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Many people stumble on regular problems... Well... Elizabeth is not your average teenage girl... She and her whole entire family are vampier hunters... Lucas her best friend since childhood is always there for her... Now he starts to react weirdly around the smell of her blood... What happens when she has to go through many obsticals and having to choose lucas over her own family? View table of contents...



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Chapter one

My eyes snapped open to the bright light beaming on my pale face. Someone was shaking my arm and trying to pull me from bed. "Wake up Elizabeth or I'll draw a mustache on your face!"

It was so obvious it was my sister by the large amount of annoyance in her squeaky voice. I groaned and pulled a pillow to my eyes blocking out the light and trying to block out her loud voice.

Sadly her voice was impossible to block… "Okay Jane… What do you want?" I asked hoping she would just give up and walk away. She grinned and snatched the pillow away from my hands. "Mother said we have early practice today."

I stared into her evil appearance as she danced around in her dark maroon dress. She giggled at my tired weak expression. "Why now? Its 4:00 in the freakin morning!"

She shrugged her shoulders and skipped out of the room. I sat up on my bright orange bed and leaned over a bit. I stared at the floor with exhausted eyes gripping to my favorite blue pillow. I closed my eyelids and stumbled to the hard wooden floor.

My head hit first so you can imagine it would hurt more than any random fall. I rubbed my aching scalp fighting down small tears.

I held on to the edge of my bed and stood up slowly. I wobbled down the hall bumping into the walls still blinded from the bright lights. I finally made it to the entrance to the training room built right next to the living room. The training room had punching bags, weights, exedra… I'm never excited when it comes to practice. We have hours and hours of restless training.

Well… to start off me… plus, my whole family… is vampire hunters… yeah, it's not exactly a normal family… so I have to practice a lot… well I'm used to it by now… well only a little…

I walked into the middle of the gym and flexed ready for the regular routine. Then a loud booming voice came from the speakers attached to the grey dull wall. "ELIZABETH YOU MISSED PRACTICE YESTERDY?"

I covered my ears trying to lower her tone. She finally put down the microphone and stood right in front of me. Jane watched my mother's expression in the background hiding behind the doorway.

I lowered my head with guilt. "Yes mother, I'm sorry…" She raised her hand and slapped my face with all her strength. I stumbled to the floor and still kept my eyes lowered to the ground not daring to look at her enraged expression.

She clenched her fist and pointed to my face. "Remember your job in life! You are never meant to live like a human! How dare you run off and to Lucas house?"

"Yes mother, I understand." I said with no emotion. She stormed out of the room yelling. Her dark aura soon left the room completely. I stood up and got back to practice.

My sister skipped by my side with a mischievous stance. "Hmm… Don't tell me you just couldn't go a day without seeing Lucas could you?"

Her voice was curious and squeaky as always. "Won't you just shut up?" I said a bit annoyed as always. "H-ha I knew it… you like him don't you?" she said then broke into an unflattering laugh. I blushed a bit in embarrassment. "Just go away…" I mumbled hoping she would listen. She knew I wouldn't admit to it so she got up and started her practice. She kicked the punching bag and it went flying back.

That's what happens when you practice way too much. I started with some weights. 100 pounds… then 150… finally 200… After that I knew I would snap of my arms if I tried more.

After practice was over and I was dripping in sweat I ran upstairs took a shower and changed my outfit. I managed to sneak out of the second floors window by griping to the thick vines attached to my red brick prison.

After I made it to ground level I made a run for it sneaking past all the hidden cameras. In the distance there was a gate about seven feet tall. I gained extra speed jumped half way and climbed the rest.

The fence was sharp and steep. Once I made it to the top I crossed my fingers and mad a tiny prayer. I jumped knowing if I didn't I would be easily caught by climbing it all the way down.

I rolled on the grass in a safe landing. I brushed myself off and ran as fast as I could. I turned back watching if anyone seen me. No one was in around I made it. When I was completely out of sight I slowed down and coughed as the temperature dropped. The cold helped me see my breath collide with the freezing air.

Finally I made it to Lucas house. His house was had a welcoming feel. It had orange brick walls and a well cut lawn. There was no gate so it did not have a prison feel. Pretty much the opposite of where I live. I knocked lightly on his door twice. I could hear a pattering of fast footsteps. The door opened wide quickly. Lucas was standing at the entrance with a huge smile. I smiled back and hugged him then let go.

"Elizabeth why didn't you call me I was worried?" He said with a frown as he crossed his arms and pouted. "OH yeah sorry about that my phone was taken away." I said trying to remove his unhappiness. He shrugged. "Well I understand…" he said still displeased.

His expression surprisingly worsened. His Jaw clenched with anger. He held up my finger then pointed to the blood dripping off my small cut. "Oh that probably happened when I jumped off the fence…" He pulled me into his modern house and raced me to the sink as He washed it off.

He started to squeeze my finger tightly so I couldn't remove it from under the water. More blood stared to pour down the drain making a small red stream. "Umm… Lucas It's only a baby cut…" He ignored me and started to dry my finger then put a huge Band-Aid around it.

"There…" he said a bit relived and started to calm down. I giggled as I watched his expression. "Wow you are such a wimp for a hot guy." I chuckled pointing to his face then to my huge Hello Kitty Band-Aid he gave me. He started to blush a bit. "You think I look good?" He laughed looking very curious. "Well mostly everyone thinks so…" he frowned and blushed. "I was asking only you no one else." I blushed back with a large smile. "Hmm that's a secret." I said sounding mysterious. We both laughed playfully just like kids.


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