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The fiendish bunny prince and the reluctant princess

Novel By: witch fang

Danni is a total tomboy, who's just turned nineteen. To celebrate she goes to a concert with her friends but ends up baby sitting this cute loli con guy, five years her juinior who- attacks her in the middle of the night!? WTF?! View table of contents...


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The live band wasn't all that but it was amazing any way. The dance floor swam with techno colours and sensual hues of violet and blue. The deep bass filled the air with a heart beat rhythm. BOM!BOOM!BOOM! I leaned on a wall and stared out over my dark shades. I'll tell you what I looked like, in case I forget later on. Tall, dark haired, dressed all in black. I'm incredibly handsome and athletic and, oh, did I mention? A GIRL! Yes. It's incredibly sad, but yes. And before you ask, no! I am not gay!As contrary as it appears, Ilike guys.The rhythm of the music combined with the beat of my heart and the colours around me, made an awkward girl like me, feel even more awkward. "Danni!" One of my friends, Raina said gliding towards me. The silk gauze blue holter neck she wore looked great over her tight fitting jeans and black heels. She wore her dark hair in ringlets and only a little make up to esentuate the soft curves of her face.

"So? Hows the party?" I couldn't tell her I was bored out of my mind, she was having way to much fun.

"Fine." Ilied.

"Fine? C'mon let's dance!" She said tugging me towards the dace floor. I have perfect hand eye co-ordination. That's not my problem. My problem is that I get nervous easy and I dont like big crowds. I never learnt to flirt , I'm shy and I have a very low tolerance for rude people. II'm clumsy when flustered and I- "I dont dance, Raina." I said pulling away. Which is really more like problems, instead of, you know, a singular fault in me. Yeah, I may be insecure but I'm down with plurals.

"Aw! You're shy, that's so cute!"

"Stop it. Look., I'll go get you another drink."

"Nah, that's what I have all these boys for. Danni?" But I was moving allready. Out of theneon lit club areaand into the mono tone of a regular bar with regualr people and regular music. Barbera, the bar keeper looked at me and smiled. "What'll it be, tonight babe?" Ever since my parents died and Rainas familly took me in, my moms frien, Barb, has been looking after me. "double martini on the rocks and a fruit spritser please."

"Raina with you?" I pointed to a short flight of stairs I had just come down. The door and bouncer in front of it were both painted red, heavy set and not to be messed with. You got through that door becuase you were soombody or knew somebody. I was a person who knew sombody. "Busy night tonight." I said conversaionally, before slipping out. I was on my way towards the red door, drinks in hand, when I noticed some one tugging on my slleve. I turned around instantly and was caught by a pair of the most beautifull, stunning blue eyes. They were amazing. Like the colour of the ocean, ever changing, or the colour of the dawn. Glimpsed maybe, what? Once in a lifetime. maybe. "Miss?" I stumbled back into reality, spilling my fruit spritser down my shirt. "Oops. I'm sorry miss."

"Hey that's all right kid." I said lookingdown and smiling. I realised if I didn't look him straight in the eyes I could focus on his face while not being stunned into idiocricy. He was young, maybe fourteen? Five foot six so shorter than my five foot eight by a bit. He had dark black hair that fell straight, to his neck but slanted a little in the fringe. His lips were posed in a sensual pout and his skin was alabaster. He wore black pants and a cute black shirt. "No, I'm sorry miss. Here." He handed me a napkin. "Um...okay", Isaid staring. Magical producer of napkins."Here, are you lost?"

He said some thing I didn't cathch.

"C'mon," I said, taking his slender hand in mind. "I can't hear you above this noise. I took him towards th eback door. Out side, i set the drinks down and pulled off my black jersey, so I stood there in my track singlet.

"Wow,miss. You're tan." He said, looking at his own white skin.

"Well, uh, yeah. I run track and play sports at school so-uh? Hey kid you never told me what you were doing in there."

"Oh?" He loked down a little sadly. "My mother brought me here and told me to find work."

"Work?" I said, my eyebrows drawing together. "What do you do?"

HE gasped and blushed a little. "i-uh...help people, feel? Um....pleasure.." I was horrified., The poor boy!

"So, where's your mom now?" I said with sadness and a slow building rage.

"Um, I don't know. She left mehere to learn how to live off the streets. She said I was becoming to complacent." That bitch! That fucking little slut! I'll kill her and drag her kicking and screamiung to the gates of hell if I have too!

"Oh, you poor boy. Wait here! I'll be right back." At that moment I felt so damn mad. I charged back into the bar.

"Barb I'm leaving kay? Tell Raina."

"Hey kid, what's the hurry?"

"There's this little boy and he has nowhere to go."

"A little- Dan, think this through. He could be dangerous-"

"He's only small.. Besides if his mom comes back for him...JUst tell Raina kay?"

"Okay babe and here." She said handing me a few packets of nuts and lollies. "Take these to the kid. Make sure he eats."

We walked to the hotel hand in hand. The city was dangerous for a kid on his own. I had no worries. I wa sat least trained in some martial arts, and had a can of mace on me. As we walked we talked, as you od. And I found out that though he may be young, he was actually really smart. We talked about everything. from faveroute pizza toppings to who we love more, maori, americanindians or eskinoes. And all the time Ikeppt getting distracted by the kids eyes. I'd be half way through a sentence when I'd just look at them and stop. "Miss, miss?" He tugged at my wrist. "Are you okay, you keep doing that?"

"Oh, sorry. MY names Danniele by the way. And yeah, uh, it's our eyes. Their...amazing." HE looked down and scuffed his feet for a while as we walked.

"I dont think I'm amazing."He said, at last. "Every one who says they love me only uses me. They praise me for my sins and worship my appearance as if being small and weak was a good thing."HE ended choking on the last syllabyle. I turned him towards meand bent down so I could look into those mesmerising eyes. "Akira, thos people your mum let use you, they're not all the world has to offer. Out there, there are people who will ove you. Not for your looks, but for who you are. And you're not weak. You were willing to live on the streets. I've never met a braver kid." Ihugged him to me. i dont kno why. And felt him sugh against me in relief. After, we continued on towards the hotel.

Me and Raina and a small group of our friensds were all staying at the same hotel over the weekend. "You can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the couch." I said making the bed for him. "There all-" I stopped as Iheard him approach. "Um...hey. You never told me your name?"

"It's Akira." He said walikng out of the shower, a towel around his waist. I turned away so he would't see me blush. It seems that under that shirt, Akira has a pretty impressive six pack. NO! Dont get distracted. You are not a pedophile! I felt some one watching me and turned to see Akira standing maybe a fingers breadth away from me. "What cha doing?" Okay, we have offically crossed the border of awkwardness. "Um- I'll just get us some food. I think, yeah." As I tunred to walk away he grasped me firmly bt the wrist and tore me down so I landed back down on the matress. HE leaned over me, sliding my left hand up with my other hand and pinning them above my head. "A-akira?" My voice wavered as he grinned evily. I tried to squirm out of his grasp but he held me still and pressed his lips to mine. HE felt soft, to soft to be a normal boy. And gentle. When he pulled away his eyes sparkled with predatory lust."I dont want to sleep alone tonight."

"Then I-" repositioning his grip so he could puin me with one hand and press his finger to my lips, he shushed.

"Tonight I want to give myself to some one who might learn to love me." My heart pounded in my ears as he kisses me again and all though he was gentle, I couldn't help thinking. JAil. Pedophilism. Sexual assault. THe jury rules in favour of Akira.HEll. Eternal damnation.

"No!" I said kicking him off with my legs. HE fell off the bed and I crawled to the top, breathing hard despite being a tracker. "You-you stay away from me!" I said holding my shoulders so I'd stop shaking. He just smiled and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Daniele, Do you know what I thought when I saw you tonight? You were standing all by your self and I thought, "Wow. She's really beautifull. So strong and confident."

"BUt then that girl asked you to dance and you acted so shy. So fragile."

"And when you walked me here, you opened up to me with such compassion. I've never let any one hold me and I relaised it felt good. That I wanted to be held, not just by any one though. YOu said some where out there was some one who could love me. I want that soem one to be you"


"PLease Danni, I know this may seem starnge. BUt if it's just my age, let me show you how mature Iam. If it's that you dont know me very well, I'll let you know me in th emost intamite way a person can."

No! No! This is moving way to fast! "Stop! Pleae!"

"I cant." He said crawling towards me.

"I uh- wait! I need to go-" I looked around frantically. THe door was locked so what did that leave me? "I -uh- " Think Daniele, think! "I need to go to to the bathroom. To uh-" I looked down at my damp shirt.

"Get unchanged!"

I heard him laugh. "Okay. I'll be waiting." Again those same words. JAil. HEll. Eternal damnation. I ran to the bathroom and locked it behind me. I pulled the window open and looked down. Two stories, shooo... okay. I jumped.

I didn't go back. I ended up staying at Barbs. "Hey, kid. You look a little spoked. Are you sure nothing happened?' You mean apart from allmost being raped by a minor? "No."

School. Raina found me eating by myself in the court yard. "Hey! What happened at the party!?"

"I uh-" Giggle giggle.. Huh? "Oh sorry. It's just the new middle shool boy."

"Middle school boy?" Did I mention that my school is a merger between high school, middle school and university?

"Ya!" RAina said baming me a hundred watt smile. "What's his name?" RAina turned around. "C'mon! Dont be shy!" OH MY GOD! "Daniele, this is Akira. Isn't he just the cutest?" and again, OH MY GOD!


"NIce to meet you, Daniele. Please take care of me."


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