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Love across dimensions

By: zehobbit

Chapter 1, haley\'s life is going downhill and she makes a wish that at the beginning she wishes she never said in the first place, but in the end will she regret it.

As crazy as it seems nothing much has really changed since I met the love of my life. Sure I have a boyfriend but it isn’t like I have forgotten about my friends, even though they do stare at me a lot when I am with him but I haven’t abandoned them on my epic journey to love. I may not see them that much, but when I do I make it count. Wait… actually I spend all my time talking about him and I think they are getting pretty fed-up with it. I think things may seem normal for me, but to my friends I am in a world all my own. Why can’t I have a world all to myself? It isn’t like I’ll regret that in the future.

“Haley, can you stop texting that leech of a boyfriend of yours and do the dang washing up! If you leave it, it will only make it worse for yourself!” Screamed the mother that is a right pain up the … well I shouldn’t really say that.

“I’ll be down in a minute okay!” Why does she has to do this to me it’s not like I’m 18 or anything and going to get my own life. NO! I’m 15 years old and have to deal with my bum hole of a mother, who is also an avid texter, texting one of her many ongoing boyfriends. I’m surprised that I don’t just go down and say “So who’s it this time, someone online or Dave the milkman” all she’ll ever do then is saying that I’m being rude but why diss my boyfriend when she hasn’t even found love yet. It is totally against the right of dating. Only my friends are allowed to help me make the ‘life threatening’ choices that I have to face at my age.

My phone beeped at me mimicking my thoughts of well…my life at this moment in time. The text read sorry have to go now sweetie pie, speak soon and maybe see you tomorrow if you don’t get grounded again, so don’t sass your mother xxx :). Well that’s sweet but now I feel like there is an empty space in my heart where Blake and his texts used to be. Now I have no choice but to do the washing up. Not like my mother would notice. Tonight everything that I will have to wash up now will be back in the sink for me to wash up again. It’s so annoying not having a dishwasher. It means that all the weight of chores has fallen onto me. I think this is why parents have children. Homemade servants, that’s what they think of us.

Well I finished that, now I guess what I have to do. Well the washing machine finished while I was washing up so now I have to put the clothes out to dry on the radiators because it isn’t warm enough to put the clothes outside. Will I ever be able to sit down and actually watch TV or go on the laptop. A teenager’s work is never done and well… we’re teenagers. We sleep all day and party all night or so to speak. It is that time of life that we are .supposed to be lazy, not our parents, but us. We will have to run round for our own children in the future. That is if we ever have any. I’m off the point so where was I. Oh yeah…

*knock knock*

Well that’s weird I wasn’t expecting anyone at. Whoa…1:00 o’clock. It may be for my mum, but I haven’t heard a peep from her since she told me to do the washing up which was an hour ago. I know I am very slow with my chores, but I don’t like a dirty plate or anything else that deals with food. I didn’t get it from my mum I will tell you that. She must have gone down to the pub to meet… well whoever she is going out with at the moment.

*knock, knock, knock*

“Alright, I’m coming! Don’t get your knickers in a twist!” I open the door and who do I find, but Dave the Milkman. Well at least I know it isn’t him that mum is currently dating, but there is only one way to truly find out. Yet before I could ask him, he spoke.

“So Haley has your mum…”

“What about my mum.” I think I may have sounded a bit too suspicious there. Well I can’t take it back now.

“…has she filled out to not get milk whilst you’re away? I’m not the only one who delivers your milk, so your mum has to put it in writing. What do you think I was going to ask?”

“I actually don’t know, it must be my sub-conscience or something. So I’ll tell my mum that you popped round, yes?”

“Just tell her I need the forms ASAP, she doesn’t have to know I was here.”

“O-Kay, then. See you around then. I slammed the door in his face all the while thinking how odd and creepy he sounded when he said “she doesn’t have to know I was here.” I think I shall use the window to see who’s at the door from now on. I’ll tell you one thing. I will, I repeat, will not answer the door to any adult when my mum is not in the house. It just freaks me out. I know we want our freedom, but a creepy milkman is one thing that we do not want to handle with alone. I bet it was nothing, but you can never be too sure.

I decided to call my mother to see where she was because well it felt eerily quiet. The type of quiet in a haunted house where you believe something is going to jump out on you and that you’re always on the edge. It made it even scarier when my mum didn’t pick up. Might as well go on Facebook and see what my friends are doing. Oh great I should have known this would have happened. My internet is down. Can anything else go wrong?

Yes everything can go wrong. I don’t know how, but everyone disowned me. I have no friends anymore, a creepy milkman and a never present mum. Luckily I still have Blake. I hope.

When mum finally came home I found out that she had actually been shopping for food for the ‘party’ tonight. I’m pretty sure though that I wasn’t in my own town or reality when she was gone for that matter. Everything just went wrong when it shouldn’t have. I’ve known Dave most of my life and he has never been this suspicious and me and my friends have been there through thick and thin and they know how couples are right at the beginning. Meaning all lovey dovey and sickening from the point of an outsider. I just thought of something why did Dave talk about a holiday or something like that. I never heard anything about this. It’s probably nothing to worry about.

“So mum what’s happening tonight?”

“Not a lot dear, just a small gathering with my friends.”

Boy was that an understatement. You know when parents say gathering you think it’s about 6-10 people, well I can tell you that it felt like there was 50. I became the butler of the evening and when I wasn’t doing that my position was at the sink, washing up dishes as they were being used. I don’t even know what this event is for. I have to remember one thing though, be good tonight and tomorrow night I get to spend time with Blake. Come on Haley, you can get through the night without insulting the a-hole.

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