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Falling For The Enemy... (Novel)

Novel By: Wolf Runner

Fang is a Vampire. Un-dead. After living with a clan of vampires, he’s finally gotten some peace by living with his brother, Xavier. But he’s rethinking his choices. Being with humans is making him hungry, even if he is a Non-Human-Drinker.

And then there’s Sam. She’s beautiful, amazing, and has a great personality. Except. like Fang, she’s holding secrets. Sam is a Creature Hunter. She has been training to fight creatures since she was 7, and now, from the kindness of her father, she has been given her Mission.

Sam's Mission is to get information about Fang, and his family. But Sam’s father is holding a secret that he doesn’t want her to know, and as she gets to know Fang, she starts to fall in love, and the feelings she feels for Fang may get her fired…or worse, killed… View table of contents...



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Chapter One

Fang Carter didn't know where he was going. All he knew is that he needed to start a new life. To start fresh. He wasn't sad, even though he just left his grandparents. He had been with them since he was 5, after his parents were murdered.

It was 8:30 PM. He had been driving for over 8 hours, and was getting tired. Usually, vampires didn't get tired. But after leaving his vampire clan, it was very tiring being in with the humans. He didn't want to chomp on a human's neck. He never wanted that. But being around every human's scent after living with a clan of vampires…It just made him drowsy.

He barely remembered what had happened 8 hours ago. When his grandmother had tried to stop him from leaving. But he knew he couldn't stay. Being with vampires-a whole clan of them-made him remember his parents. And that suffocated him.

Now, he was going to live with his brother, Xavier. Xavier had left their grandparents when he was 15. Now, he was 18, and when Fang asked to come live with him, he instantly said yes.

Fang's watch flashed 9:00 PM, and he sighed. He drove a bit faster, but when he yawned, he knew he had to stop. But he didn't. He saw the sign that led to where he was going, and he smiled to himself.

Welcome to Greenwoods!

Where it's green everyday!

Fang grabbed his phone, and dialled his brother's number. Xavier didn't pick up until the fourth ring.

"'Ello?" said a voice that sounded tired and drowsy.

"Xavier?" Fang asked.

"Fang." Xavier said, sounding like he just woke up. Probably did. Fang thought, rolling his eyes.

"You nearly here?" Xavier asked. Fang could hear him rubbing his eyes. He turned a corner and came to a line of houses. He remembered the address in his head. 31 Green Road. Fang saw the sign on the left side of the road. Green Road. Then he saw a big white house with the number 31.

"I am already here." Fang said, pulling up into the driveway.

Fang heard Xavier quickly jump out of bed. He chuckled silently. Your always running late Xavier. And that's what we all love about you. Fang thought to himself.

"I'll be right down." Xavier said gruffly, then hung up. Fang cut the engine, and grabbed his duffel bag that sat next to him. He got out of the car and slammed the door shut.

Xavier came out through the front door. Fang hardly noticed him. It had been too long. Fang took in Xavier's looks. He had changed his whole look since the last time Fang saw Xavier. He was trying to keep a low profile, and Fang didn't mind.

Xavier had straight blonde hair, and golden highlights seeped though. His eyes were a golden brown that shone in the moonlight. His skin was a pale colour, but not a sick pale, and his cheeks were a rosy pink.

Fang walked to Xavier, and for a moment, they just stood there, taking in the moment. And then they embraced. Xavier patted Fang back in a manly gesture.

"It's been too long, bro." Fang said, smiling.

"Yeah. Too long." Xavier replied, chuckling.

The brothers stepped out from the hug, and Xavier let Fang into the house. Fang dropped his duffel bag at the door and took into the house's features. It was a nice and cosy house. With wooden floor boards, and milky white walls. All of the rooms were conjoined, and there were wooden stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

"Go explore. Then we'll talk." Xavier said, smiling. Fang nodded, and walked upstairs.

"Your room is on the left." Xavier called out.

"Thanks." Fang replied, as he walked down the hall to his new room. He opened the door and was greeted with a king-sized bed. There were windows on the other side of the room, and the curtains that hung from them were silk.

"Wow." Fang breathed. He walked to the bathroom that was joined with the bedroom. It was a small bathroom, but it was stylish, with white tiled walls, and shiny tiled floors. Fang walked to the mirror, and looked at himself. He looked tired, and he took in his own looks.

Fangs hair was coal-black, and his side-fringe crossed over his forehead and covered his left eye. His eyes looked tired, but they were a bright milky chocolate colour, that were flecked with gold. His skin was pale from the driving, but he was surprised to see he was starting to tan.

Fang walked out of the bathroom after throwing water over his face, and walked downstairs. Xavier was waiting in the lounge room. He was playing video games. Fang knew what it was the he was playing. Grand Theft Auto? Xavier paused the game and looked up at Fang. He smiled.

"How are you?" Xavier asked.

"Fine. I'm glad to be out of that suffocating place." Fang replied, sitting on the lounge that was next to the one Xavier was sprawled out on. Xavier smiled faintly, but worry flashed in his eyes.

"So tell me what I missed, Lil' Bro."

Fang held his breath for a second, trying to remember what had happened during the past couple of years. And then, he let go of his breath, and told Xavier everything that has happened…


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