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Novel By: XUXIKI

Tags: Love, Romance, Humor

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it and hits you like a tsunami. And there is nothing you can do to stop it's impact in your life, you just have to let go... and drown in it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2007    Reads: 120    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Amber could not believe her eyes. Her chestnut hair was shimmering red and gold as she twirled the locks around her fingers. Wavy locks framed her heart shaped face making her alluringly sexy. Smoky ebony eyes looked back at her from the mirror. Ebony eyes enfringed with blue eyeliner making them deep pools of lust. A pouty red mouth formed words that seem to be lingering in mid-air.

"Is this really me?" she turns to Gill and throws her arms around his neck.

"You are a magician! They should let you wave your magic wand over all women. Men would be impaled with lust."

"Honey, believe me, that doesn't work. Tried my wand on myself and had no luck whatsoever. You just got it, sweetpea! If I wasn't gay you'd be stark naked by now, doing some hankie �pankie with me."

Amber blushed by the thought of her with Gill. Damn, if he wasn't gay her search would have been over now. He has the tall, dark and handsome appearance, with a great sense of humor. By the look of his tight buns he should be great in bed.

"I hope you didn't just check me out now, girl! No�point drooling over cake you are never going to nibble on,"they both started laughing.

"Just look at you, a dynamite package!That red dress was made with you in mind.�Perky, full breasts, just ripe for the plucking. A tight, round bun that makes my hands start itching. And that gorgeous smile, just breaks my heart that I am betting for the other team! Girl, you've got it going on!"

Laughingly Amber says,"Anna told you to boost my ego a little bit didn't she? Well you are doing a great job! I just wish I met you sooner."

"Hun, I�thought you were a beaut when I saw you walking through that door. That guy is a dope! Forget about him! I know some great straight guys that I�SO WANT�to be gay. If you are interested I can give your number to one or two, and maybe who knows... love? Or maybe just some raunchy sex!" and he was gyrating his hips back and forth under loud cheer of some of the clientele in his exclusive boutique.

Laughingly Amber and Gill walks to the door.

"Remember what I told you, love. For a man the chase is everything. You must give him something to look forward too. Anticipation is sometimes better than the actual deed. Any one can have sex, but it takes a true woman to make the act sexy. And if all else fails..."

"Enthusiasm!" Amber whispers.

"Yes, enthusiasm has been the downfall of some mighty men. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your lover enjoying your every move..." and he gets such a far away look in his eyes that Amber actually starts longing to be able to have someone look that way when they think about her.

"Now off you go. Dazzle them!" and on that note Gill gives Amber a peck on the cheek while he opens the door for her. A chilly wind grips her bones as she walks to the sidewalk.

As she was walking down the street she hears Gill's "Go get them Tiger" ringing in her ears. Smiling, she knew she was on her way to freedom. Freedom of not being the only thirty year old virgin in the apartment block where she lives. She was so enthused with energy as she turned the corner, she did not see the taxi coming straight at her. Moments before the car was about to�impact she felt a strong hand pulling her towards a hard surface.

Stunned she saw the taxi driver cursing as he drove past. She looked up into the most dazzling� grey eyes she has ever seen. She seemed to drown in them and she was just about to swoon when she heard him saying," Are you blind? This is not a catwalk, this is a road. Look� to all sides before you cross."

He pushed her back on her feet and within a few seconds he was gone. Lost in the crowd on their way to home. Disheartened she got rid of her sealegs and crossed the road after thoroughly making sure there was no taxi waiting to run her over again.

Eight hours ago she was drowning in her sorrow when her boyfriend said he was leaving her. Now eight hours later she has�evolved into a sex kitten. Fell into the arms of a god and just as easily lost him. But despair had to wait its turn, for tomorrow she will start looking for her lover.�Tomorrow despair can darken her heart, but today she has hope.

With those words in her head she was walking towards the small park where she was about to meet Anna. Dark clouds lingered in the air and made her a little anxious. As she turned another corner on her way a slight drizzle broke out. Cursing she just got to the other side of the road when a scream made her turn around. At that very precise moment a taxi driving by, hit a puddle and splashed her full of mud.

"You bloody bastard!" Amber screamed as she looked at her dress. Her wonderful red dress was all brown with mud clinging to her body. As she lifted her hand to her head she could feel the limp hair all around her face. All she went through was for nothing! As she was walking on the grass towards the nearest tree in the park , her right shoe's heel got stuck in the ground and she heard a snapping sound.

No! Not the shoe also! When she bend forward to pull out her shoe a huge pile of fur crashed into her. She hit the ground with a thud and heard a angry masculine voice.

"Athena! Down!"

Opening her eyes she saw a big german shepherd standing over her. The dog first looked dazed, then started barking excitedly as she looked at her and started licking her face. Licking all the expertly applied make-up off her face. She just wanted to cry. Everything was going horribly wrong. This is not how she envisioned the outcome of her day.

In the background she heard a�voice talking to the dog as the dog was�pulled away from her.

"I am sorry. She loves the rain and it makes her excited beyond reason. She never acts this way."

An outstretched hand was offered and she just shook it out of her sight. She was so angry! This was not the way her day was suppose to be going.

"You bastard! Look at what your dog did? Look at me now! You ruined everything,"she spat at the stranger. She could not see his face clearly for�he was wearing a hooded coat. But he could see her.

Her hair clinging to her head and face. Her face smeared in blue and red and black. The too tight red dress smeared with mud clinging to every curve of her body. And as she swung her arms agitatedly at him�Victor realised that her breasts are just about to pop out of her dress. Perky, full breasts, just big enough to fit snugly in his palms. His loins went hot. She must be a prostitute. No decent lady would be walking in the park in that outfit at this time in the evening. He had enough problems already but he never had to pay for sex before. No matter how delicious the package was.

"Honey, take this hundred dollars and go buy yourself a nice new dress. That should be enough to buy an hour of your time? I don't �think� me and Athena wasted more time than that."

Astounded Amber watched as he walked away. A hundred dollars lay in her right hand. He thought she was a Hooker! And then she just broke out in tears and sunk to the ground.


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