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Inappropriate Feelings

Novel By: xxitunes22

[COMPLETE]It was never supposed to happen. It was never supposed to begin. It did happen and it did begin. This is a story about a teacher and student who fall in love, though, there are many obstacles they must face.
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Submitted:Nov 24, 2010    Reads: 8,049    Comments: 12    Likes: 13   


"Open up your books to page 150 and read the precedent cases following the information and do questions 1-10 please." I announced with finality to my students.

I heard a few groans and unpleasant remarks, but the sound of pages being flipped over made me smile. It was quite an improvement since my last senior class 2 years ago. I distinctly remember the girls and boys chatting while I tried to teach them the importance of the law and legal system around the world.

I sat down at my desk, which was adjacent to the white board, and across the first row of tables that only has one student currently occupying a singular table. Her name is Lily Northman, and is the biggest trouble maker I have ever taught in my 6 years of teaching. She's one of those students who has the potential to be the top of the class, but would rather popularity amongst their peers instead.

I didn't realise I was staring at her until she looked up from her book and locked eyes with mine. I raised my eyebrows to acknowledge if she needed help but she looked back down once more.

I looked back onto my desk and started marking their assessment tasks I gave out last week. It was an unsighted essay question that showed me whether or not they researched the topic instead of memorising previous essays from previous years. As I put the final marks into my marking book, I heard the sound of vibration coming from the floor in front of me.

I don't have a problem if the students need to use their phones during their breaks, but in my class, I do not tolerate such a thing. I looked up from my desk, and noticed a few people eyeing each other, considering the class was quiet and clearly, I wasn't the only one who heard the vibrating sound.

"Sorry Sir, I forgot to switch my phone off before I came to class after lunch." Lily apologised, picking up her phone and switching it off, not before typing a text back. She put it inside her bag, going back with the work I gave the class at the beginning of the lesson, seemingly forgetting about my no mobile rule.

"Next time it's mine." I said a little angrily, and going back to check the marks again.
At 1.55, I stood up and handed the students their assessments back, hearing gasps of pleasure and distraught. When I got to Lily's desk, she was hunched over her table, one pencil in her hair, one in her mouth, and the other in her right hand, tapping against her legal book. She didn't notice I was next to her until I dropped her task on her desk.

She turned away from her book, looked at her paper, face scrutinising the mark I gave her. She didn't even turn my way when I told the class how the class went as a whole. I gave my advice for better results, and offered to mark other papers and give feedback. This went for five minutes, until the bell rang, signalling the end of class for some students, or end of day for others.

I went back to my desk, putting away my things to get ready to go the gym. As I finished my task, I saw Lily bent over her side, obviously packing her bag to leave. I gave an awkward cough, to tell her to hurry up, and was slightly wary when she smiled innocently.
"Sorry Sir, I'll be out in a minute. I didn't realise the bell went." She told me quickly.

I didn't say anything but merely nodded and watch her hurry out the door. I didn't realise I let out a breath that I was holding until my phone vibrated through my jeans, telling me I had a message.


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