble of finding me a guardian. Its really the most attention than I've gotten from him in months. Maybe he does care, in his own way. Doesn't mean I going to accept this Kyro character into my life. He probably hates me by now anyway, and if not then I'm sure he eventually would if he'd spent even half a day with me. I'm hopeless, a smart mouthed little cow.
In the kitchen, I down a small glass of water and head into the living room.Luckily the rest of my boxes have been left stacked up by the couch. I check the time on my watch, quarter past midnight so the dining room should still be open. Tomorrow I can go food shopping, but the aches in my stomach are telling me I won't make it till then. So I dig though a few boxes of clothes until I find something comfortable to wear, shower quickly and wrap my dark hair into a single braid down my back. Usually I would never leave my room dressed so loosely, but I figure I won't see anyone this late anyway so I should be okay.
I consider unpacking the rest of my things before leaving, I hate to leave a mess laying about, but I decide to just get dinner and bring it back with me. I've never been allowed to do so before but, now that I live alone, I make my own choices. And I can be a little naughty if I want.
"Ah!" I wail as I open the door to Kyro leaning against the wall opposite my front door, patiently waiting. Looking not the least bit tired or even annoyed, more like bored, until he spots me and he expression switches to happiness. Like he's actually thrilled to be seeing me again. Immediately he stands and straightens from his relaxed position against the wall, smooths down his jacket, and bows once more.
I consider slamming the door on him but then think twice, he's been here for so long, I should at least tell him I don't need him. And I fear if I don't he may die out here.
"Miss Douglas. I'm Kyro, your new guardian. I am to oversee your daily life and protect you with my own. I promise to do so with all my strength. My life is yours."
"I don't want it." I command blankly as I turn to close the door behind me.
Kyros head pops up in surprise.
"I don't,I don't understand. Are you saying you don't need me?"
"That's exactly what I'm saying."
His slight smile disappears and his head drops back into place.
"Then," He begins, while slowly unsheathing his sword. A spark of fear lights my heart, but only for a second before he places the sharpened Katana in my hands, "I beg you to dispose of me."
I look down at the blade, something's inscribed in the hilt but in a language I don't recognize, then back to him.
"...You want me to disp- What!?!"


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