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Shut It And Kiss Me

Novel By: WiseOwl

Megan Rochester has a normal life, friends, and family. Or so she would like to believe. Her cousin Mike puts her crazy situations no one else would believe, I mean how are others able to say you accidental ate the forbidden fruit or that your cousin is best friends with Alien? And that your in love with the perfect Becky Moon?

Megan will struggle to tell her true feelings to her friend, as their last year of High School is around the corner. While doing that she must dodge her crazy families questions and her cousin Mike's pranks and adventures. While a friend has harbored secret feelings for her as well. View table of contents...



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The sound of a cannon, of some kind goes off and confetti goes flying everywhere! I myself was taken aback by the giant blow. As my cousin the notorious Mike sets it off, sending me flying back. Sprinkles of colorful paper go everywhere. I fall into a bin of party favors that knocks over onto the floor, contents spilling all over the place including myself.

I groan inwardly wondering the damages we would have to pay for as, strange men in suits who were chasing us earlier decided to many people were around and sprinted out of the store. While my cousin Mike wave's goodbye to them and cups his hands to me shouting.

"They finally left! Are you okay!?" His annoying voice wailed at me, that annoying prepubescent voice, because his voice hasn't dropped yet.

I think of all the noogies and headlocks I can put the short boy in, but the freeze when I see a pair of red chucks, that were ripped and dirt like, right next to me. On the top part of the shoes ends, artistic quotes were placed in black marker. I slowly see the person is wearing a lime green pair of sweats and an orange apron tied around their waste.

Oh man! I knew I was in trouble now! Slowly I lift my head up, as the shadowed face of a female employee looks down at me. The person begins to crouch down as their face comes into view.

A hand slowly extends out to me. I look up on my hands and knees in shame. But my face freezes and my cheeks begin to grow warm as the face comes into view.


A soft song like voice giggled to me, as the girl that looks around my age slowly cocks her head to the side and gives me a small sweet smile.

"Hello, my name is Rebecca mam' would you like some help up?"

I slowly reach out my hand to claps her slender paler one, and clutch it tightly as my heart starts to pound in my chest. Green eyes lock onto my brown ones.

"Megan, and thank you." I stutter standing up. I am easily a few inches taller than her. But she seems larger in person to me, as she steps back grinning now. The girl tried hard to hold in her laughter.

"Well Megan, please call me Becky, as that's what I prefer to be called." She suddenly laughs and pulls out red piece of rectangular paper from my hair. Leaning in slightly, I watch her beautiful face show dimples as she grins. Sporting a cute pixie hair cut bangs swooped to the side in a messy fashion as I watch her eyelashes flutter closed in slowly motion again. Those bright green eyes glitter.

"Nice to meet you Becky," my heart was pounding rapidly in my chest.

"Nice to meet you too Megan," she smiles a perfect smile towards me.

And in that instant, I fell in love.

Episode One: I Don't Just Like Her

The class bell rings, a girl with long brown hair that had waves, flowed down like waterfalls just below her shoulders; Collapsed down onto her chair attached to the small brown desk top, that all sorts of scribbled writing on the top of it.

"Man the summer just flew by!" She groaned outwardly, as another sat at the desk in front of her. Her honey nut colored blond hair was pulled back in a stylish ponytail, with curls that bounced at the end. She turned around her slender body in the chair to face the girl complaining. Her midnight blue eyes, locked onto to the girls deep dark brown ones.

"Tell me about it." The blond hair girl spoke as she put a hand over her mouth to cover her yawn.

"Can they just give us the extra day to relax, just a little?" The other girl sighs defeated laying her chin on her desk, eyes closed shut as she whines. "It's not fair!"

The other girl rolls her eyes and the proceeds to knock the girl on her head with an open palm. "Oh quit it you are a grown woman!"

"Ow!" The one who was attacked sits up rubbing her head, swearing she feels a bump of some kind. "Why did you hit me!?"

"Because you're stupid," The other girl says nonchalant, turning sideways in her chair taking out some teen magazine as she flips through it.

The other girl was pouting, still rubbing her head. "You are so mean!"

"Mhmm…." She flips her well-manicured fingers through the magazine, not even looking up towards the wounded girl she attacked.

The bell rings again signaling the five minute warning as other students in what looked to be private school uniforms came flooding into the building. Chattering amongst themselves, as they found their seats.

The little bit between the two girls seems to be forgotten, as they both straighten up in their desk. The teacher comes in with a black notebook for the attendance in his hands. He goes to the front desk of the room and sits down in the chair, dropping the book with a 'flop' as he opened it.

"Albert Alckinson?" He calls out, pen ready in hand, his glasses shining in authority with the classroom lights.

"Here!" A boy shouts.

"Fredrick Blanters?"

"Yo!" An unruly looking boy with died purple hair and a lip piercing, raised up his hand, the Teacher gave him a once over before rolling his eyes to check him off.

"Christina Beckers?" He calls loudly.

"Here!" A girl calls lifting her head up from discreetly texting under the desk.

"Phone away." The teacher says flatly, as she blushes shoving it in her proda bag purse as students giggle at her.

"Synthia Fitzgerald?" He calls out, the girl with the honey nut blond hair, lifts her head up to nod at the teacher who locks eyes with her.

"Present." She says monotone in a bored way she always does. The teacher keeps calling out names, as the other girl with brown hair stares out the window dazing off.

"Megan Rochester?" The teacher calls out and gets no response, some of the students turn to look at her as she dazes off into her daydreams she closes her eyes thinking about a certain green eye beauty.

"Megan Rochester?" The teacher says loudly.

'Oh I love you so much, I feel the same way!' A beautiful voice says as she feels there arms wrapped around each other, leaning in for a kiss.

"Ms. Rochester!" A person shouts, as the beautiful face disappears into her teacher's grim face. She jolts up screaming, falling out of her chair, roaring laughter echo's through the classroom.

"Are you here?" He says as she stands up brushing off the imaginary dirt off her uniform skirt. Sitting back upright in her chair she coughs a few times.

"Yes, yes I am here."

"Good didn't want to lose you," he grunted turning on his heel as he walked off back to the desk, sitting down as the thirty minute homeroom began. Megan shifted in her chair. Synthia turned her head to Megan, twisting her body slightly to make some eye contact.

"You're a dork you know that right," she said under her breathe, as Megan exhaled loudly becoming jello, as she laid her head on her desk.

"Yeah a dork in love…" She mumbled to herself, not noticing that Synthia over heard this and rolled her eyes, but bit down on her thumb with a frustrated look.


Outside in the front quad of the small private school, sat three teens. A boy with giant spectacles, that same kid from class earlier with the unruly purple hair, and Megan who was eating a candy bar while sipping some water idly.

"Come on can you tell me why Synthia has been rejected all my calls?" Fredrick whines, hands clasped together a pleading look in his eyes.

"Beats me, probably because you cheated on her Freddy don't know?" Megan sarcastically replied, biting down on the chocolate bar, Fredrick looked at her and shakes his head.

"I didn't cheat on her, she keeps telling people that. She said she wanted space, I gave it to her! Not my fault that girl made out with me!" He said exasperated throwing his hands up into the air.

"A week of space, doesn't give you permission to do that." She tossed him a sharp look, before standing up and tossing the candy wrapper in the nearby trash can. "Well! I'm off, see you losers later."

The boy with the giant spectacles waved back, before sighing and taking them off to rub them furiously on the hem of his shirt. They constantly kept fogging up. He suddenly felt a smack to the head from his older brother who grunted.

"Come on' squirt lets go." Fredrick grumbled, shoving his hands in his pockets as he stormed off, the other boy in tow following him.

Megan was idly walking the pathway outside to her art class. She was humming a tune as she looked at her schedule. "Man I don't know if taking this art class in the right idea, I mean I'm such a lefty brain." She thought to herself out loud.

"Cuzz!" A voice suddenly bellowed so loudly it boomed across the quad. The voice was crackly a little, when it hit her ears. Megan flinched slowly turning around to see, a lanky boy who was still growing, was waving frantically at her. Suddenly they went in for the attack charging full speed.

Megan flinched even more, turning around and started to run away. "No, no, no! Get away from me! Remember the upperclassmen rules! Upperclassman rules!" She yelled, turning back to the teen boy, waving her hand at him frantically in warning, sprinting away as fast as she could. The boy laughed though and was getting closer, and closer, clipping against her heels with his large feet.


Suddenly Megan collided with the boy, and fell down onto the ground. The boy kept his arms around her. "Meggy!" he shouted jolly, nuzzling himself like cat as he held her. "I missed you so much! I'm so happy to see you!"

Megan laid there, her brows furrowed in annoyance. Her face was solemn, as she felt very embarrassed by the whole spectacle. Students looked at them for a few seconds before going back to their lunch, or heading to class.

Finally she began to growl softly under her breathe, the boy seemed to not notice as he was still snuggling her grinning.

"Mikey…" She said softly.

The boy lifted his head and smiled, bright blue eyes gleaming. "Yeah cuz?"



A knee went straight into his mid gut. The boy flinched making a face, losing his coloring, as it drained away. He rolled off her yowling, clutching his stomach, rolling back and forth on the grass.

Megan stood up and wiped herself down, fixing her skirt as well. She turned back towards him, fury burning in her eyes "Mikey! How many times do I have to tell you, tackling girls to the ground makes you a creep!" Huffing at him, hands on her hips. "This isn't like those Japanese cartoons you watch okay!"

The boy Mikey, slowly sat up, still holding his stomach with his arm, the other rubbing his head. "It is called Anime Meggy… shows how much you know." He retorted, standing back up on his feet.

"I have to get to class, we can talk later and where is your friend?" She asked her cousin, still pretty pissed off. Arms crossed over her chest now.

"Oh for some odd reason he is on one of the school's old clock tower building, waving that giant cell phone around…Says he is trying to talk to his people." Mike said, crossing his arms looking over in the distance where the old clock school tower was.

Megan followed his lead, she stared at the building. It stood tall and unmoving, its red brick walls towering up, to its old green roof slopes. The giant old clock, with roman numerals engraved with metal in the center right under the green tiled roof. The old rust clocks hands, no longer working either. A teenage boy, not older than them was somehow on the roof. His green pale skin and white hair, was gleaming off the sunlight above him. He was waving something in the air shouting gibberish.

"His mom and dad have been frantic. They said he just needs some space probably." Mike said, looking at his friend worried.

"Mhmm yeah, well he can't stay there forever, I need to go art class." She said looking over to Mike, who was staring at her with a weird look.


"You hate art, like with a burning passion what changed suddenly?" He asked still staring at her quizzically.

"Whats it to you? Hobbies change okay!" She huffed before storming off from him. Mike sighed turning back to the old school clock tower and began walking over in that direction, to get his friend for their Economics class.


Megan hated it when Mikey was right, after dealing with that Basic Art class she felt miserable with her last two classes. She never felt more dumb drawing a stick figure her entire life, while one kid just decided he could draw like Picasso.

"I am so going to fail this class." She whined to Synthia as they closed their lockers, Megan leaning back against hers.

"Then just drop the class and take something else. It's not like you need it." Synthia said, throwing her backpack over her shoulders.

"Right I know that, but…" She shuffled her feet a little. "I just thought it might be useful for something is all."

Sythia nodded her head already understanding the unspoken words in those sentences. "I don't think you need to impress her."

"What do you know?" Megan responded, as they walked out the school's front doors.

"I just think that's all, you shouldn't have to impress someone you just like." She said flatly, pulling out a pack of cheap brand cigarettes and putting one in her mouth.

Megan scrunched her nose up in a distasteful matter when she saw what happened. "I hate those."

"Sucks to suck." Synthia retorted.

Megan shook her head side to side walking away from her, onto the main sidewalk towards her house. At the end of the corner, a girl was waiting. She wasn't in a private school uniform. But normal lose blue jeans and a tight red T-shirt. Those familiar red chucks, with the artistic quotes written all over in black sharpie, rested on their feet. The girl turned and locked her green eyes with Megan's. A huge smile went across her face as she lifted a hand up to wave rapidly back and forth to her. Megan smiled and waved back running to her.

'I don't just like her,' Megan thought matter of fact, the girl smiled widely with her cute grin.

"How was your first day Megan?" She asked, as they started walking down the road towards her house.

"It was okay, yours starts next week right at the public school up the road?" She asked the girl who nodded. "How do you feel about our final year Becky?" She grinned at her, poking into her side. The smaller girl yelped and shot her a mock glare, but grinned at her. Eyes sparkling brightly, Megan hoped she was hiding the blush on her face.

"I am excited, this year is going to be different I can feel it." Becky said clasping her hands behind her back, looking upwards towards the sky.

Megan stared at her in awe, just the way she talked and moved. The charming personality that came off of her sometimes stopped Meg in her tracks.

'I love her,' Megan thought, as they continued walking and chatting away. 'I definitely love her.'

(Happy Valentines Day! This the introducing to my Anime Light Novel styled, Romance/Humor novel :D! I do hop you enjoy, writing such dark stuff. I thought it would be fair to right just a nice light comedy romance, with a touch of drama and silly. Hope you all enjoy. :)!)


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