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Alexander Gray and Aeliyah Blue have been enemies since third grade, when Alexander, Alex, put red fingerpaint in Aeliyah's hair. Now, he's pulled his latest prank, one that makes Aeliyah hate him so much more than she did before. Now she decides to start pranking back, and Alex develops feelings for her. He tries to befriend her but she will have none of the sort, as he has nonstop tortured her for the past 8 years. Can Alex convince her that he's done pranking? Or will Aeliyah never forgive him and continue on with her hatred? View table of contents...


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After planning for a while with my best friend Carrie, I think of the best prank ever and go to bed early, as this prank requires extra time to set up. When I wake up in the morning, I quickly take a shower and brush out my even shorter hair that had to be cut more to look decent, and blow dry it straight. Deciding that I hate the look of it, I toss it up into a ponytail and change into a white hoodie with Minnie mouse on it and a pair of dark skinny jeans. I get a text from Carrie saying she's outside my house and I quickly brush my teeth and pull on my black and white Allstar hightops. Snatching my bag full of prank supplies and my phone off of my desk, I race down the stairs to Carrie's shiny silver porsche and jump in. " Ready?" she asks with a grin and I nod. Alex is totally gonna get it. Alex's POV I go to my locker in the morning, feeling pretty bad about cutting Aeliyah's hair when I notice all my stuff is gone. All my books, folders, everything. I slam it shut, looking around for her, and spot her at the end of the hallway. " Aeliyah!" I shout and she grins and disappears around the corner. Everyone stares at me as I follow after her and finally she come to a stop just inside the boys locker room. No one is in there yet because the first bell hasn't rung, and she just looks at me with a grin on her face. " Where's my stuff?" I ask calmly. She shrugs and holds up one of my folders. "Gimme that," I say, stepping forward. My foot hits something and suddenly I'm doused in a bucket of ice. Aeliyah busts out laughing, the musical sound echoing off of the locker room walls. She runs out the door that leads into the gym and I go after her, soaked to the bone. A few guys from the football team trickle into the gym, ready for practice, and laugh as they see the school quarterback running after a girl. She keeps running, dodging around something on the floor, and before I can dodge too, my momentum sends me hurling through the puddle of water and landing on my ass. Damn this girl is good. I pull myself up and she runs to the football team, who have gathered to watch me fall. They move apart so she can get through and then stand shoulder to shoulder so I can't follow. " Guys come on," I say, trying to push back the linebackers. They don't budge and I roll my eyes. " Lets go team! Get changed!" coach yells and I begrudgingly head back to the locker room. I open my locker and pull out my basketball shorts and step into them. I pull my gray underarmour t shirt on too and hear snickering behind me. I turn around and then there's more laughing from behind me. " What the hell?" i ask. " Dude, look in the mirror," Brian says. I face my back to the mirror and crane my neck to look into it, rolling my eyes and groaning. The back of my shorts now have 'bootylicious' written across the butt. Seeing as I don't have an extra pair of shorts and no one wants to loan me a pair, I go out to practice. Today's gonna suck. After school... I walk out to my truck, covered in bright red paint and sigh as I see Aeliyah sitting on the tailgate, grinning at the artwork she drew all over my windows with window paint. " Alright, you got me. Nice touch, by the way. 'bootylicious'? A good one. The team loved it." I tell her and she laughs. " I thought of that one all by myself," she boasts, smiling. " Well I was wondering if I could have a hug, you know to congratulate you for all these awesome pranks?" I ask, moving toward her with my red arms outstretched. People are staring at us for sure, I mean, why wouldn't you look at a big guy covered in red paint? I glance around and notice everyone is watching and grin at Aeliyah. Her eyes widen and she gets off of the tailgate and backs away from me. " Wait, no don't," she says and starts running. I sprint after her, tackling her to the ground and covering her in red paint. " You forget, baby, that I'm the quarterback. I can outrun you," I remind her, smearing red paint all over her forehead and cheeks. She huffs and pushes me off of her and stands up. " See you tomorrow?" I ask and she rolls her eyes. " Youre gonna get it Gray!" she calls over her shoulder as I get up. " Can't wait, Blue!" I answer back and climb in my truck. Damn, this is gonna take a while to clean out.


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