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Novel By: YaSoora

This is a love story between a unique teenager(Who becomes an adult along the story) and a mysterious guy. It is very interesting and unusual. PLEASE!! Give me feedback. View table of contents...



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It has been really hard for me lately but… What can I do? I'm a simple girl from the outside. But I have massive… Massive feelings! Or no, characters inside me! I want to express… Oh.

So… I was walking in the lobby when someone smashed into me. Yes lobby. We move from hotel to hotel. We are travelhotelers! Me… And my mom. My dad's dead.

So… When that man (Apparently) did not apologize and did not pick up what he lost from the clash (Collision with me ). By the way, my name is Catherine. Yea that's right C-a-t-h-e-r-i-n-e!

So… When he acted rudely, I said: NOTHING! Now you would think that he was on a hurry so that he did not pick up his stuff, or that he did not notice that they fell… But No! Because after the clash, he simply walked with so much insouciance and pure arrogance. That attracted me… I looked at what he did, I was disgusted. I looked at him, I saw a handsome youth. He had a quite wide jaw and a narrow cheek. His eyes were grey intervened with a little blue. He had a very deep black hair with deep purple tufted among his hair, and I admired his face. I looked inside him, I saw… I saw: NOTHING! It suddenly became so cold, and I rushed to my room.

Chapter 1: C-a-t-h-e-r-i-n-e.

My name is Catherine. I 'am 17 years old. I like music, but I never enjoy it… I never did! Someone always interfered, I hate that! My full name is Catherine de Forlán. I was born in Denmark , but my father comes from France and my mother, from Holland. But unfortunately, I never visited any of those countries… Because right when I was born we moved to America. Then to Russia Where my father was murdered -for getting involved in something (I guess) . When he died, I… When he died Catherine de Forlán died. She's still somewhere inside me but, otherwise, I am empty from the inside… Just like Mr. Clash (That's the name I gave to that man) though there is no need for 'Mr.' because he's probably 19 (As it seemed). My father's name is Claude de Forlán, and my mother's is Jeanne Dicaprio (Not a relative of Leo) I loved her but hated my father. Nowadays I love him but hate my mother.

Chapter 2: (Sigh).

So…I woke up on a Saturday morning. I stayed in my bed and tried listening to some songs on my mp3 when my mom suddenly (Absolutely not suddenly) breached in! "Why are you still in bed" she cried. I got up, wore my clothes (The best ones), brushed my teeth (I love doing that) and went to high school on my feet. It was the last day at school, so we had a blast! I mean, They had a blast. I used to be popular. Yes, I was popular in the most beautiful way! I was so humble, so friendly, and so thoughtful! That's why my good friends didn't abandon me. Anyway, I was in the cafeteria, alone. I was sitting by the window(That's where I always sit). I was going to listen to some music when I saw a figure faraway. It was on a roof of a building, very shady… It waved for me from each window on each floor as it was going down the building! Then, it reached the street. I saw that it was a guy. The figure was a guy! I felt I knew him… He suddenly stopped waving… He was in the middle of the street! He did not look at me anymore, he only stared… He gazed at the sun and it became cloudy… He gazed at the clouds and it rained… Suddenly a car approached him! I unwillingly shouted: "No! Mr. Clash". The car hit him hard! But I heard nothing… Saw no collision… Saw no difference on the street! It stopped raining... It was sunny again… No one cared. Not even the driver! They only walked in the most insouciance way..! Just like… Just like Mr. Clash… Mr. Clash!

Chapter 3: Overcast.

I ran along the street toward the building the crash occurred beside. When I reached the street it was overcast again. I looked around. "So much traffic" I cried. I looked and looked, not blinking an eye. Suddenly between the crowds, I saw a guy sitting on a bench. He was looking at the ground. Hardly saw his face… But I knew that he was Mr. Clash. A limo stopped in front of him. He got up and looked at me for a glance then approached the limousine… It was cold… I was nervous! I ran very quickly towards him shouting: "Mr. Clash! Mr. Clash" He ignored me… I kept shouting till he got in the car and went away! And he simply… Ignored me.

I was so mad at myself… I mean, how stupid could I be to call him: Mr. Clash! It started raining… The streets quickly voided… All my hopes for meeting him faded away… I sat on the ground under a sunshade, my head pointed down. I took out my mp3 and started listening to some emotional & Breathtaking songs! For the first time, I… Actually enjoyed it! I got up quickly, and without hesitation, I jumped away from the sunshade still listening to my songs and raised my head towards the sky! The cold raindrops dropped into my mouth… Crashing into my teeth. It was wonderful! That coldness I felt... The one that scared me the most! The one that trembled through my veins..! Never did again. I was not empty anymore I could feel the massive clash inside me! The one that made me Catherine de Forlán again…

Chapter 4: Browsing... Jonathan.

So… After all that I was in a taxi going back home. I was in ecstasy! "I must find him" I whispered to myself. "Was he a ghost? So that no collision happened when the car hit him" "Does he know me?" I had so many questions in mind. I wondered if he ever picked up what he lost in the clash.

I came back to the hotel and looked around the lobby, but I saw none of his stuff. I asked Jack (A friend of mine who works in the hotel) if anyone came by to take his things. "Yes" He answered. "A young man came by and asked for some things to be delivered to his house. He said he forgot them on the 17th of September(The time I clashed with Mr. Clash)" "Thank you" I said. "But what was his name?" "His name is Jonathan San Siro" He answered. "But I can't let you see his things Ms. Catherine". I thanked him and ran to my room.

I entered my apartment, sneaked to my room (Avoiding a lecture from mom for being late) and searched in the Internet hoping to find something about this Jonathan. In conclusion of what I found: He works for a British family suspected to be involved in Russian-mafia activities. The family is made of two families: Al Alcatraz's & Al Cuagiany's (I remembered my father). So, Mr. Clash's last name is either Alcatraz or Cuagiany. I also found a picture of Jonathan San Siro. He was tall with blonde hair, curly & short. I slept for 2 hours. I woke up and dressed quickly (I was going to a restaurant with some of my friends). I went down the lobby, and I saw Jack. For the first time, I looked at his face. I examined it! He was so white (Almost dead) and with light black hair. He was as tall as me, but younger. Anyway, I thanked him again and took a cap to the restaurant. How happy I was! I had been waiting for my birthday, so eager, and I did not remember that it was that day! That day (The day of the party at the restaurant) was the 30th of September. I had so much fun at the party (At the restaurant)! More friends than I expected showed up! I'm now 18… Hooray!

Chapter 5: Anonymous Guy.

By the way, we live in England. And I love it here!

So… One day, I was walking to my friend's house, her name is Angelina (Angi), when some guy popped in front of me. "Hi" he said. "Hi" I said that and walked past him. He followed me.

- Would you like to go out with me? Maybe have some coffee.

- No.

- So you don't like coffee?

- That's your conclusion?! You think you can just pop right in front of a girl and ask her if she would like to go out with you?! I don't even know your name!

- Hey don't flatter yourself! I was just asking.

- Well, I suppose my conclusion would be: NO!

- All right, then I suppose I will be going to the restaurant were you had your birthday by myself.

He said that and went off. "Hey how did you know about my birthday?!" I yelled, but he was already far and he did not hear me, or he was ignoring me with his insouciance walk! Just like Mr. Clash…

Chapter 6: Angelina.

So… After meeting that anonymous jerk, I continued walking, clashing into people on my way…

I arrived to Angelina's home. I knocked their door and Angi welcomed me in. We got up to her room and talked.

- How are you Angelina?

- Well, I'm fine. What are you going to this summer?

- Let me tell you. On the 17th of September I was going back home when I clashed into someone in the lobby, He was very handsome! But, he was very rude I think.

- Why's that?

- That's because he did not apologize and did not even pick up his things that fell from him when he clashed into me. He just walked in the most insouciance and pure way!

- Pure?

- Yep. Remember this word: Insouciance.

- Ok.

- However, he seriously interested me and attracted me, although, I thought he was very rude and careless. But each time something associated with him happened, I felt so… So cold!

- That's creepy.

- I am serious.

- Me too!

- Anyway, on the 20th of September (Last day at school) I was looking through the window when I saw Mr. Clash get hit by a car after waving for me from the top of a building! So, I ran to the collision area and saw him between the crowds. He got into a limousine and went off.

- Mr. Clash?!

- Oh right! That's the name I gave him for clashing into me.

- Hah! That's cool.

- Yea… Thanks.

- What happened then?

- Then, A series of events happened and I found out that he has something to do with Russian mafia.

- Mafia!

- Yes… And on my way here I met someone who tried to invite me out on a date!

- Really? Who is he?

- I don't know!

- Well, ignore him then.

- I can't.

- Why?

- Because he said he'll go to the restaurant where you guys threw me a party.

- Ho.. How did he know?!

- I don't know. I tried asking him but he was already far and did not hear me! Or he ignored me. Because he was walking in an insouciance way… Just like Mr. Clash.

- Shit.

Chapter 7: Abroad.

So… I came back to the hotel concerned by all these series of events that occurred since the clash. "Surprise!" yelled mom with the most annoying tone.

- (Sigh) What is it mom?

- We're flying to America tomorrow!

- America?!

- Yep.

- Why America? Can't we go to France, or Holland?

- I'm afraid not. Because I have a job opportunity in America.

- But… My life just got exciting and I 'am really enjoying my time.

- I'm very sorry honey…

- Yea… You are.

- So?

- So… You go, I'll stay.

- Please darling, for me.

- Arghh! Everything is about you.

- Then do it for you goddamn it! Don't you want a little recreation?

- Well… Tell me, how long are we going to stay there?

- 2 years.

- (Sigh) Allright, I guess I'll go, maybe have a little relaxation.

- Good girl.

She said that and hugged me. We flied off to America the next day. "God! I forgot about that date with the anonymous guy" I thought in the plane.

Chapter 8: Aboard.

We arrived in Los Angeles after two days… America was fascinating in the morning(In L.A)! But I hated it at night (In San Diego). Oh! By the way, we moved to San Diego in the second year.

After 2 years I approached my mom while she was doing her laundry…

- Mom, I need to talk to you.

- What is it Cathy?

- It has been two years mom. When are we going back to London?

- (Sigh) Cathy…

- Don't misunderstand me! I like it here, and I like spending time with you but I need to return to England.

- Honey, my job here is flourishing and I can't quit yet. Will you survive another year?

- But mom! You promised!

- I know… But..

- I knew that would happen!

I said that crying and rushed to my room. I stayed there and listened to some music…

Half an hour later, my mom entered the room (After knocking).

- I'm sorry.

- I don't..!

- Wait! Would you like to go back by yourself?

- What?!

- You will stay with your uncle, Jeff.

- Err.. What about you?

- I'll follow you back 1 year later. What do you say?!

- Thank you mom. I'll miss you!

I said that and hugged her. On the next day, I was flying back to London, 20 years old!

Chapter 8: Aboard.

We arrived in Los Angeles after two days… America was fascinating in the morning(In L.A)! But I hated it at night (In San Diego). Oh! By the way, we moved to San Diego in the second year.

After 2 years I approached my mom while she was doing her laundry…

- Mom, I need to talk to you.

- What is it Cathy?

- It has been two years mom. When are we going back to London?

- (Sigh) Cathy…

- Don't misunderstand me! I like it here, and I like spending time with you but I need to return to England.

- Honey, my job here is flourishing and I can't quit yet. Will you survive another year?

- But mom! You promised!

- I know… But..

- I knew that would happen!

I said that crying and rushed to my room. I stayed there and listened to some music…

Half an hour later, my mom entered the room (After knocking).

- I'm sorry.

- I don't..!

- Wait! Would you like to go back by yourself?

- What?!

- You will stay with your uncle, Jeff.

- Err.. What about you?

- I'll follow you back 1 year later. What do you say?!

- Thank you mom. I'll miss you!

I said that and hugged her. On the next day, I was flying back to London, 20 years old!

Chapter 9: Home Sweet Home.

I'm an European woman now! A little American as well. Now, you would probably want to know more about my uncle. No need! He's a precise copy of Jeff Bridges! He really used to love me and care about me. But since my father died, we barely see him… I don't even know if he cares!

I arrived in London after 8 days… My uncle didn't show up at the airport. I looked around searching for him when I saw Mr. Clash among the crowds!! I walked their but I didn't find him… I found the anonymous guy! He saw me and started running. I ran after him, but I lost him between the crowds. After 6 minutes he popped out in front of me! (Again)

- Hi there.

- Why did you run away from me??

- Why do you always look at the past?! I'm here now, what did you want?

- What makes you think I want something?

- You ran after me… Not the opposite.

- I just wanted to see why you're running. Good bye!!

- Wait a minute! Who's going to drive you home?

- My uncle.

- Jeff?! Oh, he's not coming.

- How do you know?

- I just know! Want a ride?

- I don't….

- Yes or no??!

- (Sigh) yes.

I got into his car and he started driving...

- So… How did you know about the restaurant??

- What restaurant?

- Where I threw my birthday.

- Ohh… That one! I'll tell you later.

He parked the car in front of my house and I got out of his car. It was a Porsche. I entered the hotel. In the lobby, I found Jack!

- Hi Jack!!

- Cathy! Is that you? (This was the first time he calls me Cathy)

- Is that a question??

We both laughed.

- Welcome back! How was America?

- Good… I liked it there! But of course, London is always the closest to my heart.

- Good to know…

- Sorry Jack but this is my last day here. As you probably noticed, I'm not with my mom. So, I'll be living with my uncle from now on.

- Good luck! We'll all miss you.

- Me too Jack… I need to rest now. Nice talking to you!

- You're right. Go rest now… I have work to do as well.

- Good night.

- Good night.

I climbed the stairs to my room (The lift was not working). I didn't unpack my bags because I'll be moving to my uncle's tomorrow. I threw myself into my mom's big bed! Another time, I had so many questions! How did he know the way to my home?? Why did he run?? How did he know the restaurant my friends threw me a birthday party in?? But although my mind was like popcorn on fire, I slept happily, expecting a new chapter in my life… Expecting an answer to all my questions… I slept.

Chapter 10: Jeff has the answer.

I woke up the next day at 6:00 am. I brushed my teeth, dressed up, grabbed my bags and took a taxi to my uncle's house.

I knocked the door 3 times until he opened.

- Hi uncle, do you remember me?

- Catherine..?

- Yes, your niece… Cathy!

- Hello Catherine! How are you?

- I'm fine. Err… Can I come in?

- Yea… But why??

- Didn't my mom call you? I'm going to stay in your house for a year, if you don't mind.

- A year!?

- Yes, my mom's in America.

- She is? Come in…

We entered the house. I told him everything while we were drinking coffee.

In the next day, I woke up early. He was almost drunk in our last conversation but that didn't bother me! I liked talking to him. He entered while I was making breakfast.

During breakfast, he told me a very interesting thing!! He said:

- Did you sleep well?

- Not really. There were too many things on my mind.

- About him..?

- Yes.

- Hmmm… Delicious breakfast by the way!

- Thanks.

After 5 minutes, he talked again:

- Look Catherine… I know something you might want to know.

- What is it, uncle?

- Remember Jonathan? The one you told me you browsed the net about him?

- Yes of-course! The one who's working for the Alcatraz family?

- Yes.

- What about him?

He hesitated for a moment and said:

- I know him a bit. I can arrange you two an appointment, were you will be able to talk about "Mr. Clash".

- Really??!

- Well, at least I used to know him.

- When?

- I don't know girl. Give me time.

- Ohh. Sure uncle! I didn't mean to be rude.

- You weren't.

Chapter 11: Too many answers.

Everything went well in my uncle's house. We talked so much in the last three days. In the fourth day of my residence here ended up very well. While we were drinking coffee, my uncle approached me and whispered amazing words in my ear… Tomorrow, I was going to meet Jonathan San Siro!

In the afternoon, I took a taxi to the appointment. I was so excited, but so serious as well! He was an interesting person indeed. The cap stopped by his office. I paid the driver. And marched towards the office.

I entered. I saw a secretary.

- Excuse me, I'm Catherine De Forlán. I have an appointment with Mr. San Siro.

- Just a minute Madame... Can you wait there?

- Yes.

After about 5 minutes she called me.

- Was the appointment booked by Mr. Jeff?

- Yes actually.

- Enter then, Mr. Jonathan is waiting.

- Thank you.

I entered his office. He was the man I saw in the picture on the internet. It's him!

- Hello… Ms. Catherine.

- Hello.

- So you have questions?

- Actually I do. And I hope you have the answers.

- Sit down please.

I told him my story. I told him about Mr. Clash, the anonymous guy, and pretty much everything. This was his answer:

- I know exactly who's Mr. Clash from what you described. He is the son of my boss. My boss, Sliciovich Alcatraz, had two sons. Dominic, who is "Mr. Clash" and Alester, who is the anonymous guy. Dominic committed suicide when he was 17.

- Oh my god, that's horrible!

- Anyway, some believe that his brother killed him. And made it look like a suicide! It was never proved. But his father believed it, and expelled him from the family.

- So… I'm seeing a dead guy?! It might be true… Because you said Dominic committed suicide when he was 17. And I was 17 when I first saw him!

- You should be careful. The fact that Jeremy is a murderer is 80% true. In fact, when they were transporting Dominic's corpse, he…

- What?

- He vanished.

- What do you mean!?

- They opened the ambulance car and didn't find him.

- So… He's not dead?

- We don't know. His father died, and only Dominic and Jeremy are allowed to rule the family.

- But Alester's expelled. And Dominic's dead!

- Exactly… Which leaves me in charge until something happens.

- I see…

Chapter 12: Investigation.

I asked Mr. Jonathan about Dominic and Alester's favorite places, thanked him and left his office. I had no time to waste! I wanted to search for the brothers in the list of places he gave me. First, I'll start with the Italian restaurant, Grazietto. It was not far, so I walked there. I entered the restaurant and ordered some juice. After some minutes, a hooded man sat on my table.

- Alester?

- Who's Alester.

- Oh sorry, but do I know you?

- No.

- Then, don't you want to introduce yourself!?

- No.

- What do you want?

- I want to talk to you… Meet me in the alley north of Grazietto.

He got up and left. I noticed a wound. He was bleeding! I paid for the lemon juice and left the restaurant and took my way to the alley. I did not see anyone. "Hello" I shouted. But I got no response. I sat on a big wooden box for a while. Then, the man appeared.

- Hello young lady. My name is Mors. I'm here to protect you.

- What?! From who?

- The people who want to hurt you!

- And who are they?

- I cannot tell you.

- What? If they really want to hurt me, then I need to know their names!! Who are they?

- The Cuagianys.

- That name is familiar.

- No time. Follow me!

I followed him. We started moving through alleys until we reached some kind warehouse.

- We're safe now. Ask your questions.

- Who are you?

- Mors.

- I meant… Nevermind. Who's after me?

- The Cuagianys.

- Could provide more details please!?

- That's all I can say… I need you to trust me.

- I can't.

- You have the right to, but please, don't wander off without me. You need me!

- Who told you that?

- (Sigh).

- What's that!?

- Wait here…

He went to some other part of the warehouse… He was bleeding! He came back in half an hour. I wanted to go! But something told me to stay with him.

- It's them. We must leave!

- Where are they? I need to see them!

- No! They're… Dead.

- You killed them? But you're wounded! And by the way, how are you so calm!?

- I've seen worse. We must hurry, go back home.

- You'll come with me?

- No. I will cover the way… Now go!

- Okay, but please leave me in peace.

I ran outside when a car stopped in in front of me! It was a dark-gray car. The driver told me to get in. I supposed he's one of Mor's men… So I got in the car. It was Alester!!

- Hi, I know all about you!

- Whatever. You're coming with me now!

- You're with Mors right?

- Mors!? Yes. I will get you somewhere safe.

We reached stopped at my old hotel. He rented a room and we went there.

- You're all mine now.

- What are you talking about??

- Haha, I am Alester Cuagiany. And you are my mistress.

He approached me slowly…

- What!? No!!!

He started to kiss my body! I was so scared! Someone (probably Mors) rushed into the room and jumped on Alester, grabbed him and in a moment, they had both jumped from the window. "Oh god!" I shouted. I was so nervous and scared! I ran immediately to the street. I saw two men approaching me but I took a cap immediately and told the driver to drive me to Jonathan's office. While I was in the car, I called my uncle from my cellphone and told him to meet me in Mr. Jonathan's office. I arrived… And met them both there.

Chapter 13: Getting Things Cleared.

The secretary let me enter immediately.

Jonathan: Hello Ms. Catherine, Mors told me everything!

Me: You know Mors?

Jonathan: Yes, it's a long story… I'm afraid I didn't tell you everything.

Me: Damn it! Why didn't you tell me everything?

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Mors told me Alester tried to rape you.

Me: Well, no need to mention it!

Jonathan: My apologies.

My uncle entered. Mr. Jonathan described him the situation.

Me: Why didn't you tell me everything?

Jonathan: I couldn't, we have secrets in the family you know! But since you're dangerously involved, I have to tell you!

Jeff: Then tell us now.

Jonathan: Where do I start..?

Me: How about I ask you questions?

Jonathan: Okay.

Me: Is Mors alive? And how do you know him??

Jonathan: I don't know if he's alive now..! But he was when he called me.

Jeff: And how do you know him!?

Jonathan: He's my best Capo. I sent him to protect you. Since you had some valuable information.

Jeff: You sent him to protect her or the information!?

Jonathan: Both.

Jeff: I doubt that you bastard!

Jonathan: Watch you language please! You brought this on yourselves.

Me: He's… Right.

Jeff: Maybe.

Me: Alester said he was a Cuagiany. Explain please.

Jonathan: He's a bastard. He is the son of the Cuagianys' boss who had sex with my boss' wife. When my boss found out, he expelled Alester and killed his wife. He was so mad and sad. He got sick!

Me: Does this have anything to do with Dominic?

Jonathan: Yes. Alester was the elder brother. He was going to take over the family after my boss dies but he was expelled. Which means that Dominic would take my boss, Sliciovich's, place. So he was accused of murdering Dominic as an act of revenge, or to eliminate any rival in this 'game of thrones'. But we are not sure neither of this murder nor Dominic's death.

Jeff: And why is he after Cathy?

Jonathan: I don't know. Look, there is a war between the Cuagianys' family and ours. And as Catherine saw, Alester is leading them.

Me: Yes! But why?

Jonathan: Five days ago, the Cuagianys' boss passed out. Excluding Alester, he only had a daughter. So, his underboss insisted that Alester should take his father's place.

Jeff: Apparently, the underboss' will was an order. And now Alester is the boss. Oh Catherine! What have you involved yourself in!? If your mother knew…

Me: She won't! I'll settle this before she comes.

Jeff: I hope so…

Chapter 14: Striking Back.


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