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I Love that You're in My Life

Novel By: Wingsword

Eighteen-year old shy Alana has never been kissed by a guy, or been in a relationship of any sort. When the popular and cheery Gino starts to show interest in her, she waves it off as it being his character. But after eighteen years of practically no experience with love and relationships, Alana finally starts getting what she’s hoped for. And yet, she still asks herself the questions, “What is love? Is it truly worth it?” just as she had when she was single.
*Just to give a heads up, there is going to be some sexual material as the story progresses. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 9, 2010    Reads: 793    Comments: 36    Likes: 9   

The first day of school, especially college, could be particularly nerve-wracking yet exciting at the same time. For Alana, it started out smoothly enough,which was always a mood lifter for a freshman in college. She'd met her roommate, Stephanie, and they'd hit it off right away. She later discovered that Stephanie had quite a few of the same classes as her. During lunch, the two of them agreed to meet at the Café after school and walk around and shop a bit to take their mind off of homework.

The rest of the day went by very well, putting Alana in an especially good mood. She closed her eyes, inhaling in the cool, fresh air as she walked down one of the many outdoor hallways. She then bumped into something incredibly solid since she wasn't watching where she was going.

Alana grunted slightly as she fell back onto the stone floor on her butt, hard, her books flying out of her hands. Her head had gotten quite a bump too from whatever she ran into.

"Oww..." she rubbed her head as she slowly got up.

"Here you go," said a deep, smooth voice that made a shiver go down her spine. Too embarrassed to look up at whoever was in front of her, Alana plucked the books out of his hands.


She hesitantly looked up. The first thing that held her gaze was his bright blue eyes, that at first glance seemed gentle, but upon closer inspection, looked at her with a mix of amusement and curiosity. She blinked, surprised, as something within her heart seemed to flutter. His thick golden blonde hair reflected the hallway lights as he lowered his head, surveying her. A slow smirk pulled at his full mouth, revealing his charming smile. Alana blushed, her heart beating slightly quicker.

He was very tall, most likely taller than her by at least a foot, and big. There was no doubt that he definitely worked out, considering how nicely the shirt defined his arms, chest and abdomen. He was very fit.

The young man's smile widened, producing dimples near his high cheekbones as he continued to look at her, and she quickly looked away again, her cheeks heating up.

Oh my God.

"Are you going to say something?" he asked, cocking his head at her as he smiled.

What? Why'd he ask that? Oh.

Alana promptly shut her mouth as she realized it was slightly parted. No.

She squeezed her eyes shut as her blush deepened, and shook her head. I wasn't going to say anything!

"Uh..." Alana was finally able to voice what was on her mind. "I'm sorry!" She held up her books in front of her scarlet face as she averted her eyes. "I wasn't watching where I was going... Bye!"

And she ran. The chuckling she heard behind her even as she streaked away from him didn't help.

She'd never felt so abased in her entire life.


"God, that was awful," Alana groaned, panting, as she collapsed onto a chair in the Café where she and Stephanie had agreed to meet after school.

"Why? What happened?"

Alana leaned back against the chair and sighed. "I... uh... ran into a guy. Literally."

She flinched as Stephanie squealed and leaned forward across the table, brown eyes shining. "Oh. My. God. Who was it?"

Alana shrugged. "I dunno. He had blonde hair, and he was really tall. And big. It was actually kind of intimidating, now that I think about it." She unconsciously gazed up at the sky as she said this.

Stephanie's face fell. "There are a lot of blonde guys on campus who are big and tall."

"But I'm not interested in starting anything with him, since I should focus on... Wait, what?"

"I came here a couple weeks before school started to get a scope on the guys that came early," Stephanie grinned slyly. "Awww, that's no fun. Who doesn't love love? 'Cause I know I do!"

Alana laughed. "Oh no. Right now, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that you're my roommate. You are seriously boy-obsessed."

Stephanie winked.

Alana shook her head, chuckling. She stood up. "Come on, you wanted to shop a little to get your mind off homework, right? Let's go. But we have to be back by six. I'm not procrastinating in college."

"Okay!" Stephanie sang.


Outside the Café, the tall and well-built blonde young man nudged one of his friends. The friend turned his head to look at the young man.


"You know who that girl is?" the blonde asked his brown-haired friend.

The friend followed the blonde's gaze across the lawn to the glass walls of the Café, where a rather petite dark-haired girl and a taller brunette opened the doors and made their way across campus.

"The dark-hair?"


"Is that a freshy?" the friend asked the blonde quizzically.

"Yeah, I think so."

The friend rolled his eyes at the blonde.

"Dude, it's the first day of school. Besides, freshies aren't-"

The blonde cut him off. "She's cute."

His friend snickered, before looking back at the retreating figures of Alana and Stephanie. "Yeah..." he said cautiously. "So? You interested?"

The blonde-haired young man grinned. "I guess you could say that."

"Try not to get yourself hurt, Gino."

"I have a feeling this time will be different, Tris. Very different."


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