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Forced by Fortune

Novel By: Zoe Yoshikane

Jade Valarie just lost her whole family not only that she has to now live with with brian her devilish handsome boss. he is now 18 only one year older then her and has complete control over her life! what happens when he starts to notice his feelings for her? Will he ever show his true personality or hide it from Jade forever? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 24, 2011    Reads: 112    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

~Forced by fortune~

Chapter one

By: Zoe Yoshikane

I'm jade Valarie, Age 17 and works at a five star café. Well… yes I do and I… I… hate it! Yes I do… I get paid really well. I also get to meet famous people but… my boss is also famous but that's not the reason why I hate this job. It's because my boss Brian is forcing me to work!! Yes it's true! That's only because he became my legal guardian after he turned 18 and since I had no family. Honestly I think he's the devil! He's always giving me problems no matter what. Even though he's evil he has perfect face one of models. It's more like a mask anyway but the weird part is because he's my guardian I have to live with him. So far it's been two weeks and it's been awkward for me. Our rooms are far apart but they feel so close together.

I woke up in my new bed I am not used to it still. I wonder one day will I ever be happy like this. I pulled the covers off and looked at the picture with my mom and dad when I was little. Those days I smiled those days I did not have to fake a smile to get through the dull days. I wandered to the washroom took a shower and got changed. I brushed my hair as I walked to the kitchen. Brian was standing starring out the window the sun had already risen but the misty rain outside made the room so cold and gloomy... I turned on the stove and cracked some eggs. It sizzled as I shook it and then stirred. I watched him with anticipation. "Well… would you like some eggs?" he laughed evilly. "Ha-ha you really expect me to eat your eggs they might kill me by looking at them!" I snapped with rage. "What the hell, why do you always treat me like I'm worthless daym it!" he soon noticed his hateful words. And frowned with apologetic expression. "I…" I cut him off. "You really must hate me!" I ran out of the room in tears. His face turned guilty and worried.

I ran to my room and locked the door. I slowly sat on my bed with a slight pain in my stomach. I kind of felt bad at yelling at him so angrily. I tossed a pillow against the wall thinking of what my actions were. A small nock on the door appeared. I ignored first but soon another then another. I finally got up and unlocked the door. I peeked out slowly. Brian was standing there leaning on the door handle trying to open it all the way. I rejected him and asked impatiently. "What do you want?" I murmured under my shaky voice. He looked to my face then turned it away hiding his expression. He ruffled his hair and covered his face with it his low tone. "Look about earlier… I'm kind of… I mean I am… really sorry." I pulled his hand away from his face. I giggled as I seen his embarrassed look on his face. He blushed as he seen my bright smile. He walked away fast as I stared in confusion. I smiled and closed the door.

Oooh no! I forgot I cooked the eggs. I rushed to the kitchen and heard a clanking of the pan. I hid behind the door and watched. Brian was eating the eggs I made. I smiled but why did he say he did not want any? Why would he hide it? Why is he hiding his good side from me? I walked away with that thought glued in my mind. I changed into my fancy work outfit and knocked on Brian's door to his room. He opened it widely and stared with a faint grin. "You ready for work?" he said so crudely. I nodded my head yes. He grabbed his keys and spun them on is finger. He wore his fancy suit but as fancy as it was his tie was loose. I stared in aggravation. He noticed me staring and said in a casual voice. "Well… what is it?" I pulled and tightened his tie. He pushed my hands away in rejection. He stared in my face with an angry expression. He walked away then out the door.

I followed behind at a running pace. He didn't look back but he opened the door to his Ferrari. I gasped as I seen that he added that to his collection of expensive cars. "He signaled me to get in. I tried to open the front door of the car but he pointed to the back seat. I sighed in my self-pity and sat in the back. I crossed my arms in displease and stared out the window. I finally saw the sign of the café where I work called "the golden rose".

We got out of the car and walked by the entrance. He did not talk to me the whole time. The doors men greeted us. I stood at the waitress headquarters and waited to seat guests. Brian whet straight to his office and slammed the door. I gripped the fancy menus as I seated many rich people. The hard part is sometimes there is stuck up customers they purposely giving trouble. Like spilling tea or coffee on the floor only to laugh at me. Or giving me very small tips. Sometimes there would be a regular famous person but today model and actor Michal foster is visiting! He is known to be the sweet heart of mostly all teen age girl hearts! Yet I am not such a big fan but I admire the way he captures all those young girls' hearts! So everyone is preparing for his arrival. That means paparazzi will be everywhere.

"It's time he's here!" the manager screamed. The waiters and chefs stood in their places. I was very nervous I hid behind the door. He walked in with body guards and his publicist. All the waitresses stared at his dreamy face. He shined his bright smile yet it looked like he was smiling more at me. I wonder if I was imagining it. Brian came out and greeted him. He was still ignoring me. Then Michal started to walk by me. My heart skipped a beat Brian watched carefully. "Well hello would you like to sit at a table with us?" I was shocked. The people starred in jealousy. I blushed. "Well I…" he smiled wider. "So that's a yes!" brains face turned sad which was interesting because I never seen him that way before. I wonder what I am supposed to do at a moment like this? Brian tugged me by the arm. "Um sorry Michal she's helping me order in some items today." That was a lie. "Awwh that sucks well hope to see you again." He slipped a number in my pocket it said: If you ever have any problems call me so we could talk or hang out some time- Michal. he winked and walked away. Brian pulled me by the arm to his office. "Why did you lie?" he looked away. "It's none of your business." He yelled. "Let go of me…" He let go slowly. "I just can't stand other guys talking to you…" He murmured under his breath. That night our rooms felt even more close together but I did not mind as much. I hid the number in my drawer. I still wonder if I will ever be happy like this but I also wonder what my fortune will bring tomorrow…


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