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Galaxy Affair!

Novel By: Yaya634

Astrid “Astra” Fitzgerald is a young attractive high school girl living with her aunt and cousin in a small peaceful town. Her life completely changes when she finds a mysterious egg that landed on earth like a meteor. Once hatched as alien feline, she is given one special wish and Astra wishes for her true love. Suddenly a large spacecraft crashes near Astra’s home, there she meets a gorgeous being and alien named Spiral Nebula. To her surprise the alien feline says wish granted and disappears. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 7, 2012    Reads: 51    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter1. Just One Wish and Crash! ♡

I can't believe it's already been seven years since that tragic fateful day in winter…playing in the snow until momma and papa got home. My birthday that brought me lots of snow angels and wet snowflakes kisses on my face. But my aunt came, not momma or papa…there was a very icy road and it killed them…since then growing up I kept throwing paper airplanes into the wind, sending messages in a bottle…but the wind just blew the paper airplane in the wrong direction and the bottle sunken way down in the ocean. So with one last hope of reaching heaven I sent a green balloon up into the sky, beyond the clouds…maybe even space.*****

"Mmmm…morning time!" Astra yawned and stretched from bed cheerfully. She quickly got into a shower, got dressed, and headed down stairs for breakfast. "Good morning sweetie" Esther said as she sipped down coffee. "Morning Auntie, Vespera gone already?" Astra said as she looked around and ate some steamed rice with misosoup. "Yep, had an early shift today at the station, don't you be late too" Esther smiled and winked playfully. "Oh! Have to get going, see you later!" Astra shouted and hurried out the door as Esther waved watching.

Far in the galaxy something was happening, a star shooted into a piece of rock floating in space, causing a big reaction and strong force enough to send it moving at a speed of light through the galaxy. The chosen destination was the planet earth and it was coming fast.

"Hmm...Oh, finally!" said Helia with her hands on her hip smiling and Tenshi looked and waved. "There you are" Tenshi smiled. "Sorry guys, but I made it in time!" Astra said catching her breath and holding thumbs up with a spunky smile. They walked into the classroom together just before the bell and the school day started. At lunch time outside in the school grounds the girls read a romance novel.

"Gives you goose bumps, doesn't it?" Tenshi happily said. "Yes! Heehee, a kiss that takes your breath away leaving you one sick love mess and want more" Astra giggled and said with passionate excitement. "I want a hot man with killer eyes!" Helia said in a daydream making her glasses fog up. "I'm a fan for any sweetheart with great cooking skills, how about you?" Tenshi asked eagerly eating a sandwich. Astra stood with her eyes closed feeling the wind and looked up at the sky. "Someone different…"

Meanwhile, a tired and sexy woman removed her shoes and walked inside in Fitzgerald household. "I'm back!" Vespera shouted with an energetic stretch. "Hey dear, how was your day?" Esther said watching TV. "Got to lock up some victims, and throw the key away heh, I so need a long bath" Vespera teased and laughed heading upstairs. Esther shook her head and smiled. "That's nice dear".

"Bye guys!" Astra yelled waving as the bell rung and all students left for home. "See you tomorrow, Astra!" Helia waved back smiling. "Enjoy the rest of your evening Astra" Tenshi said with a carefree smile. Astra happily went on her way, humming a soft tune while looking up at the sky. "Jeez lots of homework tonight…I wonder what's for dinner tonight heehee" Astra thought to herself. The sky soon went from sunset to night as Astra made it home, as she loved to walk home exploring nature.

In a matter of minutes the ground shook like an earthquake and a meteor dropped down into the lake making a huge splash upon Astra. "WHAT THE?!!" Astra shouted confused being washed away into the lake and sinking down to where she bumps her head on a hard black rock in the form of an egg. "Hmmm?!" Astra quickly swam up and stood in the middle of the river, holding the egg. "Oh no, I broke it! Ummm whatever it is…" Astra said examining around the egg in confusion. "Oh no… nooooo, what to do?!" Astra cutely paniced as the egg shattered in pieces with a white ball glowing light forming a creature.

Astra stood stunned now holding what had appeared to be a cat, but an abnormal one with an extremely long tail, two sets of different ears with sparkly pink eyes and white fur. "Hello, I'm Starburst, what is your wish?" A voice said. "Who said that? Show your self!" Astra yelled. "I'm showing my self…you're holding me, earth child" The voice said again that made Astra slowly looked down at the feline. "Cats don't talk...Except those on TV, but besides that!" Astra shouted even more bewildered. "What is your wish deep within your body, I'll make it so, tell me please…mew" Starburst said starring deep in her soul.

"My wish….I wish….I want to meet my one…the love of my future…I wish for my love" Astra said in a trance speaking her heart that made a massive wind appeared like a force of a hurricane, Esther clinging on the television set and Vespera holding on in the bathtub, both scared silly especially Astra holding Starburst tight. "Wish granted…" Starburst vanished and Astra slowly opened her eyes only to be in shock of a large spacecraft behind her house and a mysterious stranger. "Umm hello..?' Astra felt her heart pound fast and the stranger turn around. "…Spiral Nebula" The girl said to Astra. "Nice to meet you…" Astra blushed standing frozen and the girl looking deep at Astra let out a smile.*


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