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Novel By: ZAE

Its about a girl who must saved a cursed kingdom and their pronce View table of contents...



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"You must hurry..." whispered a voice that seemed to ride the wind. "Hurry where?" I called to it. It didn't answer, so I thought I would just follow the path that I was on. I figured that it was as good as anything. I slowly walked down the road. As I walked I saw statues of people frozen in place doing everyday work. Also the statues looked so real that they looked like they could come alive at any minute. After a while I saw a city and a castle in the far off distance. As I got closer to the city, more and more statues began appearing everywhere. When I was almost there a warm gust blew past me. As it blew past I heard the voice whisper, "Come to me Astrailel." "How did you know my name and how can I go to you when I don't know where you are or who you are as a matter of fact." I called. "Time will reveal the answers to your questions and to find me you must not look with your eyes but with your heart." the voice whispered. "That wasn't very helpful." I whispered to myself. After a while of debating with myself I decided to try closing my eyes and follow my heart. So I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and listened. I didn't hear anything at first but then I started to hear this humming sound that started to get louder and louder. Then this silver cord like thing materialized out of nowhere. I noticed that it was vibrating and that the humming soud was coming from that. So I followed the cord and keep in mind that I still had my eyes closed. After a long time of walking, I notice that the cord was slowly disappearing. When the cord totally disappeared I thought I'm either there or I took a wrong turn. Before I could make up my mind the voice whispered "Open your eyes Astrailel." I did what the voice told me to but not without some grumbling and curses. I heard the voice laughing and angrily said, "What's so funny." "You." the voice said. "What's so funny about me." I angrily said."Oh nothing too special expect you remind me of some one I use to know a long time ago and how that person didn't like being told what to do and was as stubborn as a mule." "Okay enough of that, now tell me why I am here." I said. As I looked around I noticed I was in that castle I saw earlier. "Well we are in the kingdom known as Órë Ára for starters." the voice says. "Where's that?" I asked. "In a land that was long forgotten from the memories of humans." "O-kay, now that it is out of the way can you please tell me who or what you are?" I said. As soon as I finished saying that a boy around my age which is 17 suddenly appeared out of nowhere. On impulse I reach to grab my sword that I always carry but it wasn't there. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am Adúnë, prince of Órë Ára or voice as you called me." he said. "Okay your highness why am I even here?" I asked. "You can call me Adúnë you know and I called you here because your the only one who can help me. "Why do you need my help and what for?" I asked him. "I can not explain till you have heard the story of my kingdom and it's people, come walk with me and I shall tell you it." he said. "Fine." I said as I started to follow him. We didn't talk for a little bit. I was to distracted by decoration in the castle and it wasn't even dusty and he was lost in his memories. After a while of walking Adúnë stopped and opened a set of doors off to the side. "After you malady ." he said. "Why... thank..." I couldn't finish the sentence because I was laughing so hard. When I looked at him he had a cute puzzled look on his face. "Sorry, I was laughing because I have never in my life been called a malady or a lady as a matter of fact and no one does that anymore sadly." I said. "Ah... I see." he said. "Sorry I didn't mean to be rude it's just I'm not use to being treated like this because I am a girl Knight and I'm consider one of the guys ." "It's okay let's go in now and continue our discussion from earlier." he said. "Okay." I said as I stepped into the room. The room was so beautiful I can't even describe it in words. There were breath taking stain glass windows with pictures of dragons and kings and knights and princesses and other amazing stuff too. As I was looking around I saw two thrones with which statues of a King and Queen holding hands were sitting on. "The King and Queen are my parents, their names were King Ravan and Queen Quenya, sit down I shall explain everything." "Okay now please explain what happened here." I said as I sat down on the cold hard stone that freezes my butt off. "Okay, when my father was just a young boy, he and his army defeated a powerful black sorcerer. After he defeated him a long period of peace fell on the land. During that peace he met my mother and later on married her. They had a pair of twins a couple years after their marriage. Those twins were me and my brother Arin. I was the older one and he was the younger one but he never hated me for being older and we were best friends. When we were 12 I fell ill and was bed stricken. My brother almost never left my side. I had been sick for about two weeks. I had my nurse call my brother in because I knew I was going to die that day. I told him that no matter what I would be by his side forever. I hugged my brother one last time and laid down and closed my eyes for the last time. When I died I didn't move on and I became a ghost and I watched over my brother and protected him. I still do but there was something I couldn't protect him from. Which happened the year we would have been 17. Two weeks before our birthday the son of the black sorcerer took his revenge on my father and his kingdom by putting a curse on us. He turned everyone in the kingdom to stone and turn my brother into something my father hate the most, which was a dragon. Arin then flew off and hasn't returned to this place ever since." he said. "Okay that explains you and the statues and what happened here but why do you need my help?" I asked. "Oh no we don't have much time my magic is wearing out remeber to break the curse you must kill the sorcerer or destroy his power." he said. As he started to disappear. "Wait! How will I find him and destroy his powers." I yelled. I open my eyes to the bright sunshine pouring in through a window in a almost bare cabin. I sighed and got up from my cozy bed. "Man am I glad that was just a dream... Yeah it's my week off I can't wait to go up the mountains to see the elves and train with them." I said to myself. I hate that I have made the habit of talking to myself. I got the habit in the first place because of all the long trips I've made with nobody to talk to except myself. Which can get pretty lonely and most of all boring. As I thought I packed some food supplies, grabbed a biscuit, grabbed my sword and bow and quiver, and hurried out the door. I quickly saddled my white horse named Lossë and strapped my food supply and climbed on and rode off to the Úr mountains. I lived at the bottom of the tallest mountain and my Kingdom (which is the Isil Kingdom) is in the valley below the Úr mountains. The Elves live half way up the tallest mountain. It usually takes me about five hours to get to Elves village. After about an hour of keeping on the look out I heard something ahead. I pretended to not hear and continued on. Right when I was close enough to the noise I quickly grabbed my bow and arrows and shot at the noise. I heard a scream and I saw an elf fall off the tree. "Hey Legalén come out from behide the tree your apprentice fell out of, also you need to teach your apprentice how to stay still." I yelled. I got off Lossë and went over to Legalén's apprentice Nitró. "How did you know I was Astrailel." Legalén said. "I heard your apprentice and I know you had to be close by and I thought you were in the tree too until your apprentice fell out and I saw the bushes behide the tree move so I figured you were there." "Oh... I see I may have to work on my skills." Legalén said. "Now I'm going to check on your apprentice that just fell from a tree if you haven't noticed." I said as I walked over to Nitró and made sure he didn't have any broken bones or anything else. "Are you okay Nitró." I said. "Yeah... I guess I still have some work to do." Nitró said. I messed up his hair and said "Don't worry your master can't even hide from me." "Hurtful!" Legalén called. Nitró and I started cracking up. "Okay... Okay go run on ahead I want to talk with Legalén." I said. "Okay." Nitró said as he ran toward Legalén and grabbed his horse from and rode off. "Man is he energic or what." Legalén laughed and said " You think, So what did you want to talk about." Legalén and I got on our horses and continued on. "I wanted to talk to you about a dream I had." "So what about this dream you had." Legalén said. So I told him all about my dream. "I see... yes... I think I have heard of the Kingdom of Órë Ára and the story about it but I didn't think it was real. But I do believe that prince needs your help and that he is defiantly a ghost and his brother should still be alive even though its been about 500 years but I don't know where he would be and I know the Sorcerer is still alive because animals by the border speak of his evil growing." "I see so do you think I should search for the dragon or go straight to the sorcerer?" I asked. "I think you should look for the brother first because I think your not ready to face him yet and the brother may know how to destroy the sorcerer's power but needs someone to help or something." Legalén said. "Yeah your right about everything as usual and I think I'm still not ready yet and I still have a lot to learn." I said and so that's how the rest of the ride to the village went with us just talking away as if it was our last time to talk and see each other. I was really sad when we finally got to the village because it was nice getting to talk him. When we got there the whole village was outside and were waiting for us. Before I even got off my horse I saw Rowan one of the guards of the castle and he is also a pretty close friend of mine push through the crowd. "Rowan what happened." I said. "Atrailel, Prince Ashlen has been taken captive by a dragon and the King sent me to ask you if you will help." Rowan said. "Of course I shall I will get him no matter what even if it costs me my life, I shall go soon but I must speak with my grandmother." I said. Rowan hopped up onto his horse and said, "Okay I will go tell the King you said yes and good luck and make sure you come back okay." "Yes and I promise I will okay." I said and with that he departed. "Legalén come with me." I said. "Okay I'm coming." he said. We walked in a companionable silence all the way to grandmother's house. We went in and sat down by grandmother's fire and waited for her to speak. "I know about everything and I've known this day would come sooner or later. I have a something I want to give you before you go and Legalén you can't, no matter what go on this journey with." "Yes Grandmother." he said. Grandmother got up and ripped out the flooring of where she was sitting. Out of the whole she pulled out a beautiful moon bow with old runes on it made by an ancient race of elves. Then she pulled out a quiver exactly like that with a never ending supply of the most beautiful arrows I have ever seen.Then lastly she pulled out a Elven sword with old runes on it to and it was perfectly balanced and was unbreakable. I hugged my grandmother tightly and thank her for about ten minutes and the put them on and left my old ones here. "Also my granddaughter I have this and I shall help you get there." she said as she handed me a cloak the color of the midnight sky. "No way Grandmother is this really a cloak of invisibility." "Yes and you must be off I will send you by fire." grandmother said. I put the cloak on and I hugged Legalén and grandmother goodbye And thanked her one last time. Then I stepped into the fire. "Goodbye Astrailel it will be a long time before we meet again." Legalén said. "I know and train your apprentice better and say bye to him for me, okay, Bye." "My granddaughter goodbye this will be the last time I see you on earth, may the moon and sun always look down on to you my beautiful granddaughter goodbye for now but not forever I promise you." grandmother said. As she said that a tear fell down my face. "I wish the same on you where ever you may go and I shall tell my kids and grand kids and so forth of you and you shall always live on in my heart, Goodbye grandmother I love you." I said as I waved goodbye and I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes I was on another mountain and by a cave. "Thanks Grandmother." I whispered and put the invisible cloak on. Then I silently walked over to the cave. When I was at the mouth of the cave I saw a huge black dragon whose scales looked like ambers from a long forgotten fire and coal. The dragon blocked most of the cave expect for a space in the very top. I had to find a way in without waking it up or touching it. I sat down a little ways off from the entrance of the cave. I thought for a while but nothing came from it so I decided to not do anything and let it form it's self. For a long while I just stared off into the distance. But you couldn't see much because their were so many trees. "That's it!" I excitedly whispered. I quickly got up and climb up a tall tree in front of the cave. I then took the end of a rope I never go without and tied it to a strong but high up branch. Then I tied it to the end of one of my arrows and made sure both ends we're tight. Then I fitted the arrow and brought it and the string back. "Amil Cemen, Great goddess of the earth guide my arrow true, silent, and swift." I whispered. Then I released. It was made it through the opening and was silent. I silently patted my self on my back and then I took off my cloak and put it in my quiver. I put my bow onto the rope and whispered, "Amil Cemen, Great goddess of Earth let me make it through this," and with that I pushed off. The rope held me up good and I glided on it. When I got close to the opened space I pulled up my legs and held tight. I missed hitting the dragon by about and inch. I did have time to think about that, I dropped down as soon as I cleared the dragon. When I landed I made sure to tuck and roll and man am I glad I did. I could've broken some bones but luckily it was only some bruised ribs and some scratches. As soon as I recovered from the fall I started looked around for the prince. It didn't take me long to find him. When I got to him I whispered, "Prince Ashlen I have come for you, I am going to give my invisibility cloak to you and I will distract the dragon and when he moves his tale escape through the open space okay." "Is that you Astrailel and I can't do that." Prince Ashlen said. "Yes it is me but you must, you are our only hope for our kingdom, it is your duty to stay alive." I said. "But if I leave you here you will die." he said. "Don't worry about me and if I died it will not be for nothing right." I said. "Fine." he said. "Thank you my friend and make sure Legalén or anybody else doesn't come after and good luck." I said as I handed him my cloak and food supplies. He quickly put on the cloak and disappeared. "Remember the plan." I said. Then a took a deep breath, I was ready to fight to the death if I needed to. I stood up and valiantly drew my sword. I was ready to fight to the death if I needed too. Before I could attack or do anything the dragon said, "Don't move and if you do you'll see what the inside of your prince looks like." "Since no human has ever made it pass me I shall be willing to bargain with you, knight girl." I didn't dare look at his face because Grandmother said that if a dragon looks into your eyes he is able to bend and control your thoughts. "I see that you are not easily deceived well what do you want in exchange for him." I said. "I want you and to not be disturbed." he said. "No don't do it Astrailel!" I heard Prince Ashlen call . "Stick with the plan you must leave and don't you dare come back for me or I swear that I will kill you!" I said angrily. I didn't hear him answer back but I new he would do the right thing. The dragon chuckled softly and said, " Do you accept my offer." "Yes I accept." I said. "Good." the dragon said as he moved enough to let Prince Ashlen escape. To prove that he was leaving he took off the cloak. Then the dragon moved back in place. "Goodbye Prince Ashlen." I whispered. "Now tell me knight girl what is your name." the dragon said. "I am Astrailel the knight and greatest warrior in my kingdom." I said as I stared at the space where Prince Ashlen left. "Well Astrailel would you mind looking at me when I talk to you." the dragon said. "Fine if you say so." I said. I slowly turned my head toward him. When I looked at him, for some reason I saw boy not a dragon and the boy looked exactly like Adúnë. "Arin." I whispered. "Take off your weapons." He said angrily. I shook my head yes and immediately took off all of my weapons and liad them on the ground. Then with a swish of his tail he knocked the weapons to the far end of the cave. Then he leaned in and looked me up and said, "You don't look like him but you smell of him and how did you know my name, it has been long forgotten from memories long ago." "So you are Arin." I said. "Yes and why do you smell like my brother, he's dead." Arin said. "Well its complicated and long." I said. "You have all the time in the world." "Okay." I said. So then I told him all about it. "I see now, that explains your smell but I'm not sure you can help me." Arin said. "I know." I said. "You know just because of this I'm not going to change my mind." Arin said. "I know and I don't expect you to and besides I am resigned to my fate." I said. "Good and if you try to leave I will burn your kingdom down." "I know and it's getting dark is there anywhere I can sleep?" I asked. "No." Arin said. "Okay, good night Arin." I said as I laid down and went to sleep. *** I silent watched her sleep and wished that I was by her side and not stuck as a dragon. When I first saw her I instantly fell in love with her but the dragon thing is kind of a problem. I silently got closer to her and laid my head by her. She didn't stir for a while but then all of the sudden she scream and started crying and she said, "No, no don't hurt him, please don't." Then all the sudden she stopped. When I saw that it was the most gut wrenching and painful thing I have experienced. All I wanted to do was comfort her but I couldn't. After a while Astrailel all of the sudden got up. "What are you doing up." I said angrily. I hate it when I say stuff I don't mean at all. When I said that she didn't say anything back. I knew something was wrong, I was about to do something when she stopped and pick up her sword. Then she turned around, and said, "Did you miss me Arin." "Astrailel what's with you snap out of it." I said. "She can't, I have full control of her body." said Astrailel/some other person. "Wait who are you and what do want with me and Astrailel." I said. "You still haven't figured it out yet." said Astrailel/ some other person. "Wait your that sorcerer haven't you already had your revenge." I said. "About tome and no." said the Sorcerer/Astrailel. "Face me like a real man and don't bring her into this." I said. "Sorry I can't and I didn't bring her into this mess she was already in this mess didn't you know." Astrailel/ Sorcerer guy. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You'll find out soon enough, well enough chatting, goodbye." said Astrailel/ Sorcerer guy. Then she took the sword and stabbed her self in the stomach. *** I woke up with an intense burning feeling in my stomach. Then I realized I was standing up. Then I looked down and saw a sword stuck in my stomach. I took a deep breath and pulled the sword out and put pressure on it with my hand. I sat down, then I laughed and said, "I never thought I would die by my own hands, I guess I couldn't help you in the end and your brother was wrong." "I wish I could do something but I just can't, I'm sorry." Arin. "It's okay Arin." I said as I stood up and walked toward him. "You shouldn't be moving your make it worst." Arin. "It's okay I've seen enough of battle wounds to know that I'm already dead." I said. "It doesn't matter you should be laying down." Arin said. I slowly made my way towards him. When I got to him I accidently tripped and fell on to him and cover him in blood. When We touch I felt this intense burning feeling spread from where we made contact. It felt amazing and when I looked at Arin I saw that he was glowing. Then he started to shrink and morph into a human. The last thing I saw was of Arin in his true form then everything went black. *** "Don't you dare die on me we still need to break the curse all the way." I yelled. I couldn't stop crying. I just can't live with out her, even though we haven't been together long I feel like we've known each forever and I still haven't learned enough about her. "Please, Please don't die on me." I said. I held her tightly to me and just cried. "Arin stop crying." said a voice. I stopped and took a deep breath "Brother is that you ." I said. Adúnë suddenly appeared in front of me. "Yes and there is still time to save she is still breathing." I put my ear to her mouth and heard her breathing. It made me a little relieved that she was still alive and that there was still hope. "How can I save her brother?" I asked. "With your tears, you must change back into a dragon and shed a tear and put it in her wound." he said. "Okay." I said. Then I willed myself to change into a dragon. It had worked I was back to being a dragon. I then quickly shedded a tear and put it in the wound. I watch as her wound slowly closed up and healed leaving nothing but a scar behind. I thank the gods and Adúnë for saving her. Then I tried to change back and found that I could. I gently picked up Astrailel and put her on a make shift bed I made. Then I covered her up and put some bandages on her bruised ribs and then after fixing her up I sat down next to her. Then Adúnë came and sat by me. "So you really have been by my side the whole time haven't you." I said. "Yes." he said."I know it's not your fault for not showing yourself to me I know you had your reasons." I said. "Thanks for understanding you really will make a King someday."he said. "Okay how is it possible that I am able to change back and forth?" I asked him. "Well because Astrailel's love for you is so strong it changed the curse and now you can be human during the night and only two hours during the day." Adúnë said. "Okay that's some good news but to fully lift the curse I still have to destroy the sorcerers power." I said. "Sadly yes." He said. "I'm guessing you have to go." I said. "Yes and do not go after him yet you still need to train and find a way to destroy his powers." he said. "Okay, goodbye brother and make sure you talk to me every once in a while okay." I said. "I will I promise and goodbye." he said as he disappeared. After a while I laid down next to her and pulled her close to me. *** I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and other morning sound. After a while of just listening I became aware of someone holding me close to them. At first I didn't want to open my because it was so bright outside but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened my eyes and blinked in surprise of how the bright the sun was. I was surprised that Arin was the one holding me and that he was human. He was breath taking. I snuggled closer to him and savored every minute of being this close to him. He smelled of fire and of something else but I couldn't quite place it. It was peaceful being in his arms. Then all of the memories came back to me and I looked at my wound but nothing was there except for a scar. I didn't want to but I woke him up. "Good morning you feeling okay." he said. "Yeah and can you tell me what happened last night." I said. "Yeah but let me change." He said as he changed back in to his dragon form. Then he told me everything that happened and to his embarrassment what he said. When he was done I grabbed him around his neck and kissed him and said, "Thank you Arin and I... um like you to." "I like you too." he said. When he said that I blushed badly. "We should probably train." I said as I let go of him. "Yeah your right but I can't train till tonight so you go ahead and train by yourself I'll watch." he said. "Okay." I said. I decided to on my archery. I grabbed my bow and quiver and set up somethings to shoot at. I back up a long way and fitted my arrow and drew back. Then I took a deep breath and release and then I quickly shot off three more volleys in about six seconds. As I was going to check them, Arin said, "Wow your amazing, I'd hate to meet you on the battle field." "You thought that was good but really I did worst than usual." I said as I pulled out my arrows. I walked back to my spot and took out another arrow and fitted it in. Then I drew back and took a deep breath and released. Then I shot off three more arrows. As I went to get the arrows, I said, "I think in order to defeat him, we need to use magic." "I agree but where do we start." he said. "I think I want to start in my kingdom's archives and I want to check my grandmother's place because she knows all about this and we need to contact your brother and ask him if he could give us any information and if he can search your old library." I said. "Good idea but how do we contact him." Arin said. "I don't think that's a problem, I think he's already been listening." I said. All of the sudden Adúnë showed up and said, "You are correct and I think I can." "Okay can you start now?" I asked. "Yeah I'll go now." he said as he disappeared. "Okay me and you will leave at night." I said. "Got it." Arin said. "Okay I'm going to get some stuff ready." I said. "Okay, but can I help you." Arin said. "I don't think so but you don't by chance have two invisibility cloaks." I said. "Sadly no," he said. "It was worth a shot and I need some wood, so do you mind moving a bit and I swear on my sword that I will come back." I said. "Okay, I will." He said as he moved to the side. "Thanks I'll be back soon." I said as I left the cave. I stretched and took a deep breath of fresh air. Man did it feel good to be outside. I started to collect fire wood when some one grabbed me from behind.


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