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My strange life!!!!

Novel By: yumtime55

Being ditched by your bestfriend just because she wants to be popular. finding friendship and love in somewhere she'll have never thought of. Isabella Knight goes through all the problems of being a teenager. what happens when she meets the mysterious english patner?? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 14, 2011    Reads: 63    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

Chapter 1

Dear diary,

You want me to express my feelings???? Well here is everything for you in four simple words ''I hate my life''. Yep there it is all out in the open- well not really in the open to any other person. Well to tell you the truth I think I'm retarded for even having a diary but it's not like I can do anything right?? Mum gave it to me on my birthday yesterday which I just turned thirteen. I planned to have la party for my birthday because it was like on the sixth day of the school winter break but guess what??? I had a fight with Kristie my bestie and we've been best friends for like the whole of our lives because our moms were best friends in high school through to university. Well on the last day of school Kristie went off at me for a reason I didn't know, but, I saw her looking at Claire and her entourages. Claire was the most popular girl and I know that Kristie's always wanted to be one of Claire's friends but they never noticed her because they didn't want someone from a corrupt family with her father in jail for being a con. Gotta go mum's calling me. I swear she nags me too much to annoy me.

3 months after

'Isabel' mum screamed my name from downstairs

'I'm coming mum' I reply. While looking for somewhere to hide my diary.

'your gonna be late for school and I'm not gonna drive you there if you miss it' mum said

I finally found somewhere to hide the diary and then I went to my wardrobe and got out my black skinny jeans and a black shirt that had a skull in a fire drawn on it. Then I got out my bra and undies and went to take a shower. After about 10 minutes in the shower I got out and then towelled myself dry then I put on my bra followed by my undies and my clothes. With only about 5 minutes to spare I quickly but expertly put on my makeup. Then I rushed downstairs while brushing my hair. To be honest I was pretty hot for a poor girl.

'you freaktard your gonna be late if you don't hurry' my jocky step-brother(Benjamin a.k.a ben, benji, jam)

'you're the one to talk ass-wipe' I smiling at him while kissing him on the cheeks. He was one of the three people who cared for me that I knew of (mum, my bestfriend-kristie--although I'm not sure about her anymore-- and benji).

'language you two, and to think I brought you up well' she said but muttered the last part quietly but enough for us to here it. So we all burst out laughing.

'can't u give me a ride benji??' I asked him with the whole puppy dog look. I knew he couldn't resist it so he just groaned and looked away and muttered some swear words in spanish that I couldn't understand at all but I always ask him to teach me.

'I have to pick up nick and the guys so I'm not sure if there'll be enough space for you' he said while smirking

'please?' I said looking at him with wide eyes and quivering and also pouting to be just like a puppy/.

'I hate you' he said standing up and getting his folders and bag.

I jumped up and squealed then ran up to him and hugged him so tight even if I was skinny and fragile.

'I love you too' I yelled while bouncing up and down. He couldn't stop the grin breaking out on his face.

'hurry up you two before you go late to school on the first day back' mum said while reading the newspaper. Mum works as a kindergarten assistant and did they pay her much to take care of little rich brats??? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

On the way to the ben's car I managed to glance just over his shoulder's and read the message he was replying to.

'eeeewwwwwwwwwww pervert alert' I yelled and smacked the back of his head.

'ow you bitch what was that for???' he asked rubbing the back of his head with his left hand while texting with his right.

' are you for real?? Sexting??? Seriously grow up' I said while running the rest of the way to the car which wasn't even far from the house.

Upon going I heard him mutter some things in spanish. Then I grinned.

'I swear I'll kill you if someone gives me a gun right now' he said when he got in the car.

'you know you wouldn't cause you love me so much to kill me' I said flicking his ears.

'what the hell is with you and hurting me??' he yelled at me and I knew he was angry at me.

So I turned my head away from him while tears rolled down my cheeks because I always got scared when he was in full yelling mode. I heard him sigh and turn in his seat and then he took a deep breath and patted my back trying to get me to stop crying but I just continued more, so, he left me and started the car after about 15 minutes, he had already gotten the guys and we were heading straight for school but I was still feeling sad to talk because seriously every time I was in the car when ben went to pick the guys up, I never shut up so because of that I got along well with the guys- the same guys every girl in my school fantasised about going out on a date with them. But, today when each one of them got in and saw me in my sad mode, they all tried everything they could to calm me down but I wasn't giving in to any of it so they took to glaring at ben and to be honest I wanted to laugh cause its not always that, the car is this quiet.

When ben pulled over in the parking lot I jumped out of the car and ran in search for kristie. I found kristie but guess what?? She completely ignored me because finally Claire allowed her into her group. I wasn't also sure that she recognised me because I got a makeover during the holidays after my mum got enough money of course because now we're not that poor anymore so I could get anything I wanted. Well long story short my family is rich now and I'm not the ugly out of shape girl I used to be before.

Fucking hell where are my manners, my name is Isabella a.k.a Belle, Bella, Ella, Lala. I'm in yr. 11 same as ben and the guys.

The guys being: Nick, Nate, Sam, Zach, Elias, Sean, Rick, James, Phillip, Cameron, Leo, Cody and Alex.

Well I know I've got them so who cares about stupid kristie?? I know your probably wondering that if I'm friends with the whole hot football guys why don't I have any friends. Well the reason is that my former ex-best friend- claire- went around and spread rumours about me sleeping with all the guys and now all the girls don't want a slut- which is me apparently- as their friends but the guys know that its all a load of crap so they tried to set everything straight once again but who do think the girls believed more?? CLAIRE!!!!! Just because they wanted to be in Claire's group. So after that I cried for a week straight and well you guessed it I withdrew myself from people except the guys and kristie but now I guess I have to withdraw myself from kristie as well. Well I'm just actually happy that she really didn't know my secrets even if we were besties.

Shit the bell just rang I've gotta go to class. I'm so happy that I wore water proof mascara so I didn't have to spend to much time in the bathroom/toilet to make sure there was no tear stains on my cheeks.


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