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A vampires slave

Novel By: XMyXsafestXhavenX

Tags: Vampires

the noval inspire by a vampire hates my tears View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 16, 2010    Reads: 2,581    Comments: 11    Likes: 7   

"i wish you'd turn on a ligt." I complained as we step through the front door of our penthouse apartment. the main room is our bedroom.The kitchen, bathroom and closets are all linked to our giant bedroom. there is a sitting room linked to the kitchen.

"Light is for fools," Coeur says. We just came back from a grocery store. He bought all the things i like. since he hates human food i dont expect he'll have any of it. The pent house apartment is dark except for the faint moonlight coming from the balcony french doors.

"What makes you say that?" I ask coeur.

"Because you are a fool and you asked for light," He laughs. I know he is smileing at me though i cant see him in the darkness of this room. Its been a month since Coeur abducted me from my home in the middle of the night. police are still investigating the murder of my little sister and parents. By memory, i figuer the kitchen is too my right. I haul the grocery bags to the kitchen. As i enter Coeur snatches me by the collar and i drop the bags. I let out a high pitched shriek so loud you would swear i had fallen a thousand feet from the sky. He pulls me into his arms and silences my scream with his soft lips. Immediatly i pull away so i an gasp for air. Some how i know he is rolling his green cat eyes at me. He sighs.

"Your no fun." He releases me and walks out of the kitchen. he flickers on a light in the bedroom and i am suddenly able to see the mess i have left on the kitchen floor. I exhale and drop to my knees to pick up the scattered ceareal boxes and various assortments of junk food. Coeur insisted on letting him buy me a couple of steaks but the only Steak i wanted was the one you drive through his heart.

He didnt take that comment too well. He left me standing in aisle three for an hour while he went to go get "Lunch". I swear i want to kill coeur so bad. Aside from being so cruel he erks every nerve in my body. but the affect his sexy cat eyes have on me never wears off. After everything is neatly put away i make it to the bedroom. Coeur is sitting crosslegged on the bed reading a book wearing only Pajama bottoms. His muscular torso fully exposed. I barely spare a glance in his direction and he ignores me also. i Head toward the dresser wher my cloths are usually stored and dig out a pair plaid flannel pajama bottoms and a tank. I strip down to my victoria secrets. Im not afraid of being seen by Coeur. That pervert watched me take a shower before. Of course i punched him in the face. At least i tried. He caught my wrist mid swing and them gave me a peck on the cheek. He thought it was funny.

After i put on my pajamas i put my cloths away. though my back is turned, i know Coeur is watching me. He always is. It never changes. He says he finds me interesting. What ever that may mean. I stare at the bed. Its huge and soft. The only thing i hate about is that i have to share it with Coeur. I grab my pillow, planning to sleep in the sitting room.

"Your sleeping in here tonight." Coeur says with out turning to look at me. I sigh and lay my pillow back onto the bed. There is no hope fighting with Coeur. He always wins. I lay down, eyes wide open. I have no desire to sleep. Plus Couer will probably keep the light on all night anyway, though he doesnt really need it. After a couple of minutes, i finally speak.

"Dont you ever get bored of reading?" I ask. He moves for the first time in forever. He sits the book down on a near night stand and turns to me.

"Is there something youd rather do?" He asks devilishly grinning. I roll my eyes in disgust. But he doesnt give up there. In a movement to quick even for a camera to record he'son top of me. I gasp.

"Come on Zaria, you know you want me. Its eating at you like a raging bonner. I turn you on, dont i?" He asks. His breath cool and minty blows on my face.

"Eww no!" i struggle under him but he pins my arms to the bed.

"So much denial." He laughs. His eyes peer into me like fiery daggers. I groan. He laughs.

"i bet you wont last by the end of this month. The sexual tension is stronge in you. I can sense it Zaria."

"Get over your self."

"No you get over your self." he murmers seductivly and starts to kiss me on my neck. I stiffen and he laughs.

"Why are you so afraid of me?" he wispers, letting his teeth graze my ear. I shutter. and he's right. I dont know how many dreams i have had about him in the last month. In fact i dream of him every night. In some dreams i see him killing me. Right after we have sex. I hate that dream worst of all. I mean, how many virgin girls has he kidknapped in the last 226 years. I honostly doubt im the only one.

"I dont know." i answer him though i know he sees i am lying. He gets off me and it seems i am finally able to breath right. Later on i fall asleep. I have the dream again only it is different. I am having sex with Coeur. But it feels so strangly real. Not the penatration but the kisses. The caresses. Its to real for words.

"Zaria..." i hear Coeur say my name. It wakes me from my dream. I am shocked to find a smile plastared to my face. Id hate to admit it but i did enjoy my dream.

"What?" i say as i sit up and struggle to find my sight in the darkness.

"Im right."He says.. his lips are on my neck and i suddenly reliezed they havent left since my dream.

"Have you been fondling me in my sleep?!" He laughs guiltily.

"For a while now. you enjoy it." He says.

"Dont flatter yourself." i say.

"then why are you still smiling?" I quickly stop smiling.

"You like me. Just admit." One of his hands slip under my shirt and unhooked my bra. his very touch silenced my protest. My body excepted it, my mind shunned. His other hand slid up my inner thiegh


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