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Alexander Gray and Aeliyah Blue have been enemies since third grade, when Alexander, Alex, put red fingerpaint in Aeliyah's hair. Now, he's pulled his latest prank, one that makes Aeliyah hate him so much more than she did before. Now she decides to start pranking back, and Alex develops feelings for her. He tries to befriend her but she will have none of the sort, as he has nonstop tortured her for the past 8 years. Can Alex convince her that he's done pranking? Or will Aeliyah never forgive him and continue on with her hatred? View table of contents...


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Aeliyah's POV Apparently I had cried myself to sleep, because I jolt awake to the sound of my phone buzzing. I suddenly get an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach like something's wrong. I pick the phone up, gasping when I see the caller ID is Alex. Immediately I press accept, desperate to hear his voice. But it's not his voice that answers. " Hello? Is this... Aeliyah?" a deeper voice asks into the phone. Strictly business. Now I'm confused. This didn't sound like his dad, I've met him before. " Um.. Yes, is there something wrong?" I ask, my heart beat speeding up. " Actually, I don't mean to bother you, but yes. You know Alexander Gray, right? You were the last call he missed. I assume you are in some relation to him?" he says uncertainly. " Yes, yes he's my boyfriend. Why? Is he hurt?" I ask frantically. " Alexander was in a car accident. He was rear-ended, and his condition I pretty severe. I was informed to let anyone I could know about the accident." he explains and I suddenly feel light headed. " Which hospital?" I breathe into the phone. " St. Paul's," he answers and I hang up, racing to pull my shoes back on. I grab my purse and sprint down the stairs, where my mom and dad have been waiting for me to eventually come down. " Honey, what's wrong?" my mom asks and tears fill my eyes. " Alex," I say and her eyes widen. Without a single question, she takes her keys and tosses them to me, following me out to her car. My dad comes after us eventually, after calling Aunt Margie to come look after Sophie. She's asleep, and he waits by the door until Aunt Margie, who only lives two minutes away, pulls into the driveway. He climbs in the car at the last minute, confused that I'm driving. " Honey, are you sure- ahh!" he yells as I peel out of the driveway as fast as the car will let me. I floor it in the direction of the hospital, just twenty minutes away, yet feeling like twenty hours. Every turn I make is made without the use of brakes, not once, and there are more red lights run than stopped at. My head spins like crazy, naturally imagining the worst. " Aeliyah, you need to slow down a bit," my mom says and I look down, realizing I'm nearly 15 mph over the speed limit. I slow down immediately, thankful we didn't run into any cops. Finally I settle for a few miles over the speed limit, making us get to the hospital a few minutes earlier than we would have. We run inside, me in the lead as we sprint up to the counter. " Patient?" the girl behind the counter asks. " Alexander Gray," I reply and she nods and looks at her computer. " Room 304, just down that hall, should be on the right," she says and I mumble an incoherent thank you before taking off full speed again. I make it to the door and knock on it loudly. A nurse appears, coming out into the hallway and shutting the door. " Is he okay?" I ask immediately. " We're doing tests on him rght now. If you don't mind me asking, who are you?" she asks. I know how it works, if I don't say I'm immediate family, they won't ever let me in to see him. " His wife," I reply after a minute and my dad gasps. My mom, seeing the reason for my lie, turns him away and begins whispering to him. The nurse eyes me warily but nods and looks at her clip board. " Arlight well, as you've heard, I'm sure, he suffered a car accident. His car was parked when he was hit, so the damage could be worse, but he was in the passenger seat when he was hit and he was thrown through the windshield." she explains and I wince. " From what we've discovered so far in the tests is Traumatic Brain injury, a fractured skull, a broken shoulder, a strained spine, 2 broken ribs, whiplash, and some severe cuts and bruises to the entire right side of his body." she tells me and I cringe, a tear slipping down my cheek with each word she says. " Can I see him?" I ask desperately. " Not yet. He's still undergoing tests but you're welcome to wait. It should only take a few hours." she tells me and I gawk at her as she disappears inside the room again. A few hours? How am I supposed to wait that long? What if something happens to him before I can see him? What if something goes wrong? I sink to the floor right beside the door, sobbing. My dad comes over and sits next to me, easing an arm around my trembling shoulders. " Aeliyah," he starts softly. I jerk away from him, scooting a few feet away. " Dont touch me. This is your fault. If you hadn't told him to leave, we wouldn't be here. Alex wouldn't be here. If something happens to him, I'll never forgive you." I hiss and bury my face in my arms. I can feel his eyes, full of hurt, boring into my back as I turn away from him. I take my phone from my pocket and call Alex's dad Brian, Carrie, and then Rhett, Alex's best friend. Rhett is the first one to show up, marching down the hallway with worry clouding his eyes. When he spots me I jump up and he walks faster and wraps me tightly in his arms. I sob into his shoulder as he holds me, assuring me that Alex will be fine. He sits beside me and I nervously tap my foot. " Aeliyah, this guy has a harder head than anyone I know. He'll be fine, trust me," he says with a light chuckle, and then realizes this isn't the time. Alex's dad shows up next, hugging me tightly like Rhett did and then taking a seat on my other side. Finally Carrie shows up, explaining she was in class. Oh yeah. I forgot. Rhett was too. He must have already been ditching anyways. We all sit together, silently praying that he'll be fine. After what seems like years, the door finally opens. " Mrs. Gray?" the same nurse asks. Brian's mouth opens to explain to her that his wife is gone, but I stand up. He closes his mouth as I walk to the nurse and answer to Mrs. Gray. " Okay, your husband is coming along well. No other injuries appeared, besides the ones I already told you. He should be waking up any minute now, the morphine is going to wear off. You'll be able to see him for a few minutes before we shift him back to a recovery room whee he'll need rest before anyone sees him." I nod, showing I understand, and she glances at the crowd waiting for Alex. " Just the... Significant other right now." she explains and they all nod. I slip inside the room and hear the nurse shut it behind me, giving us privacy. What I see lying on the bed makes me gasp and cover my mouth. Alex's eyes are half open, watching me and my eyes flicker to the deep gash over his right eyebrow, the cuts on his face, and the cut that runs straight through the side of his lip. His face is pale, his hair a tangled mess on his head. " Do I look that bad?" he croaks as tears fill my eyes. I run to his side, suddenly overcome by tears, and throw my arms around him. I'm careful to not be rough, burying my face in the crook of his neck. He puts his left arm around me, sighing into my hair. " Im sorry. It's all my fault. I called you and made you distracted..." i trail off when he pushes me back so I can look at him. " You didn't distract me. I pulled over because I couldn't see anything. It was raining, and to be honest, I was a little more than upset. I saw headlights in the rear view mirror and they were coming straight for me. I tried to get in the passenger seat, to get to the door and get out, but it was too late. None of it was your fault." he says to me. " But my dad... I might have been able to convince him. Or of I went after you or something. I could have stopped it. If my dad didn't say those things," I explain to him and he shakes his head, wincing at the pain. " No. It's nobody's fault. Not your dad's, not yours, not anyone's. So don't even think about it. You couldn't have stopped it even if you wanted to. Everything happens for a reason. Alright? You shouldnt be mad at your dad. Hes only protecting you because youre his daughter. Hes just protecting you. Trust me." Although he's only a few months older than me, he suddenly seems a thousand years wiser. " I just... I'm so sorry, Alex." I cry, clinging to him again. " Hey, hey, hey, baby please don't cry. I'm fine. See? I'll be okay. I'm fine." he assures me and I kiss him softly. " I love you," I say against his lips. " I love you," he replies, kissing my forehead. I lay my head on his chest, listening to his breathing. " I had to tell them I was your wife to get them to let me in," I say, taking his hand and putting my face in the crook between his neck and shoulder. " I could get used to that." he says with a smile, tightening his arm around me. He plays with the fingers on my left hand, running his thumb across the infinity sign on my first finger. " To infinity," he says softly. " And beyond," I whisper, smiling. Too soon for my liking, the nurse comes back in and tells me it's time to go. I kiss Alex again, telling him that I love him and slowly backing out of the room. " To infinity!" he calls as i put my hand on the door knob. " And beyond," I reply and I see the nurse smile at us as she readies his hospital bed to move. I slip out of the room quietly. Immediately everyone jumps up and I explain to them what's happening, how he's doing, and what his injuries are. We watch them wheel him out of the room and he winks at me. I wave and he looks pointedly at my dad before they turn him around a corner. I turn to my dad and he obviously saw our wordless exchange. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him and he slowly puts his arms around me too. " Im sorry. I didn't mean what I said. I was just upset." I explain and it's true. I didn't mean what I said. He's my dad and I'll love him no matter what. " Its alright sweetheart, but you have nothing to be sorry for. I should be the one apogizing. I knew I couldn't keep you two apart and I'm sorry I tried. It's obvious to me know that nothing can keep you two from each other." he says and I nod. We all make our way up to the new room Alex is in and the nurse explains we can go see him because he insisted they only give him a small dose of morphine so he can talk to his 'visitors'. I let everyone else visit before me, and then go in last. " There's my girl," Alex says with a smile as I walk in. I go to his bedside aain and take his hand and he stares at me. " You look tired. You should get some sleep. And something to eat." he says and I shake my head. " Not until you're better," I say and he rolls his eyes. " Aeliyah, you're not gonna starve yourself, or deprive yourself of sleep because of me. Please." he says. " Im not hungry," I tell him honestly. " Then at least go home and get some rest." he says. " No. I'm not leaving you." I object, tightening my grip on his hand. " Youre too stubborn. Fine, sit in this uncomfortable chair and sleep here. Just get some sleep, will you?" he asks and I look up at him. " Thats why I have you. You're like a big warm travel pillow." I tell him and he puts his arm around me. "...Thanks?" he questions and I laugh, laying my head on his good shoulder, suddenly overcome with sleepiness. "Alex?" I ask, planning to ask if he needed anything. " Shh, go to sleep, baby, shh," he stops me, stroking my hair. My question forgotten, my eyes drift closed and I fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.


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