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Had Me At Hello

Novel By: Wylie Callum

Wylie Callum was a pimple faced, overweight 14 year old girl with braces and glasses. She was a loner. An outcast. No one wanted to be her friend except for her brother Matt's best friend Mason Lakehearther. Now, after 3 years of living with her dad in Italy, she's slim and athletic with perfect teeth, contacts, long brown hair and clear skin. When she gets back to her old house Matt and Mason can hardly believe it's the old Wylie. Mason starts to feel an attraction to her again, the same way he did before she left and his girlfriend Hailey notices. She does her best to keep them away from eachother but eventually it's out of her hands. Can Mason break down the walls Wylie's built around her heart and teach her to love again?Or will Hailey interfere with their relationship? View table of contents...


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I step off the plane, stretching my arms above my head and yawning. I roll my neck and shoulders and go inside the airport. A few minutes later I pull my suitcase off the conveyor belt and walk outside. A few taxis are waiting to pick other people up and I spot one that's empty. " Need a ride?" the cab driver asks, raising his eyebrows at me. I nod and he pops the trunk. I throw my suitcase in and close it and then climb in the backseat. I tell him the address and about an hour later I'm at the house that I grew up in, the house I haven't seen in three years. You see, three years ago I was 14. I had just gone into highschool overweight and I got picked on a lot. I had really bad acne, glasses and braces. No one wanted to become friends with me. The only friend I had was my brother Matt and his best friend Mason. Now, I'm 50 pounds lighter, with clear skin, contacts, and perfect teeth. I also grew my hair out down to the middle of my back. " Here you go," the cab driver says, handing me my suitcase. " Thanks," I say and pay him. He drives off and I stare up at the big white house with a wraparound porch and blue shutters. I take a deep breath and walk up to the porch and knock on the door. " Coming!" a voice yells and I hear loud footsteps. The door swings open and my older brother stares at me. " Uh, hi. Can I help you?" he asks, frowning. He's cut his hair short and he has a little stubble on his chin. "Hi, Matt." I say nervously. Realization hits his face and his jaw drops as he stares at me. "...Wylie?" he asks suddenly. I nod and he wraps me in a tight hug, making me let go of my suitcase. I put my arms around him and overly excited, he pulls me into the house and grabs my suitcase. " I missed you, Wylie," he says, giving me another hug. " I missed you too," I tell him. " C'mon, you'll never guess who's here." he says and pulls me outside, towards our in ground pool. " Mason! Look who's here!" Matt yells and he flips his hair to get the water out and turns around. He stares at me and then his eyes widen. He immediately goes to the side of the pool and pulls himself up and I hand Matt my phone because mason has every intention of hugging me, even soaking wet. Mason wraps his arms around my small frame and I already feel soaked to the bone. " Wylie, I missed you so much. You look so different." he says in my ear. " I missed you too," I answer, feeling butterlies in my stomach for the first time in 3 years.


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