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Novel By: wolfgurl15

Destiny Banks had evrything she wanted at sixteen A home, a boyfriend and a daughter. That was until her boyfriend died. Now twenty she returns to the place she grew up with her daughter metting up with old friends and a lost love. View table of contents...


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The trees were going by fast from the train's window. I could see my reflection in the window, I'm pretty but I'm not exactly hot, I have long red hair paired with bright green eyes. Anyway, I had to go to my aunt Kayla's house for summer ok I didn't have to but it was either this or going to New York city, that's another thing about me I hate big cities I feel more like myself when I'm in small towns "mama" I looked down at my 5-year old daughter, Emma . Yes, I am a 20 year old mother. She had the brightest blue eyes from her father and she had my hair color but a little darker, she looked like a tiny fairy "what's wrong, sweetheart" I asked her. She yawned and said "I'm tired" I got her pink blanket and fixed her to were her head was on my lap and her legs were stretched out on the empty seats "take a nap and I'll wake you up when we get there" she nodded her little head and shut her eyes. I watched as the trees passed by us. 4 hours later I woke Emma up and handed Emma her tiny suitcase to roll while I grabbed my bags. We walked out into the little country town where I grew up in. We sat down on a bench for a few minutes before I heard someone yell my name "DESTINY" I recognized the voice immediately as my best friend and my cousin, Isabelle. "Come on, Emma" I said and we walked to be the voice came from, I expected it just to be two people picking me up but no, there were 3 people, Isabelle, Mason, Taylor, and my aunt "is this…" Isabelle asked looking at Emma, I nodded my head. Isabelle was the only one of my friends who knew about Emma "Destiny, who is this" Daley nodded at Emma, I took a deep breath and said "guys, this is Emma….My daughter" Mason, and Taylor looked at me surprised "Emma, these are my old friends" Emma looked at them all, her gaze lingered on my aunt and as I was getting worried she smiled "hi" Taylor smiled and Mason was staring at me with a weird look on his face. "So...can we go now" I asked them. We made our way to the car and left the train station.

We pulled up to the mansion I've known all my life "how's your mother doing sweetie" Aunt Kayla asked me "happy and sad" I told her. "I was wondering if you wanted me to get the whole gang together tonight and we could introduce Emma to them" Isabelle said to me I nodded my head and looked over at Emma who was staring at the house in awe "Emma, would you like to meet some friends of mine" I asked her. She turned her head to look at me and said "if it's ok with you mommy" I laughed and said "it's ok darling". We got out of the car and Mason and Taylor got out of Mason's car, the door of the mansion slammed close and my uncle and one person in my family who didn't know about Emma. My older brother who was 3 years older than me. I grabbed Emma to me tightly. I was mad. Don't think Ryan did anything bad to me, he was always the one that was calm and he was the one I could talk to anyone about but, when I found out I was pregnant I was sad and I didn't tell him and when Ryan went to collage he didn't come home any more "what are you doing here" that was all I could say to him "who is this" he asked. I looked down at Emma and said "this is my daughter, Emma" Ryan was staring at Emma and he smiled at her and she smiled back "this is my niece" he asked looking at me. I nodded my head and watched as Emma untangled herself from me and walk slowly to Ryan. She stopped a couple of steps away from him "you're my uncle" she said to him. Emma knew who Ryan was since I had pictures of him and I would tell her stories. I could feel tears rising to my eyes. Ryan nodded his head and Emma took 3 simple steps and hugged Ryan "let's go inside and talk" Aunt Kayla suggested. Emma let go of Ryan and ran to me "momma, I want to meet your friends" Emma said to me. I looked down at her and smiled "of course baby girl. How about we go to the mall here and we go look for you a pretty shirt and shoes?" Emma smiled her best smile and nodded her head "can uncle Ryan come?" Ryan stared at me and said in a soft voice "I think I can" I smiled "come on let's get your stuff out of the car" My Uncle Sam told me. After we got Emma's and my stuff out and got settled in our rooms Ryan, Emma, and me were on our way to the mall.


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