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A vampires slave

Novel By: XMyXsafestXhavenX

Tags: Vampires

the noval inspire by a vampire hates my tears View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 30, 2010    Reads: 513    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I shrill scream dragged me from my sleep. It was loud and rung in my ears. I look around my dark room. There is nothing. It sounded like... Nina. I swing my legs over the edge of my bed and rush to the hall way. The hallway is dimly lit by a single rectangle of moonlight coming from the window at the end of the hall. I walk until I find Nina's room. A pink bunny marked her alabaster door. It's open. I find her lying in her bed at an awkward position. I watch the tears roll down her face.
"Nina, what's wrong?" I whisper. A muffled whimper answers me. I tip toe over to her. I know she's only been living with us for a short time but I love my adopted sister. Even though it bothers her that her skin isn't as dark as mine or her hair isn't as curly as mine. But I told her that just because I was another race didn't mean we couldn't be sisters. I try to move her but she lets out another scream. I jump. What was wrong?
:"It hurts…." She barley managed to cry.
"I'll get mom, I'll get mom." I said hurrying to my parent's room. They could find what was wrong. I come to my parent's room and the door is locked. On the other side I hear my mother screaming.
"No, please!! Stop!!!!" then the vilest cracking sound that could only be crushed bones.
"MOM!!!" I bang on the door. I cover my mouth and in horror I slowly step from the door. I run back up the dark hall to my little sister's room. I rush in and close and lock the door behind me. I hurry to Nina's bedside.
"Nina, please, what happened? Are you hurt?" But she won't answer. Her eyes are vacant and stained. Her little back arched.
"I broke her spine……."
"Wake up Zaria." I wake to Coeur shaking me.
"What?" I arise with an aching migraine.
"You were screaming." His Green eyes are cold and lined with dark eyeliner. He looks dead. Or like a Goth. Bright rays of light invade the room through a slit in the curtains.
"What time is it?" I ask.
"2:00," He answers.
"And you let me sleep?" He ignores me. I think to ask him again but I remembered last night's spectacle. He gets up and walks over to the dresser and retrieves a T-shirt. I roll my eyes and get out of bed. I head to the bathroom. Everything in there is stark white. The walls and ceiling. Even the towels and shower head. I look in the mirror. A skinny girl stares back at me. Brown eyes, long wavy ebony hair. Thick eye lashes and thick eyes brows to match. Eww, time for a pluck. And a couple scrapes and nicks from my accident. Looking at myself now, I remember the teenager I used to be. Image obsessed. Right now I'd be trying to shake off a mad hangover from a hot basement party back in Colorado. I missed my life. I would be grinding on Conner to Sex therapy by Robin Thicke like there was no tomorrow. Me and Conner had a thing before I… died in a fire.
I was looking into the eyes of the teenager I used to be. I remembered my tight skinnies, flat ironed hair, and converse living on the edge of life with no remorse. I'm not just some innocent girl. Though I was a virgin, I was promiscuous, if that's possible. I fooled around a lot, never been penetrated. Until Coeur came along with his longing gaze and chiseled body. I sighed and stripped to get in the shower. When I got out I walked into the bedroom completely naked and not giving a damn. Coeur was lying on the bed, throwing a tennis ball up and down, catching it every time. His eyes followed me.
"We need to talk about last night." He says.
"No we don't." I say as I dress. Some skinnies (of course) A T-shirt and converse. I pull my hair in a pony.
"God, I have to take you shopping." Coeur sneered. I roll my eyes.
"You didn't mean what you said. Did you?" He asks. I sigh. I know I should say no But I remember my dream.
"You broke her spine." I say flatly. Was that enough of an answer? I head for the door and he's quickly on my heels.
"I thought we were done with the subject." I spin on my heels and com face to face with him. My gaze is fuming. He's knows not to go there.
"I know," He says, knowing he touched the wrong subject. His expression lightens to shame and he looks down.
"Done with the subject?! Do you…" I take a deep breath.
"Yea, I am done with the subject." I turn around and head down the long staircase. I make it only to the living room with the large chandelier before Coeur chasing away the silence.
"You know I can never take that back." He says.
"No, I suppose you can't." I say, heading to the front door to retrieve the mail. I flip through bills in Coeur's name.
"You know, who the hell you expect to send you mail? Nobody even knows your alive." He says as he snatches the mail from my hand, accidently leaving a letter in my hand.
"Hey, this one's for me. And it's from Montrose." In the blink of an eye, it's disappeared from my hand and it takes me a second to realize Coeur has snatched it. This immediately irritates me.
"What the fuck are you hiding??!!" I ask.
"None of your god damn business." He murmurs, crushing the letter in his hand. I ball up my fists. I push past him and go to the kitchen. I know it's childish to stomp my feet but out of force of habit I do. The kitchen is clean, but it's mostly because I don't really use it. I swing open the fridge and scroll through the various selection of junk foods. I grab the cookies and cream ice cream and the chocolate syrup. I'll take my anger at Coeur out on my ice cream.
"Your gonna be so sick." Coeur walks into the room shaking his head at my poor choice in food. I ignore him and drive the spoon into the quart of ice cream. He sighs and takes my ice cream and chocolate syrup from me and puts them up. I watch in disbelief as he retrieves some carrots and celery from the fridge. He puts them on a plate and sits them down in front of me. I could have torn his head off! I take the plate into my hands, and with a hard flick of my wrists, I send it flying at him. I see it crash against the wall and break into a thousand ceramic shards.
But Coeur is no longer standing there. What the…?
"Now that wasn't very nice now was it?" He's behind me and very close to my ear. I jump.
I get up immediately and back away from him. I can see the irritation animating his pale face. His Green eyes spark with mischief; most likely at my expense. He walks toward me and I back away. Then my back meets the kitchen island. I have nowhere to retreat to and Coeur quickly closes in. I feel around on the marble counter for a weapon. I intend on hurting him this time. He eliminates my any chance at personal space by bringing us chest to chest. My hands discover a flower vase. I quickly grab it and smash it over Coeur's head. In a huge blur, he's several feet away and hissing at me with the psychotically amused eyes of a killer. He is in a defensive crouched position as he dusts himself off.
"Oh I'm going to get you for that." He says. I flea to the living room knowing there is no hope. I nearly slip in the archway of the living room. I hear a loud growl which causes me to look back in shock. He throws himself toward me and sends us both flying through the air and when we land, some how safely on the living room couch, and he's strategically pinned me down. I'm breathing so hard, I think I might cough up a lung. He's laughing. My head is nearly buried beneath the throw pillows of the large C-shaped leather couch that extends across the room..
"Look how scared you are!" He laughs.
"Get off!" I struggle and he finally lets me up. I push him playfully back onto the couch and climb atop him.
"Who's got who now?" I ask, finally catching my breath and breaking a smile. And for a while we both laugh. Enjoying our time together. Rejoicing this day. The sun finally sets in the west and the light is drowned by the darkness. I find myself cuddled with Coeur on the couch in our dark living room perched in front of the TV like a brainwashed zombie. I can see the moon clearly outside the window behind the plasma TV.
Can I ask you something?" I say, a thought suddenly occurring to me.
I feel him shrug.
"That depends."
"Is your father the one who bit you or the one who… Made you?" I ask.
"He made me… As through sex." He answers. I'm puzzled. He sighs and lightly combs his fingers through my hair.
"My father is a vampire, from what I know. He Had sex with a human and, Walla! You get me." He says. I turn my head to the side so I could at least see his perfect profile.
"You're half human?"
"Not exactly. When a half blood child is born, its born purely human. When it reaches maturity, say 16, it turns vampire. And the transition is a mother. You're fangs grow in and its like having a mini chainsaw in you're mouth with you're lips sewn shut."
"I thought you said you didn't remember." I state. Its quiet for a moment or two.
"I lied. My human memories are really blurry. I actually don't really remember but from what I do I don't want to go back. My dad wasn't exactly the nicest man on this earth. In fact, he was a cold blooded asshole if you ask me. But I hear he's trying to find me."
"The letter.."
"Yes. They need me for something. I can't say what."
"You can't or you don't want to?"
He shrugs again.
"It's much more complicated than that. My Father is a powerful man. And everything you thought didn't exist does. It's that simple."
"Who's Montrose?"
"All these questions. Let's just say he's my fathers assistant."
"One more thing."
"Go ahead."
"Sunlight. I've never really seen you in daylight, so what's the deal?" He laughs.
"I burn in it Zaria." This distraught me for a moment but the thought of him burning to death in sunlight was actually very funny. His arm tightens around me. I guess I could get use to this life. But soon as the only sound was the TV again, he spoke.
"you don't really hate me, do you?" He asks. His voice for the first time, is insecure. But this time I can truthfully say.
"No, I don't"


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