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Alexander Gray and Aeliyah Blue have been enemies since third grade, when Alexander, Alex, put red fingerpaint in Aeliyah's hair. Now, he's pulled his latest prank, one that makes Aeliyah hate him so much more than she did before. Now she decides to start pranking back, and Alex develops feelings for her. He tries to befriend her but she will have none of the sort, as he has nonstop tortured her for the past 8 years. Can Alex convince her that he's done pranking? Or will Aeliyah never forgive him and continue on with her hatred? View table of contents...


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A few minutes after pushing the snooze button 3 times, I climb out of bed to get ready. I go through the motions like a robot; brush my teeth, take a shower, fix my hair, get dressed, put on makeup, head out the door. This time, though, as I jog down the steps, pulling my hoodie sleeves down over my hands, I hear a honk outside. " Who's that?" my mom asks and I peek out the window as I yank my allstars onto my feet. " Uh.. Alex. I guess that's my ride. Bye mom," I say and jog out the door. I climb into his truck and he leans across the console and kisses me. " Whats this?" I ask and he flashes a lopsided grin at me that makes my heart melt. " What, I can't give my girl a ride to school?" he asks innocently, and I can't help the way my heart flutters when he calls me his girl. My hand automatically finds his and my fingers curl around his long, rough ones. He pulls my hand to his mouth and kisses the back of it, his eyes still on the road, and then he turns the radio up slightly. Don't Ya by Brett Eldredge is playing and immediately, we both begin singing to each other, laughing as we both get the words completely wrong. This is so...easy, I think in my head. Laughing, joking, singing with him. Why haven't I noticed it before? Even when we hated each other, we always had the occasional smack talk in the hallways. And I think I would have noticed how easy it is for me to talk when I'm around him. Easy for me to do whatever I want, and act as stupid as I want, knowing he won't judge me. I suddenly come to a realization, and it hits me like a ton of bricks. All of my inner walls I've built around my heart come crashing down like a firework exploding and I take in a deep breath, my heart thumping loudly in my ears. I feel the truck come to a stop on the side of the road and I finally meet Alex's eyes. He puts the truck in park and turns to me, capturing my face in his big hands. " Whats wrong? I've asked you the same thing four times." he says softly. I swallow hard, my throat suddenly very dry. I shake my head, trying to pull away, but he just holds me tighter. " Tell me," he pleads and I stare into his eyes. Full of concern and worry, and something else that I can't identify. " I can't," I finally croak, random tears springing to my eyes. " Why not? You were just fine a minute ago, talking and laughing and smiling. Did I upset you? Did I hurt you?" he asks, suddenly looking horrified at the thought. His hands loosen on me, afraid that his last question was true and I shake my head once again, a tear slipping down my cheek. " Then what is it?" he asks again, his expression pained. " Alex... What we've been doing is wrong. Us I mean. We're not meant to be together. We should have the same relationship we've always had, strictly enemies. That's all. If I told you, it would make everything worse." I explain to him and he stares at me with a slight smile. I frown, confused, and he let's out a small chuckle. " You don't get it, do you?" he asks and suddenly he becomes serious. " Aeliyah, I can't not be with you. You make m a better man, in every possible way. Even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to get away from you. I'm not capable of being a jackass to you again, and you and I both know it. We can't be enemies anymore. It's out of the question. Whatever it is that's upsetting you, you can tell me." he says and I close my eyes, trying to will the tears away. " We should get to school," I breathe, without opening my eyes. I know instantly that he wouldn't move this truck if his life depended on it, until I told him what the reason for my tears is. " Aeliyah." a simple, short word, yet filled with so much passion it could make a girl sob at just the sound of it. And that's exactly what happens. I break down in sobs, covering my face in my hands. Arms snake around me and Alex pulls me close, cradling my head against his chest. All I can do is repeat to my self: I can't. I can't do this. " You can't do what?" Alex asks softly, and I give in, all my strength gone. " I can't love you." I whisper, my tears slowly subsiding. I feel his body shaking, a deep rumbling noise coming out from his chest. Laughter. He's laughing at me. As if this isn't humiliating enough. Now he has to laugh at me while I sit, about to cry over rejection. My eyes involuntarily fill again and he struggles to stop laughing. " Please don't cry, baby, don't cry," he says, stopping. " Why are you laughing at me?" I ask, mortified. " Its just... That's what you couldn't tell me?That you love me? Why not? Why couldn't you tell me?" he asks. " Because. We're not supposed to be together." I answer, still confused as to why he was laughing. " Aeliyah, I love you, too. Who says we're not supposed to be together? Because they can come to me. I don't care what people think. All I know is that I can't keep myself away from you, no matter what, and I can't stop the way I feel about you. If we weren't meant to be together, we wouldn't be. But we are." he tells me wiping the tears from my cheeks. My heart jumps, skips, and swells to twice it's size all in a split second. " I love you," I repeat, putting my arms around his neck. " I love you," he says to me, kissing my lips softly. " Now we really do have to get to school," he adds, kissing the fresh tears off of my cheeks and starting the truck again. I move back into my seat and fix my makeup in the mirror, reaching for Alex's hand again. He meets me halfway, turning to look at me as he does. " If you're my enemy," he starts slowly as I face him. " Then you're the best enemy I've ever had." We finally arrive at school, walking in with our hands laced together. As usual, people pointedly stare and whisper to other people, and as much as I try to not let it affect me, it somehow always does. Alex and I go to our first class together, taking a seat in the very back. The whole class turns to look at us, amazed we can sit this close without exploding. " You know what we should do?" Alex asks me with a grin. I can't believe I agreed to this. I've been instructed to ignore Alex for most of the day until seventh hour. Just after sixth hour is over, I make my way to my locker, as instructed. Then I head down the main hall toward the gym and spot Alex coming the opposite way, without a glance in my direction. People around us are trying to see if we'll stop and talk to each other, as they've picked up on how we've been avoiding each other. I keep walking, slightly altering my walk so that I bump arms with him roughly as I pass, spinning up both backwards a little. We both stop, facing each other with convincing hateful looks thrown at each other. " Watch it!" he growls. " Well maybe if you weren't so stupid, you'd watch where you're going!" I shout back and he takes a step forward, looming over me. " Fuck off, Blue," he spits and I can hear the crowd gathering around us gasp and begin whispering to each other frantically. " Kiss. My. Ass," I answer, spacing the words out and throwing a glare at him. " Id rather do this," he says, taking a step toward me. The crowd gasps again, thinking he's going to hit me, but he grabs my neck gently, his thumbs pressing into the skin just below my jaw, and kisses me. My eyelids flutter closed and the crowd awe's and slowly disapates, disappointed we didn't have a real fight. I'm sure most of them had their phones out. When we pull away, Alex let's out a light chuckle and kisses my forehead. " There. Now that we're public, you don't have to worry about being secretive about us," he says. " You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think you meant the things you said back there. The bad ones, I mean." I tell him and he looks at me, horrified. " Never."


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