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kyla maldonado

Novel By: XtreMe me

Tags: Life, Teen, Family, Me

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Submitted:Aug 24, 2010    Reads: 159    Comments: 30    Likes: 4   

i was being rudely woken up !! my mother, honestly I love her but come on, 12:30 in the morning! To add insult to injury it was a Sunday morning ,for heaven's sake. Who gets up early on a Sunday!
"kylaaaaaaaaaaa! wake up " yess thats the darling mother.
I grunted something unintelligibly.
"kyla.wake up it's late afternoon " late! Pshhhht! Who's she kidding? 12:30 is still morning, in my dictionary.
"kyla. Get up and get ready, NOW!"
"hmmp….okay, okay!"
"I can't see you getting up" my mother grabbed my duvet cover and yanked it of me.
"ugghhh" I moaned. it was freezing.
"kyla! That's it! if you don't want to get up then fine, im going to leave without you"
"im coming! "I said muffledly into my pillow.my mother flung open my curtains
"aghh" the sun-light flooded through, glaring down at me. that's the one thing I could'nt stand,the light. satisfied that I had woken up my mother left the room. I jumped out of bed. my waist long light brown hair was mussy and stuck to my face in all directions. with my eye's still shut closed, I began stumbling my way to the bathroom and walked straight into my bedroom door! Ouch! half sleeping I tried to miraculously open the door with my forehead. Then living dangerously, I opened one eye and looked down, amazed to find that my hand was still attached to my body. i opened my room door and staggered into the bathroom.
i flung open the cold tap and (gasp) forced my head under the freezing water . i could hear my mother screaming at my brother's to wake up. Sunday was our official family day. the entire maldonado family goes to my grandparents house for a barbeque and everyone comes back to our place for dessert.
Fully awake now, I brushed my teeth ,changed into a t-shirt and jeans that I had left hanging on the rail,last night. as I was leaving the bathroom, my brother Sean rudely pushed past me with his towel slung over his right shoulder,he didn't even notice me as his eyes were shut. sean reached blindly for the shower door. smirking evily at his back,I reached into the back of my jeans pocket. Wanting to have some fun I pulled out my cell phone and silently began videoing my brother's morning ritual, miraculously performed with his eyes closed. First he began by opening the cupboard and taking out his toothbrush. then he turned to the opposite direction reachiong for errrr nothing since he was facing the wall. sean stumbled back only to land bottom down on the toilet cover and their he sat sleeping with his head lopsidedly resting on his left palm. thats when I couldn't control myself. i guffawed loudly. Sean opened his eyes Confusedly while his mind comprehended the cellphone in my hand, facing him.i fled from the bathroom, before sean understood and while I had my limbs intact..running down the star's I sent the sean's video to my elder brother luke,knowing that before I had my breakfast,the entire family and sean's friends would have seen the video.entering the kitchen and grinning mischievously I thought that perhaps my Sunday wasn't going to be that boring,after all.


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