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The Enemy

By: Wylie Callum

Chapter 15,

It's now two months later and Alex is finally back to normal. All the cuts and bruises on his side have healed, his ribs and skull are healed, and he just recently finished his last session of physical therapy to restore his arm. Good thing it wasn't football season. We found out that the one who spread the rumor about us was Jessica and her friends again, trying to break us up. Now, our relationship is stronger than ever, going on eight months. Who knew this could all start with a simple ride home? " Alex, are you staying for dinner?" my mom calls up the stairs. " Id love too, Lacee," he replies. " Good, we're making lasagna," she says and he grins down at her. " Sounds great," he replies and she returns the smile and goes back to the kitchen. " Hey, Alex," my dad says. " Keith," Alex greets. I'm so happy they're on first name basis now. My dad really opened his mind up to hearing what I had to say a few months ago when he tried to break Alex and I up. Now, he's slowly, yet steadily making more progress with him. " Aeliyah," Alex says slowly but I don't look up from my computer. " Hmm?" I ask and I feel him walk up behind me. He puts his hands on my shoulders and then on the sides of my face. " Aeliyah," he repeats and I tilt my head back to look at him. His lips meet mine immediately and I smile. I kiss him back and my phone buzzes. I ignore it, probably just a text, and turn around to face Alex. He lifts me up and sets me on the tall desk, standing between my legs with his hands on the desk on each side of me. My hands tangle into his soft dark hair absently and I comb my fingers through it. He cups my face in his hands and my phone buzzes a few more times. I groan and pull back, recieving a growl from Alex. I reach over and grab it from the other side of the desk, realizing it's a facebook notification; Carrie Marciago posted a picture of you, it says. Underneath it, it says 22 comments. I raise my eyebrow and click on the picture, grinning when I see it's my favorite picture of Alex and I. We're in the school parking lot and I'm sitting on the back of Alex's tailgate with my sunglasses on. Alex, standing directly in front of me with his hands on each side of my face, is wearing the same pair of sunglasses only a different color and kissing my forehead. Carrie had altered it so that the background was blurry and in black and white and Alex and I are the only things in color. She labeled the picture Perfect. I show Alex with a grin and he smiles. We sit on the bed together as I scroll through the comments. " So perfect... I wish I had a boyfriend like that... They're so cute together... I love them... They're so cute... Such a cute picture..." I read aloud  and smile at Alex. He grins back at me and I post the same picture to my wall, making it my profile picture as well and labeling it 'To infinity and beyond'. I toss my phone to the other side of the bed and Alex pulls my close, putting one arm beneath my head and the other slung across my waist. We have a month left until our senior year begins. " Whats wrong?" Alex asks, brushing the hair from my face. " We only have a month left," I tell him and he shrugs. " But then we only have on more year of school besides college." he explains. " But what about after highschool? What if we don't go to the same college? What if we're thousands of miles away? I don't think I'll be able to do it." I tell him and he covers my mouth with his hand. "Stop. Don't worry about that now. We still have a whole year before we have to worry about that. Am I clear? You can't talk like that," he scolds me and I smile at him faintly. " Crystal," I answer and he presses his lips to mine. We sit together like that until dinner's ready and finally Sophie wakes up from her nap. She stumbles out of her room, rubbing her eyes and holds her arms out to Alex. He picks her up and she clings to him like a tree frog and lays her head on his shoulder. He squats down and picks me up with his other arm, as if I was a sack of flower. He carries us down the stairs and sets us down in a seat and then takes the spot between us. We dig into dinner after grace and my dad and mom ask us what college we plan on going to. I tell her Mizzou, and Alex is undecided. He's hoping to get a football scholarship, but he's going to look for a plan B college too. When dinner is over Alex and I do the dishes, me washing, him drying. Of course he can't resist smacking the wet towel on my butt either. I grab another towel and roll it up, smacking his side with it. Then of course it turns into a bubble fight as soon as Alex realizes the dish soap, if squeezed, squirts out bubbles. I shriek as he splashes water at me and then grab a handful of the soap suds from the sink and throw them in his face. He tackles me and wraps his arms around me, knocking me into the counter behind us. He kisses me, probably getting soap suds in my hair, but I could care less. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around him tightly. I hear a loud, nervous cough and we pull away. My dad glances at us nervously and then blushes Scarlett red and turns, backing out of the kitchen. I look at Alex and we both start laughing and I hop off the counter. We finish the dishes and go outside to sit on the bench by our pond together.  

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