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Novel By: XUXIKI

Tags: Love, Romance, Humor

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it and hits you like a tsunami. And there is nothing you can do to stop it's impact in your life, you just have to let go... and drown in it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2007    Reads: 250    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"I hate him!Can you believe the gall? Calling me frigid! Frigid! He never even gave me a real kiss before, just one of those pecks on the cheek. Now he claims that I gave him the wrong signals. Is there something like right signals? Oh Anna, am I really that dull? Don't I look sexy? Not even to a mousy accountant?", Amber says as she flings herself on her best friend's couch.

Anna looks at her friend sadly. She just wishes Amber can see herself for the beauty that she really is and stop attracting the losers that she normally do.

"Forget about him my friend. He does not deserve even one tear on your brow. He is just another no-good snake without a backbone. You will find someone that really loves you and wants you. Be glad that you saw the back of him. And why are you so theatrical? I have never seen you act like this before? Please don't tell me that you might have ended up loving him?"

Anna's sad look turns worried to her friend now sitting on the couch. She looks beaten, her eyes big pools of sadness. Amber down casts her eyes and start fiddling with her hands. The passion filled theatrical long forgotten. And that makes Anna more worried than she was before. She knows her friend well enough to know that a life changing event is about to happen. An event that will end up turning her life also upside down. For however meek Amber appears to the naked eye, how timid she seems on the outside, when she decides on something during a fit of rage it ends up being a very drastical change.

"It's not that he left me that bothers me. I somehow knew it was going to happen. There was subtle signs that even a blind person could not ignore. It is the fact that he left me for a shy, quiet sunday school teacher. And he claims she shows him more affection than I do. I saw their kiss Anna. He was all over her. Suddenly his arms was like an octopus and he was almost drinking her lips like a man thirsting for water after a drought! I know that when you find your other half even a simple kiss can become more than what it really is, but he never even kissed me on the lips. Just one or two pecks on my cheeks. I would have settled for an awkward schoolboy kiss. Three months we have been wining and dining and I thought he was waiting for the right moment."

Amber looks up and sees the pity in Anna's eyes.

"And don't look at me like that! I will not be pitied. You have been right all along. I am not going to sell myself short anymore. I am going to show the next guy that comes along the real Amber. The one that is yearning for hot sex and passionfilled evenings. And I am going to go find that guy tomorrow!"

"Now Amber, just wait a moment and think this through. Why didn't you even get to first base with Duke? Maybe you were just not ready for that kind of relationship."

Anna suddenly felt a pang as a cushion hit her on the head. She had to laugh when she saw the maddened look on Amber's face. A lesser person would have shriveled from inside when they saw the look on Amber's face, but they have known each other for far too long for Anna to worry about small things like a dagger filled stare. With her best friend's laughter chiming like a melody in her ears, Amber first broke into a grin and then dubbled as she started laughing herself.

" Oh Anna! You can always make me feel like there is a silver rim around every cloud. Now you must help me change myself into a sex goddess."

Anna's laugh stopped abruptly. There, the punchline she has been waiting for the whole time.

"Amber, you are who you are. Your shyness makes you unique. The fact that you still believe in waiting for your soulmate has made you a sought after and precious gem."

"Sought after! Ghmf! Maybe by girls wanting to enter a convent, but not by any man!" Amber snorts.

"Ok, but it still is noble. And you will find the right guy, believe me, he will come."

"Oh I intend to have him come! Don't worry about that."

Anna just looks amazed at her friend. The kitten is showing her nails. She wanted to say finally, but the timing is just not right. Well, she will have to help her friend or she will seek help from somewhere else.

" So Amber, when does the transformation begin?"

"Right now. Tomorrow I wanna find my lover!" Amber excitedly says. Her eyes are now glowing, not filled with sadness anymore.

"Well, then we have to get to work. We need to change your hairstyle, and your clothing. I know this guy that can show you just what make-up will go with your mood. Oooo, and we need new shoes! Heels and strappy sandals to show off your dainty feet. This is going to cost you a small fortune! You still wanna do this?"

"Yes! I want to be a sex goddess. Just you change the exterior, the interior have been waiting forever for this to happen!"


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