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Pretty things that go BOOM!

Novel By: witch fang

Bethany is an ordinary girl with an obsession for explosives. No one gets her and she's avoided at school as the "geeky weirdo chic". All that changes when the hot new transfer student arrives, but bethany's convinced. What's with this guy? And why does he wanna hang out with the dork? Is there more to him than I thought? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 11, 2008    Reads: 271    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

If you were to ask a girl, any teenage girl in the orange county state of america, what they liked most, they'd probably have a list like this. Shoes

Hand bags

Cute toys and cute boy toys

Bunny rabbits

Free clothes


Ponies..:D zomg! Ponies! etcetera etcetera. Ask me, and you'll get things like



Gun powder

Guyfawx,( the firecrackers, not the guy)

Free food and solitude. All my life I've been treated like a freak because of my obsesion with explosives. I remeber, it was my first day of kindergarten and I was expelled for tyeing a few harmless wizz-poppers in Suzie marshalls hair. It was totally harmless and I hear her hair has grown out nicely and she's dealing well with the current therapy and antipsychosis meds. Way to go Suzie! Ever since then, things have been rough. I get tripped on my way to classes and pushed down the stairs. My things are being constantly stolen and or either thrown in high places and filled with a gross mucusy substance. It sucks, but wwhat am I going to do? I'm small at five foot six, with long brown hair the same colour as my eyes. I'm tan and slightly freckled, though not enough to be noticed from afar. I'm thin, with narrow shoulders and in a match between me and the toaster, I'd lose. I'd tell the teachers or the principle if I thought they could do anything. But the kids parents that go to my school, are all to hooked up. Untouchable. So I sit, I wait. I suffer in silence. It's only four years, I tell myself. Oly four long dam,n years! The day the new transfer student came was also the day I broke all my rules. Got my first kiss, and also the first day I punched some one in the face. It was a sunny day. Mom had packed my lunch, PB and J sandwiches with the crusts cut off. An apple and a can of coke. "BEth! Your riends here!" Mom called from the kitchen. I ran down stairs, mouth still full with cocoa pops and skidded to a halt. Right in front of Anthony, the tormentor. Anthony is rule number one, in my book of how to survive orange county prep. Rule one: Anthony is evil. Dont listen to him, dont trust him, do what he saiz and what ever you do, DONT LIKE HIM! "OKay mom" I say waving good bye and shutting the front door behind me. "Bye, missus Strewarts. Say hellto Tim for me!" Anthony's mother and my mother have been college buddies, pen pals and then actual friends for fifteen years. Thanks to that, Anthony has walked me to and from school for as long as I can remember. Dosn't matter that at school, he's a total bully and forces ME to do ll his work. He's gorgeus. HE's smart. Athletic, and my father, Tim, loves him. CAn we say unfair?

School. Skewl. Skool. No matter how you spell it, it sux. I sit in the back and try to keep my head down. I'm no good at school work and most of my books are filled with doodles of explosions. I was doing one rather good co2 explosion when some thing the teacher said caught my attention. "We have a new student here. Master, ah- "

"Alexander ravenrite." I looked up. He was tall, and wore the newest from the "Strife" collection. A loose white top with an upturned collar and a long slit down the front. HE wore 3/4 jeans and a black belt with an interesting buckle. It was a silver skull with the words "knight Strife" beneath it. It took me a while to figure out that while I wa staring at him, he was staring at me with the most beautifull violet eyes. Weighed down witht the most gorgeosly long eyelashes. Unlike most girls who met his gaze, I refused to back down. IfI had one flaw, and I have many so scratch that last sentence. It's being stubborn. He looked away first and that's when I noticed his hair. NOt just blonde, or boyish white, but silver. Real honest to goodness silver. "Could I have a volunteer to show him around. Instantly, every girls in the class's hand went up along with a few of the boys. He didn't notcie, he was to busy trying not to look at me. Suddenly the teachers eyes went a strange filmy colour and she spoke, "Master Alexander will be escorted by miss Bethany Stewarts." I groaned and every one looked at me, astonished. Rule two: Dont draw attention to your self.

"Do I have to, miss?" Rule three: Dont talk. I could hear their jaws all hitting the ground. And Alex was laughing, for some strange reason. "She's hiullarious!" Alex said wiping away one gorgeous tear. And then quietly, while not looking at me-"She's mine."

So I was suck with im. I tried to be quiet and just ditch him but some how he kept on finding me. "What the gosh, man? How can you keep on finding me?"

"You have a unique scent. It's easy to follow." I growled a little and went back to my scribblings. I dont smell! HOw dare you say I smell!It was lunch and I was sitting in the court yard, underneath the trees. It was shady and secluded and my faveroute place. "that's good. What is it? An explosion?" I hid my paper and glared at him. That's when he kissed me. Full on the mouth! I allways pictiured my first kiss to be with some mature older guy, at the park or on the lake. THIS< was a far cry from my perfect dream. He tasted sweet and seductive and I couldn't hel[melting into him.So wha to do? I let him have it of course. I punched him straight in the mouth,and ran a away, but I heard his laughter close behind me. Finally giving in to my fourth and final rule, I pulled ouut the fire works I keep in my pocket for after school, lit them with my disposable lighter and threw them back at his feet. They flashed red and green and he faltered, for a second. Just enough time for me to skid around the corner. Stupid, annoying guy. I hope I never see him again! And then I remebered, tomorow was tuesday and I still had tour guide duty.


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