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It May be "WE" And It May Not be

Novel By: writing geniuses

Zilia Ravies is the rockstar of her high school. She has each and everything a sixteen year old girl would die for: pretty looks, go-to-hell attitude, straight A-grades, queues of guys longing to date and of course, a rare perfection at everything she touches.
But she is not the only prominent figure of the school.
Bruce Holland, the guitar guy of the school shares every quality with her including a group of gangster sort guys, always the wanted ones.
The problem comes when they have to sit together for the Biology project, not that they can’t do it, but because they can’t do it together.
Contradicting to many kids’ opinions in the school, they never have looked eye to eye.
Infact, far from being friends, all they are trying to do is to show the other one down.
Will one of them lose in this deadly war?
Or will this bomb blast battle turn into a heart stricken love?
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I looked up at the slowly brightening sky. The first thing that caught my sight was the beautiful tinge in the colour of violet, orarnge, blue and pink as my eyes stared reverently.

I was only one alive there apart from a couple of animals and insects. Very slowly, as if afraid to face what I should, I walked on until I reached the place I had been looking for.

The tombstone looked blankly back at me as I sat down to touch the two most familiar words I had ever thought of.

"Juliette Ravies", engraved in blue, her favourite colour.

It was my mother's grave. I put down the almost forgotten roses in my hand and took in the air of deadness. It was like being here at this very moment, you realize you're dead. Or someone inside you, is, at least.

I was unnerved by the peace and calm there. My eyes darted here and there for the appearance of some angel, something reverent. Religious.


If there is something in the whole world that makes me feel that once dead, you're nothing, it's this cemetery.

I gazed at the trees far in distance, trying to ask them how they bore this place, the quiet. My hands were frozen, no doubt about that, but I could not break my habit of coming here, even if it's mid winter.

And that's when a flash of bright green eyes startled me.

I widened my eyes, trying to find them again, but they had disappeared. I looked everywhere, even walked myself to that place to see where they were. But they were gone….



I snickered as Darius tried to imitate the awful screeching voice of Zabrina. I mean I know it's bad to laugh at someone like that, but when it's Zabrina, you just can't stop yourself.

She's well known for torturing everybody in school, really.

I sighed.

So much for being that freaky ugly.

You won't believe it, she even tried to boss me around. Idiot.

As if somebody could do that.

As if Zilia Ravies, the rockstar, could be controlled.

"Don't!", I whispered breathlessly to Darius as Sir Hades turned back to look curiously at me.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of hellboy", he whispered back, referring to the brilliant nickname of Sir Hades. You know Hades? The Greek God? The messenger?

Ah, well.

That suits him well, at least.

I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not", I muttered angrily.

He chuckled.


And then, the deafening sound of Zabrina filled the whole class.

Hellboy looked up from his book again (a feat that is rarely carried out after we've been assigned something), looking startled and unnerved.

I almost pitited him until I realized what a whole lot of homework he'd given us.

Then, of course, refrained from the act happily.

"What is it Kilmton?", he asked warily, referring to Zabrina's surname.

"It's a cockroach!", screamed Zabrina in reply.

The next thing I saw was the rest of the girls screaming and running, some standing on chairs , still shouting (As if they will be attacked by cockroach there) and the others crashing, after bumping into each other.

I glanced sympathetically at Hellboy. Man, if he had looked startled before, I guess he looked dead now.

I shook my head as Darius laughed.

Finally, it was time for me to take over.

"SHUT UUUUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!", my voice was loud enough to be heard over the silly screeches and contained a decisive element of authority.

Everyone craned their necks to stare at me with those X-raying eyes.

I gestured towards my lips, telling everyone to be silent as I took small footsteps towards Zabrina's chair.

The poor brown thing was still, probably too frightened to move.

Silence stung the atmosphere.

"If anyone makes a sound, a single sound, this cockroach is gonna be crawling on their back before they know it", I warned in a low voice as I bent my knees to pick it up.

But someone else's hands reached it seconds before mine. Stunned, I straightened up just in time to see that awful Holland throw the poor cockroach out of the window sill.

A sigh of relief ran through the class as I glared stonily at him.

He shrugged like saying

"You should be grateful" as I tried to get my anger under control.

I guess no one else would find such a situation to be maddening but I do.

Because I know the true reason why he did that. The only wise one.

Just to show me that I wasn't the only one not afraid of that thing in the class.

Before Hellboy could say a word, the bell rang through the school, hinting the end of Biology period.

After giving a final glare to Holland, I finally strode away to my seat where I found Darius snickering again.

So much for a biology period, I thought, as we picked up our books.

Sure enough, Darius calmed me down over the recess pointing out that I would've to wash my hands if Holland hadn't done that and that surely would've meant a loss of 5 minutes. Then he predicted that Holland hadn't washed his hands and nearly made me go sick.

That guy is gross.

Usually, I'm overflowed by requests of "having lunch with you" and that sort of thing, but I was pleased to see that no one bothered me today as they were all gathered around Bruce to get the second-by-second detail of the cockroach incident.

Zabrina needn't have practically took the whole class down, you know, she could've just moved away from that seat or squashed down the insect.

But of course, knowing her, she probably brought that thing in a jar to school just to get attention.

My cell buzzed indignantly, hinting that a text message had come.

I flipped it open and these words caught my attention

"I guess you're angry with me for killing your family member"

message by Bruce.

I stared at him across the gathering.

How the hell did he get my number?

But that wasn't the astonishing thing. Nearly half of the school has my number.

I stuck out my tongue at him suddenly, catching him by surprise.

And then, returned my hands back to the lunch, satisfying myself with the thought of him being sick because of eating with those "cockroach infected hands".


I can be really insane sometimes.


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