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Novel By: Zilungile

Please if you have time read this story about how people come to interact in so unussual situations or places but is just a first charpter..... View table of contents...



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By: Zilungile Soboyise

Chapter one

I was working in a small restaurant in town and at home I stay with only my mother. Being a waitress was the dream I had ever since I was a little girl and working on that restaurant was a one big step to my dream. My mother was weak. Do not get me wrong by weak I mean she was not physically strong. Her health was always a bit weaker but I could cope with that so that made our lives enjoyable.

One day just when I was about to take my bag and off to work, mother got hell sick. She was dying with pains and I could not just left her all by herself for the sake of job. I decided to take her to the hospital first and luckily she was quickly admitted so that I could go to my boss and explain everything. I knew that I had a lot to go through that day because my boss was not that considerable. The real truth is she was aggressive, I had worked for her for my entire three years and I remember in my first year at work when she fired a waiter for being late by only ten minutes. I had no choice but to face her that day so I did. When I went inside the restaurant around 10:30am and it had been opened since 08:00am. That made me to be late by about three and half hours. She was walking around like a 'zombie. I just went straight to her and greeted "Good morning Ma'am!" Her name was Aunty Billy but she was formally called Ma'am. She just went through my body structure, looked at me from up to bottom as if she was analysing its nature. She harshly replied by saying "Oh! Is this really morning? Tell me what is good about this morning, huh? You come into my sight at this time and busy telling me about the good morning". Such response did not surprised me but I did not realise that I could possible lose my job over such issue. After that response she did not want to hear a single word out of me, she just kept on telling me that I was fired for good. I begged her like a saint asking God's forgiveness but she could not stand looking at my grumpy face as she explained so I just went off knowing that what I once recognised as a dream had just shattered.

When I got home the stress was going through my veins. My life seemed to be on its rest and everything just went stationary, I was more like a non-accelerating car. I thought of mother then I decided to go and see how she was doing because that was only gift I possessed that time. She was totally okay but the doctor wanted to keep her just for few weeks to go through some tests on her. I told her about my job as I was miserably staring at her but poor mother she just grabbed my hand, smiled and said "My daughter I love you so much, do not worry about your job God gave it to you and He will give you another. In Him all shall be well, huh?" that was the kind of comfort I needed at that moment. I knew she wanted to make me feel better and actually it worked because around mother I always felt embraced. Mother was my star I got out in most of difficulties through her and that hour, that moment I wanted to tell myself that she was my only pride to live for and only rod to keep me on my feet. She told me to go home, eat something and had a sleep but she had me eating with her in hospital, how sweet she was.

On my way home I decided to have something on one of the biggest restaurants in town just to keep mother's promise. It was a big, sparkling place to eat and feel some fresh air. I once went there with mother during her birthday but it felt more like the first walk through the comforting ground, the first sight at the bling-bling tables and shares. I pull out the chair and sat looking at happy people around and busy waiters and waitresses I opened up my wound and thought of my job. I loved it, interacting with people, smiling for no reason and serving people. I felt tears rolling down my face slowly but I tried my best to stay still and be a bigger girl. I sat about an hour thinking about the same thing until one waiter who seemed professional and well trained for the job came by my sight he had a piece of handbook in him probably the one we used in my ex-job I could call just to write orders. He greeted and then politely asked "What can I get you ma'am?" I glanced at him and told him I was okay. After an hour he came back seeming to be worried about me. At that moment I was getting a bit annoyed, he said "Ma'am you have been sitting here about an hour, all alone and not ordering anything are you sure you do not want even a glass of water?" I was in deep thoughts, not prepared to say a word to anyone. I stared at him and angrily shouted "Don't you have other customers to serve? I am getting annoyed of your little generous, I told you I am okay so please get the hell off my sight!!!" That was not necessary at all. For crying aloud, the poor guy was doing his job and trying to give a key to freedom that is humanity. He looked very offended and walked away. I felt like I was one worst person in the world and actually the way I reacted was the feature of cruel. I wanted to apologise, to make him understand that I let my temper walked away from me although I knew that was not a valid reason to talk to a person like nothing. He kept on serving other people and his face still engulfed by a smile. I stared at him for quite some time then I felt very bad for taking my stresses out on innocent waiter trying to do his job. I thought of conditions I worked under before I got kicked away, it was so bad experiencing insults and deceives from customers you are trying to show care for. When I was about to leave the restaurant I saw him coming towards my table caring a tray, ready to serve but I just thought he was serving other customers as I had rudely instructed him earlier on. Unfortunately he was coming right to me with the same natural smile that I used to have when I was about to serve people in my work. He looked at me putting on the table the tray he was caring and said "Where do you think you going..?" I felt as if it was a good time to apologize for my behaviour earlier on and I was so afraid but could not help it. I apologised and said "Look I'm really, really sorry about what I said to you earlier. I….I was stressed but I know I can take blame on that, please I beg you forgive me" he looked surprised and laughed very much that people were even starting to look at him as if he was insane or something. After laughing he said "Oh my! Chill lady before breaking yourself, if you knew I do not even clearly remember what you said. I mean I knew you were stressed I could see sadness in your eyes and I also knew that if I try to talk to you I might just get that talk thrown back into myself. We all get stressed sometimes never mind what you said I just bought you special meal for today." That was so sweet of him and I did not expect it but then I sat down and enjoyed the meal. He went away from my table after that and people were starting to go from the restaurant because it was about to be closed. He came back few minutes ago to clean up the tables and as the whole staff was preparing to go he sat next to me and said "By the way I'm James Chagi from KwaNikhwe " it was form of introducing himself then in reply I said "Nice to meet you James, I'm Lungy Chibi from Ntlakhwe" We knew each other by then and she begged me to wait for him so that we go together back home, in my thoughts I was okay with that because we take the same taxi to our areas then I waited for him. I just went and stood aside the door outside and then he held my hand and said "Come, wait for me in the car I will be out in few seconds" As he pointed the car I couldn't believe what my eyes saw, it was a modern range rover that my cousin and I were crazy about when we once saw it in TV. I was stunned, speechless and my Gosh! I never thought a guy who has been shouted by nobody like me who just smiled and said its okay would be belonging to such higher class. It is true that 'a book can never be read merely just looking at its cover, the deepest truth lies inside and you just have to keep paging it until you know the real theme of it.


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