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The Saint Soleil Romance

Novel By: xxImmortalDeathxx

Tags: Romance

Synphony Grey has always been on her own, since before she could remember. Her under-achieved, anti-social father hardly presented himself in front of her or her older brother; Alexander. Syn and Alex had always been very close; even after he decided that he couldn't just sit around their little isolated house that was positioned just off the radar of existence. After Alex left to get the best out of life as he had put it; Syn had picked up a few things herself...
Soon enough, she was writing book after book of poetry and keeping her newly created gardens full of bright colors.

She was happy for a short time; of course that all stopped on her 18th birthday when for the first time in her life, someone paid the house a visit, a visit that would change her life forever. Suddenly, she goes from an isolated lonely home int he middle of nowhere, to the biggest house in the heart of Saint Soleil town....but most surprising? She was marrying in to the richest family you could find around those parts! That's when she meets Aiden... her husband to be; who seems just as nervous as her. How will they ever get through such an ordeal? View table of contents...


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As the day began, such as any other day of Synphony Grey's life, the sun rose with bright optimism of the day ahead. Stretching out the kinks of being asleep for 8 hours; Syn quickly got dressed and ran down the old wooden staircase and in to the kitchen. Her pure white dress swung around her knees as she jumped from each unstable step. She tumbled in to the dimly lit kitchen, making sure to draw the curtains as she passed by the counter and plugging in the electric kettle for a routine cup of tea. The new morning sun shone brightly through the window; lighting up the whole kitchen and some of the dining room. Syn sat at the table, sipping at her tea gently, and peered out the window to see her beautiful gardens coloring the front of the house. After cleaning up the mess she had made in the kitchen; Syn went upstairs and grabbed her poetry booklet so that she could go sit on the hill outside and spend a couple hours writing poetry. As she jumped down the stairs happily, she heard the front door creak open carefully. Syn's first thought that perhaps this was one of the rare days that her father decided to actually leave his study; which was located outside of the house without being detached from it. She soon realized, as she descended the stairs slowly, that the sounds was foot steps did not belong to her father. They were too heavy, strong and most importantly, way too confident. For a split and naive second, Syn thought for sure it had to be Alexander, maybe back for a small visit before his next voyage. That was until a low masculine voice called out her father's full name.

Synphony's first instinct was to hide. Of course, being who she was, which is someone of great curiosity, she was careful not to make any sounds as she stepped down enough stairs to see this unknown stranger. He was very tall with clear muscles all over his body. His dark hair was cut short and styled properly. He wore a black suit and carried a leather briefcase. From those descriptions alone, Syn was sure he was a man of great importance. She couldn't see the front of him at all; for he faced his back towards her. He called out her fathers name once again. Syn took a very large breath, closed her eyes and then walked on to the last step of the staircase.
"He's in his study" Syn said as loudly as she could; which evidently wasn't all that loud. The man turned around towards her. He has a soft face and beautiful green eyes. He was built well yet seemed to be very gentle. He turned to her and smiled lightly, noticing how incredibly nervous and frightened she was.
"You must be Synphony, how do you do? I'm Andrew Stephens" He introduced himself kindly. Syn merely nodded her head; unable to verbalize any sane sentences.
"Could you direct me in the direction of his study, young lady?" Syn nodded again and walked past him politely. She wore no shoes, not that she owned any to begin with. She led him all the way around the house until a small tower shaped part of visible. Syn opened the old wooden door slowly and began to climb the stone steps that led to the top of the tower. Once they reached the top of the steps, Syn knocked twice and waited. Before long Syn's father, Nicholas Grey, peered through the slightly open door. He never said a word, today was no exception. Luckily for Synphony, Mr. Stephens took the lead.
"Mr.Grey. How nice to see you again" He said, walking in front of Syn and face to face with Nicholas. Syn backed up a bit; leaving her on the step under the one she had been on.
"Mr. Stephens" Nicholas gasped, opening the door all the way and shaking his hand. Which, indeed, was a sight to behold for synphony.
"Please join me in the kitchen for a cup of coffee" Her father offered, stepping outside of his study and locking the door behind him. Syn followed both men around the house and back to where she had met Mr. Stephens in the first place. After her father had shooed her upstairs to her bedroom, Syn silently sat on the staircase, close enough so she could barely hear the conversation in the kitchen.
"It is her 18th birthday today, Mr. Grey, please don't tell me that you are going back on our deal" Andrew argued.
"No of course not Mr. Stephens" Nicholas said shyly.
"Then she leaves today, my son awaits her arrival by the end of the afternoon, Mr. Grey" Syn listened careful, but had no possible understanding to what they were talking about or where they were taking her. Assuming that it was her that they spoke of. While she daydreamed of answers, she suddenly heard her father calling her down.
"Yes father" Syn greeted politely and she walked in to the kitchen.
"Mr. Stephens will be taking you to Saint Soleil with him, could you pack up your things?" He demanded.
"But father, what do you mean?" Syn questioned, a little fearful of what was going on.
"You will be living with the Stephens from now on, Synphony" He clearified.
"Do you not love me anymore father?" Sun panicked, running to his side with tears in her eyes.
"Your father loves you very much" Andrew said with a smile.
"And he shall come visit you often" Syn nodded towards the proper man.
"Will you father?" Syn asked with hope.
"Yes, synphony, I will" Her father promised, tears in his eyes as well.
"Mr. Stephens, why must I join you and your family?" Syn asked, standing up fromt he floor and walking towards their new visitor.
"You are betrothed, young lady, to my son, Aiden Stephens" Andrew said happily.
"I am to be married..?" Syn gasped with utter fear. She stopped walking and stood in her place; frozen. Her father and Mr. Stephens tried to calm her but nothing would. Without any other options, Mr. Stephens asked that one of the ladies from his huge car, a maid he called her, to aid in packingup her things. This lady, who's name was Marie, brought her upstairs and neatly put all of her things in to bags.
"Is that everything?" Marie asked with a smile. Syn merely nodded and stood up once again.

Marie among others packed Synphony's things in to the big black car that would take her to her new life. Syn stood in front of her father and hugged him as tight as she ever could. He whispered in her ear how much he loved and would miss her. After their good byes, Syn jumped in the car and opened her window. She silently watched the scenery pass her by as she drove for hours to get to the biggest town in the country; Saint Soleil.


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