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who are you choosing? me or your girlfriend?

Novel By: wild immagination

well .. its my first novel..i wanted to give a try. its about a medical student love story. A teenage girl,Riz crushes a boy who she meets in her own academy. she totally fall for him.. "So handsome....His hair covers those breath taking eyes…. His smoothly slanting nose…. His lips slowly humming a song ……those earrings also seems to be cute in his ears…" but the main problem is she has a boyfriend and the boy has an ex who is hard to forget. What will happen to them ? will he be able to forget his ex girlfriend ? will she stand for him?.....and much more. View table of contents...


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"Class class aaaaaa in this weather??"RIz shouted.

It is november. The chill wind is blowing violently outside their hostel. No one will like to go out but these three girls are forced to get out of their warm bed and let the wind struck on them. the clock is ticking without stop and no matter what they have to go in time , before the teacher enters or else you know...GET OUT!!!!!
they are walking slowly like the rest of the people who can barely walk fast with those heavy clothes, jackets , woolen scarfs up to their chins, hats caps and all, trying to protect thenselves from the cold wind.
Ya, a medical student should work hard.they are in first year, they are trying their best to work hardbut the main problem is the chill and snowy weather which make people to miss their comfortable warm bed.
"Riz!!! stop that. "Dane shouts.Riz extend her arm towards the side table and stop the alarm with half open eyes.
The atmosphere becomes warm ,comfortable , flowers start to bloom ....then suddenly
..what time is it?? NO!!!!!! its 9 and our anatomy class is from 8.15.!!!! Ah !! what the heck..Riz sits straight in the bed with wide open eyes. completely shock.a big mistake is made.
Katlin adds from her bed with her teeth lightly biting her tongue "something's going to happen!!" but no option left with them and they just continue their sleep. At 10.30 am they are getting ready for 2nd period. their hostelis opposite to the academy so they can just return after every class.Everybody is busy, Dane doing her hair which is her most irritating part, Katlin is pulling her legging up to make sure no crump is there, and Riz is choosing her tops, pink or yellow??.
Dane "a message?" with the hairpin in her mouth and hands holding her hair.
Riz runs to the table and"its from Jack."mummer.
Katlin "ah ...your loving boy". Jack is an over romantic guy and Riz dont like his over caring nature. they have been in relationship for about a year but not a deep one.Anyone will know that through common sense.
In anatomy class, they have to pay the price for their comfortable sleep. their teacher in a mocking tone " For some students sunday happens to be more than a day in a week"and she slightly looking at Riz and her friends.They remain their head down.She continues " come on wednesday for extra class".
Dane "i know this.'raising her upper and lower lips. it was usually a mummer but maybe the teacher heard it."what is it Dane?" looking through her glasses."nothing mem , Katlin drop her pen so.." an excuse ofcourse. "whatever. do you listen what i said?" asked believing a negative answer."yes mem" answer Dane. Katlin giggle aside.
They search for their teacher .... to the assistant room .
"excuse me. where can we find madame Natalia?" " check room number 417." "thanks"
Here it is. Carefully they knock the door and their teacher comes out so quickly that the door almost hit Katlin's face. She is in the middle of another class. she ask them to wait for 5 minutes and goes inside the class .As she is going back , suddenly turns back and "We will start the class in few minutes so better prepare yourselves." and goes in.
they are sitting in the hallway waiting, Katlin and Dane is giggling over a joke making funny sounds and Riz is sitting and wandering her eyes in every possible direction. Suddenly..Ahhhh……wat dis????? An angel?????? her eyes stick on him…. So handsome..
.His hair covers those breath taking eyes…. His smoothly slanting nose…. His lips slowly humming a song ……those earrings also seems to be cute in his ears…
The world seems to stop for a moment and Riz sees only him.
" Dane!!! look look!!! hurry. Ah!! today is my lucky day..., he is so handsome , almost like an angel ..."and she jumps in excitement .Barely letting Dane and Katlin hear.
Katlin raise her eyebrows " I don't think he is that handsome." mocking Riz.
And Dane turns to Riz .."well i will tell your boy friend about this ".
And laugh their hearts out. ..."aaaaaahhahhhh....i don't want to listen" Riz complains
and grab her bag and throw to them. Dane moves her head a little bit and escapes from Riz's attack.
Dane exclaims "that's a close one!!".
Katlin hold her laugh and in a little serious tone "by the way what about your boyfriend?"
Riz clarifies "katlin ! it is not what you are thinking. i just said he's handsome not that i want him to be my boyfriend .okay ?? ( moves her lips a little bit in anger ) and there is nothing serious between us you know ( turning the conversation a joke) we are just ....you know and i am thinking of changing a new one."laughs out.Dane give a side look."really?"
"ya " even though that's all a joke an unusual feeling develops inside her. something unexplainable, really different from her experiences. What is it??? But he
is really handsome.if he was my boyfriend i will do anything he wants.He will ask for a ride ..hold my hand sweetly and i will sit on his bike and hold around his waist ....ahh i will ride a bike drive by him!!!!! and....and go for a longdrive ... so romantic!!!!! "
"Girls??" " mem we are comming"hurrily they run following their teacher. Dane wishpering to Katlin's ear ..look . Riz is smilling. Riz seems not to listen or else she will answer something related or out of topic.
"RIZ! "her sweet dreams vanish suddenly with the teacher's call.


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