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Novel By: XUXIKI

Tags: Love, Romance, Humor

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it and hits you like a tsunami. And there is nothing you can do to stop it's impact in your life, you just have to let go... and drown in it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2007    Reads: 98    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Anna found Amber sitting on the grass, laughing unstoppably.

"Honey, what happened to you? Look at your dress and your face! Did someone try to attack you? Should I notify the police?"

"He thought I was a hooker. A hundred dollar an hour hooker. Do you think that means that I am worth a lot, or am I cheap?"

Anna huddled next to Amber, grabbing Amber's shoulders she started shaking her.
"Snap out of it Amber! Please! You are�scaring me�now. I am going to call the police, something is wrong."

Amber grabbed her friend's right hand before she could dial a number.

"Wait. I am fine. I just had a stroke of bad luck. Help me up and just take me home. I will tell you what happened when I am at home."

They left the park in silence and got into Anna's car. On the drive to her apartment Amber was just looking out of the window. Thoughts milling in her head. Don't give up. Today there is still hope. Tomorrow she will find her lover. All good things come to those who wait. Look at Anna, she has the most wonderful guy. Met him at church. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new turn in her life. Tomorrow she WILL lose her virginity.

They entered the apartment still�in silence. Amber put her bag on the counter of her openplan kitchen. She went straight to the refridgerator and opened the door. Looking at Anna, she asked," what would you like to drink? I have apple juice, a pepsi, and a bottle of white wine."

Anna slouched down on the couch.

"Why don't you just tell me what happened. Looking at the state of your dress, I guess it is going to be a lenghty story. By the way, even with mudstains all over you, that dress makes you look damn sexy!"

"Thank you for the compliment, but I feel anything but sexy now. I just want to crawl into a quiet place and die."

Amber relayed her story to Anna, Starting at how wonderful Gill was, to the accident she almost had. Dreamily she remembered bedroom grey eyes.

"Did�HE call you a slut?" Anna asked.

"Nobody called me a slut! And just wait till I tell you the story as it happened. You really should get some Ritalin for your attention deficit disorder. I am only starting my story and you want it to be over."

"Believe me darling, my attention is all focused on you. I just wanna get to the slutty part of the story."

"Anna! You are incorrigible! There is no slut in the story. He just assumed I was a hooker."

"He? Sounds delicious. Were you coming on too strong love? Subtlety, I told you goes a much longer way than being bold," Anna knowingly winked.

"Can I please finish my story or would you rather I stopped?"

Seeing Anna putting a finger to her lips, Amber retold the events that happened in the park. She heard a soft hissing sound. Looking up she saw her best friend almost doubling over with laughter.


"I don't wanna seem cruel, but even you have to admit that that was funny."

"He assumed I was a prostitute!He gave me money!"

"At least he gave you one hundred dollars for a few minutes. That says a lot and you WERE trying to let men see you as a sex kitten. I would say job well done. Imagine your hair was still in style and your dress was not smudged, he might have given you a thousand bucks! Or maybe more!" Anna said, eyes alight.

"Anna, you always have a way of seeing the glass half full," Amber smiled. Her heart lifting again. Anna is always right.

"So tomorrow, I want you to call in sick to work and accompany me on my maiden plight. Can you be here at seven? I wanna get an early start. The early bird catches the worm."

Horrified Anna looked at her friend.

"You are not planning on going through with your plan! Getting a makeover is one thing, but trying to find a lover in one day is madness. Love comes over time and you have waited too long to just throw all your ideals out of the window on a whim!"

"Anna, I thought you would understand of all people. I have to do this. I need to show myself that I am more than just...frigid!" and a tear rolled down her cheek. Her eyes looked as sad as it did that morning. Anna's heart cringed when she looked at her friend.

"Well, thirty is not too young to lose your virginity. If you are going to do this, you have to go to the right places. No use meeting deadbeats if you only have twenty four hours. And lovey, seven is too late, I will see you at four thirty. You had better have a pot coffee warm and waiting for me when I see you tomorrow or the deal is off," she smilingly said. A new glow entered both their eyes. Despite of herself, Anna was also getting excited at the prospect of going hunting.


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