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Heart and Spade

Novel By: yuu shindemura

Amy is a being that belonged to a superior class of beings-- the vampyres, yet, she is half-human. Kairu, on the other hand, his existence is one of which the superior beings despise. In addition, Amy hates his existence as well-- can love be possible between them?

Genre: Anime-Based Fantasy-Romance Novel
Target Audience: Teens and young

This is a personal challenge (Personal, since it's only directed to me) by Amy2609, a fellow booksie author.

This is the first and last time an anime-based novel I have will have sexual contents, but I fully assure, there will be no obscene and lustful portions of the story that will be found.

This story is meant to give romance a real thought:

"Love feels to women, as love does to men"

Thank you for Reading.
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Submitted:Jul 8, 2009    Reads: 354    Comments: 18    Likes: 7   

Chapter 01
"How do you define love…?
Do you have to express it by physical means, just to say it's a for of romance?
No, of course not…You express it by heart!"
There's nothing much better than the school's dismissal time. It takes more of groveling hard work on books and quizzes just to reach this time of the day, it's already ten minutes past four in the afternoon. As always, I don't want to stay for more than a minute around the school campus. I'm actually busy-busy with my passion that is. I love writing, and this time I'm currently struggling on a novel that I've been working on since last year. I'm so glad I was able to improve more of my writing style than how I was the previous year. I better head straight to my dorm and write. I packed my purple bag and left my books on the locker, and set out back and fast towards my dorm.
"Amy-chan!" a resounding, sweet voice went calling my name.
"Gracielle!" I replied, she's my friend, after I helped her out with her love relationship in dealing and advising behind the shadows.
She paused to catch her breath since she came running to me. "Amy-chan! So, shall we go now?" she blurted out, and I saw a couple more of my friends waving towards me. They're going to invite me again to the malls. Mall-hopping as what we call it, conquering different malls everyday, yet I also have to do some writing.
I cleared my throat, and said, "Gracie, it's very nice-"
"C'mon, let's go, Amy-chan!" Gracielle towed me in and before I knew it, I was already walking alongside five of my friends. We always do this, and for a change, I'd want to finish my novel now. Watching them happy and all of us having fun as we walk towards the nearest mall, I silently sighed, there are really times I can't help around but give way to them.
The mall was only a short walk from our school, after a couple of window shopping and girl talks, we all sat on one of the ice cream shops, I ordered up a strawberry parfait.
"W-what?" I startled as all of them were looking at the parfait I'm having, that's where I noticed they were only having ice cream in cones. God, I feel so much blushing-I didn't think much at all when we sat on the shop, I really thought they would be ordering big time.
I was wrong.
"Wow, Amy-chan, you really…eat, big and much and you still retained your figure!" Mika said, amazed to the heap of ice-cold fruits, cream, and milk toppled. She's the smallest girl among us; she actually looks pretty if she only let her hair hang loose, not with those twin-tails styled on her.
Amber, the girl with blonde hair and clear, blue eyes, also made me look horrible, "yes, tell us your secret, Amy-chan! After being a voracious eater-"
"Hey!" I screamed, Amber, my very best friend just told me I'm a voracious eater. They all laughed after, and even though blushing, I can't help laughing at myself, too. It's the best relief I need and can find at this predicament. "You guys were sitting out here; I thought you all would be ordering anything else other than cones."
"Don't worry, we'll wait for you!" Alyssa remarked, all cheery and holding out her laugh. She's very gorgeous having brownish-black hair and black eyes, all complimenting her white skin.
"So, how does the parfait taste, Amy-chan?" Alice opened up, she has the hair seemed to be made of the finest silk, very matching to her green eyes, and she's quite mature in terms of behavior than all of us.
I've already been embarrassed enough, but I can't let them win, "Well, it tasted very sweet if I would say so, myself! Like Mika has said, I retained my figure!" I winked after, and they all pulled more jokes on me, it's even close to bullying already.
We do seem very much peculiar; I guess we find ourselves in a circle as we're labeled "foreigners" here in Japan. We are students of the University of Tokyo, by which the university newly opened secondary school columns, or a.k.a. High Schools. Amber and I are both Australians, we just met here in Tokyo and that paved much of our way why we are best friends. Mika is a half-Filipino, half-Japanese, she came from Philippines and is now studying to her father's country, but akin to all of us, she doesn't look Japanese at all; I suppose her dominant genes belonged to her mom. Next is Alyssa, she's probably the most outgoing girl you'll see around, she's from Singapore. Alice, she's a Belgian, she's very nice, but you get the impression she's firm, I guess that's what her country has accustomed to, once you get to know her, she's very sweet. Last is Gracielle, she's a very nice girl with her cute looks and doe-eyed, hazel eye features, peachy-cream skin, and golden-brown hair that extended to her waist, Italians can really be so fabulous.
Each of us have different reasons why we are here in Japan, for me, I want to chase my dream. I'm Amy Lea Raedevou, a fifteen year old student of the University of Tokyo HS division, and like I said, I came here from Australia to chase my dream.
After our mall gallivanting, I finally have my time to write. It's already eight in the evening when I arrived at my dormitory which is about two twenty blocks away from the university. I have to at least write up my thoughts on my story's chapters, better yet, do most of the novel and I can do my assignments later because my novel is getting excited on how the plot turned out for me! I'm already in chapter 54 and still I'm rolling along.
After typing up a couple of paragraphs and pages in my laptop, I went over to the freezer to get some soda, and I remembered I needed to buy more as well as for my breakfast for the next morning. I just forgot about them due to the written story that kept stuck in my head. Grabbing the keys for my dorm, I quickly grabbed my black jacket, didn't really mind still wearing my school uniform, and then I paced out to the nearest convenience store.
What's good about being alone in a dormitory is that no one determines what you're doing. My parents send my allowances through ATMs or Credit Cards. The cold winds of the city are haunting me, but I like it, it has a ghastly feel and it relaxes my senses. It's already ten in the evening, I wish a day could have gone for around 30 hours rather than 24, there's so much to do but so little time.
Suddenly, without any kind of warning, I heard a girl's scream not so far away to where I was walking. I quickly tailed, sensing where that scream was coming. The whole neighborhood is quiet and I don't see anyone coming, except for stray dogs, but that scream-I know it's not too far; and I get an awful familiar feeling that I don't know why.
No time to think of feelings or whatever, I ran towards the park a few meters away from the right road where I turned, apparently there was no one walking inside it, but seeing it's a public place and you can enter inside at anytime, this would turn out to be a good place for molesters. I also felt I'm getting close to where that scream was-I can hear faint screams along my head. Bushes quickly rattled in front of me as a guy jumped, and noticed me standing in front of him.
He was carrying a girl-right away I knew this is the girl screaming and this scumbag is the reason why. I place a stance, knowing he would attack me, but I knew I have tricks up my sleeve-a lot of tricks.
The guy flinched and turned away, running as he carried the girl in his arms. I quickly chased them and we ended up in the center of the park, having lonesome fluorescent lights and dim lamp posts. He stood there with his back on me, then decided to place the girl on the ground, and turned to me, sneering.
I got to say, he was a bit cute as the moon shined to his face-but for a rapist, there's no way in hell I would give him any chances. I clenched my fist and put up my stance.
End of Chapter 01

This is a personal challenge (Personal, since it's only directed to me) by Amy2609, a fellow booksie author.
This is the first and last time an anime-based novel I have will have sexual contents, but I fully assure, with me doing this novel, there will be no hardcore obscene and lustful portions of the story that will be found, there might be slight portions, but only slight.
This story is meant to give romance a real thought:
"Love feels to women, as love does to men"

Thank you for Reading.


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