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The Mirror Of the Eyes

Novel By: writing geniuses

Demi is not looking for any romantic experiments right now, not until she's finished high school anyway. But as she finds herself attracted towards a hot new guy named Eric who is immensely rich too. After a recent break up and promise never to get so close to a guy, Demi still finds it hard to resist the lovely temptation of looking at her reflection in the charming Eric's bright blue eyes. Would she end up heartbroken again and may eventually fail her promise as well as exams? View table of contents...


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I used to think that anything can be changed in this world, but ever since I met Eric Ronaldo, I realised that there's still on inevitable thing you can never change no matter how much you try. Being what you are, is something that can neither be contrasted nor compared, because it is in your DNA. Eric changed my entire life, a bit positively and a bit negatively, but I know, if I could take back all the things we've done together, I'd never do it. We weren't meant to be. But mean to be together, forvever, that is, if tomorrow ever comes.


Monday never did seem good to me, seeing that the lightening weekend was past and the whole week seemed to be looming ahead of me like some "blair witch project" but I still managed a smile as I made my way to my class. The clouds appeared to be hovering over the once blue sky and it did not seem we'll enjoy much sunshine today. Typically, I love rain and of course the clouds. I began to form plans to bring back my lost interest in school. Song writing with Chris today evening, party planning in Mr. Arnold's period, deciding the editing of school magazine with Percy in recess....and so the list went on until I found myself facing the brown door of my class. Sighing, I kicked it open with my foot as usual.

I chuckled as all the girls turned to look at me (as usual, I added to myself eyeing their heavily make uped faces) and slumped my bag into the nearest chair I saw.

"Hey! Demi!", My best friend Natalie, was already making her way to me pushing the girls aside.

"Hey!", I said cheerily as I straightened up.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the girls of my glass go into an excited gossip once again (as usual again).

"What's that about?", I asked raising on eyebrow at them.

"A new guy", chuckled Natalie, eyeing the girls rather disgustedly.

"Undoubtedly", I replied, certainly not surprised. Though I couldn't help myself feeling a little disgusted. Who would like to discuss stupid guys on a Monday morning when the weather seemed so awesome?

"Yeah. So? Fancy a walk in ground?", said Natalie, her lovely blonde hair tossing as she turned her head towards me back again.

"Uh, yeah", I said.

So we went out of the class and in a minute's walk, found ourselves beside the grounds. I hadn't even noticed where we were going since I was busy making out shapes in clouds but I guess it's an old beaten path.

Natalie grinned as I pointed out a rather big grey cloud saying it closely resembled the giant of a French teacher we'd got.

"Yeah, especially when he wears that 17th old century grey coat", said Natalie wrinkling her nose as if the thought smelled.

"I wonder if he's ever washed", I replied, conjuring up a picture of our teacher in that coat. Yep, he never did wash it.

"You can't expect him to, he's unmarried", explained Natalie as I whiffed in the fresh smell of grass with morning dew. Lovely.

Just as I was thinking this, I saw a hot guy in blue shirt pass by surrounded by a group of guys all of whom seemed to be wearing black jackets and blue shirts. Despite of myself, I couldn't help thinking that the lead guy looked rather......cute.

"There they go", I said as the guys went past us, ignoring each and everyone around them, strutting like it was their own land.

"Ah, I can't help hoping one of them would ask me ", admitted Natalie rather foolishly. Those ten guys were the coolest 17 year old group in the whole school. They always wore identical clothes and I always wondered if any of them had a girlfriend. Not that I want to be, I added rather hastily.

"Poor you", I laughed sympathetically ( I couldn't decide who I'm laughing at, Natalie or me) as the bell went off and all the kids around went into a kind of hurry.

"Come on", said Natalie as we ran to our class which was, thankfully, nearby.

As I kicked open the door, I heard someone scream and looked behind to see who it was and crashed right into someone.

"Ouch!", I exclaimed as I hit the ground rather forcefully and looked up to see who the idiot was.

"Uh, sorry", said the guy extending an arm to help me stand. He seemed to be a new guy and I had to admit (in my heart) that he looked gorgeous. He had large striking blue eyes and a tall height. For a second, I found myself lost in my reflection in his electrifying eyes. Then I realised I was being stupid. He was wearing a brown shirt and black trousers that seemed to suit him quite well.

"It's ok", I said as I refused his hand and stood up by myself (I never accept a hand).

"You....er...have dirt on your hair", he motioned towards my hair.

I went red as I shook the dirt off (I just realised that the whole class seemed to be pointing towards the guy and me).

My embarrasment would've, no doubt continued , had not our teacher came in instantly.

After that, the day went along quite fast and except some homework from French teacher, it seemed a good day. Natalie seemed a lot interested in the guy I had crashed into and kept talking about him all day long until I threatened to tell Mr. Arnold about her undone homework which conveniently shut her up.

"I'll see you tonight", marked Natalia as she went towards her black Corolla in which her driver was waiting (she happens to be extremely rich).

She had offered me lift a thousand times but I always refused. No way. I waved as she smiled back at me and sat in her car. Wishing I had a Ferrari to take to school, I heard a lound "BANG" and a whisp of pain and found myself on ground again. I looked up in sheer frustration.

"Uh, sorry again", said the same guy I had crashed into earlier. But this time, he did not extend a hand.

An improvement, I thought grumpily as I got up.

"Could you at least watch where you go?", I said disapprovingly, eyeing his wonderful features.

"I'm really sorry, I...uh....maybe I could make it up to you, want a lift?",

"No thanks", yeah all I want is a new guy dropping me home in a shattered car and my parents hoping I'd finally got a boyfriend who nevertheless is the heart throb of the school.

"Where do you live?"

"In Whilling street"

Now, why did I tell him that?

"Come on, I'll drop you, it comes in my way"

No, you're coming in my way, I thought angrily as he motioned towards a .........the..........red........red........red...........RED FERRARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt my breath drained out of me.

"You....drive that?", I asked, utterly impressed.

"Er...yeah....", he replied following my gaze to the....no his .... car.

"Um, I guess I could do with a lift", I replied .

I followed him to the fantasy of my dreams. I couldn't help squealing with joy as I sat down at the smooth leather seat and looked around. It was beautiful, I had to admit as I admired its features.

"Looking beautiful", I said as I saw the deck inside.

"Thanks, I just got them yesterday", replied the guy.

"Got what?"

He seemed confused.

"The clothes..."

I stared at him.

"Why're you telling me?"

"You said I looked good so..."

I roared with laughter as he put the key in and engine came to life.

"I........er....was...talking about.....your car!", I told him through wisps of laughter and once he understood, he began laughing too. Once it was over, the atmosphere seemed to be washed clean of the awkwardness and enriched with friendly chat.

"I'm Eric, by the way", he introduced himself.

"I'm Demi", I told him.

"Is that supposed to be Demitria?"

"Uh, unfortunately, yeah"

"Nice name"

I snorted.

"Don't give me that rubbish"

"So what're your hobbies?"

And it went on.

The drive was nice and easy. I made a new friend, I thought happily as making new friends is not at the top of my hobbies.

He dropped me home in about 15 minutes.

"Thanks", I said, getting off the seat.

"Welcome", he said as he watched me go inside.

Why doesn't he go, I thought awkwardly as I unlocked the door and went inside. Then finally, the sound of a car starting breathed relief in my ear.

That was the day I met Eric Ronaldo.


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