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Alexander Gray and Aeliyah Blue have been enemies since third grade, when Alexander, Alex, put red fingerpaint in Aeliyah's hair. Now, he's pulled his latest prank, one that makes Aeliyah hate him so much more than she did before. Now she decides to start pranking back, and Alex develops feelings for her. He tries to befriend her but she will have none of the sort, as he has nonstop tortured her for the past 8 years. Can Alex convince her that he's done pranking? Or will Aeliyah never forgive him and continue on with her hatred? View table of contents...


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I promised I wouldn't cry, I think to myself frantically. I promised I wouldn't cry. I promised. Alex pressed a kiss to my forehead and steps back, his hand slowly slipping from mine. Tears pour freely down my cheeks and he takes a staggering step forward, as if he's going to hold me again, his mouth curving into a frown and his eyes filling with tears and sadness. He decides against it, taking a step back, and grabs his duffel bags and suitcase. He looks away and wipes his face and then let's out a cough to cover up the fact that he was about to cry. He slowly walks away, turning in his ticket to a girl waiting, and then goes through the door that leads to the plane. Carrie, who came with me for support and to say goodbye to Alex, wraps her arms around me, crying too. " Im sorry, Aeliyah. I'm so sorry. You guys were perfect." she sobs. She and I had discussed this before. Long distance relationships never work. Ever. So we might as well have just broken up. They always end up drifting apart and never seeing each other again. That's how it's going to be. Now matter how strong the couple is, it just never works out. Alex'll find a prettier girl in college and forget all about me. Carrie and I make our way back to the car and I stare at the small infinity sign tattoo on the inside of my wrist the whole way home. Alex and I decided to get the same tattoo a few months ago, and we didn't get our names on them because if something happened and we broke up, it would be weird to explain to people. So we just got infinity signs that say 'To Infinity and Beyond' inside them. " Aeliyah, you're home. Look, c'mon, snap out of it. Do you want me to stay?" Carrie asks, waving her hand in front of my face. I look up at her, almost positive my eyes are red and bloodshot. I slowly shake my head and climb out of the car. I see Carrie wave out of the corner of my eye but I'm suddenly too tired to wave back. I walk like a zombie to the house and go inside, kicking my shoes off and dropping my purse with a loud plop on the floor. My dad comes into view and when he sees me he opens his mouth to say something. " Daddy," I cry, cutting him off. I run into his arms and cry into his shirt and we somehow drift to the couch. I cry myself to sleep on his chest like I'm two years old again and when I wake up I'm back in my room. The curtains are drawn shut, keeping the sunlight from spilling in, and the comforter is pulled up to my shoulders. I rub my eyes and hear a knock at the door. " Honey? It's me, I brought you some pizza," my mom calls, opening the door. I can tell she's using her light, happy, cheerful voice to try and affect me, but this time it's not going to work. I just stare at her and she continues further into the room and sits at the edge of the bed with a plate of pizza in one hand and a cup of pepsi in the other. " See? Your favorites," she says, holding them out to me. I shale my head and look away and she sighs. She sets the plate and the cup on my bedside table beside me where it will stay for the next few days, untouched, until she takes it away finally. Now it's been a week, and I literally haven't gotten up. At all. Unless I had to pee, really, really bad, which was only like twice a day. But I haven't eaten anything. My stomach growls, but I'm so numb that I can't feel it. I can't hear the voice in my head screaming at me to eat or drink something before I die anymore. Maybe I'm slowly decaying from the inside out. My stomach is eating itself. I'm slowly caving in, I just can't tell. Like a bug inside of me, killing me slowly. I wish it would hurry up. I'm tired of being in so much emotional pain. After almost a month, I'm at my college dorm, where, thankfully, Carrie shares it with me. Now, I'm slowly unpacking my boxes of things, nearly bawling when I see a picture of Alex and me or a gift that he gave me. I finally reach the bottom of the box, and I stick my hand in all the way up to my elbow to get the last, rectangle shaped item. I grab it and pull it out, covering my mouth with my hand. It's that picture of Alex at the zoo, punting at the elephants with a beautiful smile on his face. " Hey, Aeliyah- hey what's wrong?" Carrie asks, walking in from the bathroom. I show her the picture and she frowns. " Oh." she takes it from my hand and studies it for a moment and then sets it on my bedside table. " C'mon, let's go explore the campus. Maybe there's some cute guys." she says excitedly. " For me," she adds as I shoot daggers at her with my eyes. I put on a pair of jeans and a Mizzou tshirt, taking my hair out of it's ponytail. I put some mascara on and then walk around with Carrie. We order hot chocolate at the campus coffee shop thingy and then make our way down the second floor. " Oh, look at this. This is really cool," Carrie points out a framed white board with signatures of all of the graduates from the past few years on it. " Yeah, that is-ah!" I bump into something hard and my hot cup goes flying as I fall on my ass. I look up and a tall, handsome guy with dark hair and green eyes looks down at me. I notice the wet, hot stain down the front of his white shirt and my empty cup on the ground. " I am so so sorry, that was totally my fault," I say immediately, standing up. He doesn't speak, just curls his lips up into a smile. " Dont worry about it. It's fine." he says, while twisting his hands and fingers around in odd shapes and formations. I frown as I watch his hands, trying to figure out what he's doing. Does he have a nervous fidget or something? " Im deaf." he explains and I look up, eyes wide with shock. " How is that possible? How do you know what I'm saying?" I ask, trying to explain with my hands too. He let's out a soft chuckle and picks up my cup from the ground, expertly tossing it into the trash can a few feet behind me. He must be here for the football. " I can read lips. I'm Derek, by the way." he says. " Oh. Cool. Well, I'm Aeliyah." I answer. " You're very pretty," he comments, smiling at me. Crinkles at the corners of his eyes from laughter start to show and I can't help but smile back. " Thanks," I blush, feeling heat creep up to my cheeks. " Hey, it was really great meeting you, but I have to get to my dorm. See you around?" he asks and I nod. " Yeah, for sure," I reply. Before I realize what's happening, he ducks in toward me, plants a soft kiss to my cheek, and then continues on his way down the hallway. " Wow," Carrie says when he's out of ear shot, all though he wouldn't be able to hear her anyways. " Hes amazing. God he's attractive. And he was so sweet! Mhmm, glad I got accepted here. But he was pretty interested in you. Didn't even look at me." " Yeah, well, you can have him. I'm taken."


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