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Alexander Gray and Aeliyah Blue have been enemies since third grade, when Alexander, Alex, put red fingerpaint in Aeliyah's hair. Now, he's pulled his latest prank, one that makes Aeliyah hate him so much more than she did before. Now she decides to start pranking back, and Alex develops feelings for her. He tries to befriend her but she will have none of the sort, as he has nonstop tortured her for the past 8 years. Can Alex convince her that he's done pranking? Or will Aeliyah never forgive him and continue on with her hatred? View table of contents...


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Carrie says we're most likely to get married. We've only been together now for six months, yet she tells everyone, even random strangers, about us. Today, we're stretched out by the pool, tanning. We're just a week away from no school for summer break. " Hey, is Alex coming over?" Carrie asks beside me. " Yeah. He should be here soon." I answer and she nods. A few minutes later we get up and climb into the pool to cool off. We start to swim back to the edge when a loud, big splash covers us in water. I turn around as Alex pops up from the water, shaking the hair out of his eyes. " Hey, babe," he says, kissing me. " You guys are so cute," Carrie exclaims, swimming over to a raft. I wrap my arms and legs around Alex and he treads water to keep up both up. " Where are your parents? And Sophie?" he asks. " My parents are at work, and Sophie wanted to go see Phoebe," I explain to him as we climb out of the pool. He nods and as me and Carrie make our way back to the chairs, he rummages through the box full of pool toys and stuff. " How long has it been since you've seen your brother?" Carrie asks me. " Um... About a year and a half." I answer. " Thats a really long time. Sorry I asked, I just wondered because I was on the phone with him the other day." she explains and I glance over at her. " Why were you on the phone with him?" I ask, confused. " We were discussing when I was going to get back." a deep, familiar voice says behind me. My eyes widen and my head snaps around, recognizing the familiar, angular face in a military uniform. " Andrew!" I yell, darting up from my seat. I race over to him, throwing my arms around him with tears rolling down my cheeks. " Hey, Lee," he says with a grin, using my childhood nickname he had for me. He hugs me tight, squeezing his arms around my waist. A few minutes later when I finally let go, I swipe the tears off with the back of my hand and Alex appears at my side, putting his arm protectively around my waist. " Whos this?" he asks, with extra caution as they have a stare down. I roll my eyes and poke his side. " Alex, this is my brother andrew. Andrew this is my boyfriend Alex." I introduce and Alex visibly relaxes. " Good. I thought I was going to have to fight you for her," Alex breathes with a happy grin returning to his face. " So when did you get back? Do mom and dad know you're here?" I ask frantically. " I got back early this morning. And I drove here from the airport. Well, I caught a cab. Mom and dad don't know yet. I planned on surprising them. Where's Soph?" he asks. " She's at Aunt Margie's with Phoebe. Mom and dad are at work." I explain and he nods. " So how long are you here for?" I ask. " 3 weeks." he says with a grin and I hug him again. " Good. I missed you." I say in his ear. " I missed you too, Lee," he says back. Eventually we help him lug his stuff into his old room and we sit outside and catch up by the pool. Eventually, we all start to get tired and since it's a Sunday, we have school tomorrow. Alex stays the night and after we watch Andrew and my parents have a tearful reunion, we head off to bed. I change into a t-shirt and shorts and Alex climbs into the bed with me and wraps his arms around me. " I love you," he whispers, kissing my forehead. " I love you," I reply, slowly drifting off too sleep. When I wake up, Alex is still sleeping, and I slip out of the bed unnoticed. I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower and then leave my curly hair to air dry. I brush my teeth and add a tiny bit of makeup and then change into a pair of short Jean shorts, a baggy tank top withsome tribal sign on it, and combat boots. I slip a few silver bracelets onto my wrists and finally the little silver infinity ring that Alex got me for our 6 month anniversary a few days ago. I make my way to the bed, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes. His eyes flutter open, bright blue, and I smile at him. " Wake up," I whisper and he grabs me and pulls me toward him, burying his face in my now mid-back length hair. " Goodmorning beautiful," he says. " Goodmorning handsome. Now go get ready before we're late for school." I tell him and he picks me up and gets to his feet, turning around and setting me in his place. He leans over me and kisses me and then head for the bathroom to take a shower. I skip down the stairs, feeling oddly happy today. I scroll through the latest news on facebook, frowning at a few of the statuses; Sometimes people can't help but spreading rumors. Anyone hear about the new school slut? Guess who! The comments never reveal who it is, and I just shrug it off. I slip my phone into my pocket and Andrew comes downstairs, hair all over the place. " Morning," he says, pressing a kiss to my forehead before opening the fridge. " Morning," I reply. A few minutes later Alex comes down too in a pair of cargo shorts and a gray AND1 shirt. When it's time to leave, we head out to his truck and on the way to school I show him the statuses on facebook. " Who knows? Probably just a stupid rumor," he says and Shrugs. I ignore it once again, and we head into the school. Everyone stares at us, and almost all of the guys whistle at me. Alex frowns and pulls me closer to him, glaring at anyone who whistles at me again. " Hey baby," one says, having the nerve to reach for my ass. He pulls back abruptly, probably seeing the glare on Alex's face. After that so many people try to talk to me. " Wow. You wanna go for a round?" another guy asks. " Hey babe, I got some money over here," another calls. Finally we find Carrie and she runs up to us. " Alex, Aeliyah, I tried to stop the rumors but I can't. Jessica started them again. She's saying that you two had sex and that Alex paid you for it and that you did anything for money. Now all the guys... You know." she says frantically and I feel Alex's arm tighten around me. " Lets get out of here. You shouldn't have to listen to this," Alex says, taking my hand and pulling me back outside to his truck. I try not to listen to anyone on the way out, but I can't help but hear and it upsets me. When we get to the truck I climb in, crying silently. Alex gets in and wraps his arms around me tightly, as if trying to block out everyone else. " Im sorry, baby, don't cry, please. It's just a stupid rumor. We both know it's not true. Don't worry about it." he whispers to me and once he's able to calm me down, we head back to my house. As I walk in, I spot my mom and dad arguing. " Guys? What's wrong?" I ask, wiping any evidence of me crying off of my cheeks. " Aeliyah, you are not to see him anymore," my dad says pulling me away from Alex. " What?" we both ask at the same time. " Keith! This isn't fair to them!" my mom yells. " Yes it is! They deserve to be punished after what they did. Especially under this roof! She's not even 18!" he shouts back and I pull away from my dad, back to Alex. " Whats happening? Why can't we be together?" I ask, frustrated no one will answer me. " Honey, a students mom called and told us that there's a rumor going around that you and Alex slept together and he paid you for it. And that you slept with the other boys at your school as well. Your father thinks it's true." she explains and I stare at him, horrified. " You think I would do that?" I asks softly, in shock and disbelief. " Aeliyah, don't you try to make me feel guilty. Say goodbye to Alex. Alex, you'd better not come here again or I'll straighten you out myself." he growls. " Dad! Stop!" I cry, breaking out of his grip again and running into alex's arms. " Tell him it's not true," I say and Alex shakes his head, looking down at me with sadness in his eyes. " I can't. He won't believe me. You should listen to him." he says softly, pushing me gently away. " No! It's not true! You know that! Why can't you tell him?" I ask, fat tears slipping down my cheeks as I let out a choking, sobbing sound. " Aeliyah, I love you," he says, backing up. My dad positions himself in front of me and Alex glances at me one last time before disappearing out the door. " Keith! That was not necessary! Look what you've done!" mom yells. Dad turns to me, grabbing my shoulders lightly. " Now, aeliyah, honey," he says softly. " Dont touch me! Leave me alone!" I scream, yanking free of his grip and sprinting up the stairs. I immediately take my phone out and call Alex, but he doesn't pick up. I try a few times, only to hear his voicemail every time. I sink to the floor, crying my eyes out. Alex's POV I get back in my truck and drive back to my house as it starts to pour rain. I turn on my windshield wipers, noticing I can't see, and realize it's my tears blurring my vision. In a sudden moment of anger, punch the steering wheel multiple times. I take my hat off and throw it at the windshield, almost wishing it would break. My phone rings and I know it's Aeliyah, but I turn it off. I'm not going to defy her dad. He already doesn't like me, and if there's even a small, tiny chance we could be together again, I'm not about to ruin it by talking to her when I'm not supposed to. It killed me seeing her cry when I left, but I can't do anything about it. I can only hope that her dad will find out the truth and change his mind. I pull over as I had started to swerve on the road, not able to think straight, and I lean my head back against the seat and take a deep breath. I stare back into the rear view mirror absently, watching the headlights go by. I watch another pair of headlights behind me, but they don't eventually drift back into the correct lane. I sit up straighter, watching back through the mirror. That car is definitely not slowing down or moving over. Shit. I scramble into the passenger seat, fumbling with the lock to get it open. I look back behind me frantically, and the bright lights fill my vision. I close my eyes as I feel the impact of the car, lurching mine forward and launching my body through the windshield. I feel the windshield shatter as my head makes contact, and suddenly I feel like I'm flying. My head is pulsing and throbbing from the pain, and I crash down hard on my right side. I gasp in pain, forcing myself to stay still. I see black spots before my eyes and then I black out.


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